Top 10 Spanish Blogs for the Best Spanish Language Learning Experience

The internet is a big place. It’s full of spam, bots, and fake news you can’t always differentiate from the true value of others. And there are tons of Spanish blogs that are aiming to reach you so they can teach you Spanish.

But which ones are truly worth it? In the sea of all this information, we listed and summarized the ones we really like. Spring Spanish (this is a project I co-founded) made a short but really good video on how you can have your own Spanish language learning routine, check it out:

You can use this (or any other) routine to learn Spanish with these Spanish blogs.

How can you learn Spanish with Spanish blogs?

Yes, we have a list, but before all of that, you can ask yourself: how can I learn Spanish just by visiting and reading these Spanish language learning blogs?

The answer is a bit more complex: you can’t only rely on one resource or material but it’s good for a start.

One of the most important steps you can take up when you want to learn Spanish is to regularly visit these Spanish blogs to practice what you already know and to have new knowledge – whether that’s about written Spanish or business Spanish. Some of these great websites have provided practice worksheets that you can use and combine them with Spanish podcasts or other Spanish YouTube channels.

After you have a basic grasp of Spanish sentences, you could mix and match with other resources – maybe check our italki review and hire a tutor! Or move on to full structured courses with Babbel (Babbel review gives you some tips).

Or another way can be to travel to a Spanish-speaking country. In this case, make sure you fully immerse yourself to better understand the contexts in which Spanish is used, and check out the best Spanish travel phrases.

1. The best offer for Spanish blogs: Effortless Conversations

Focuses on: Teaching Spanish with Conversation Based Chunking
Most popular topics: Natural language learning tips
Does it offer courses: YES!

Okay, let’s be honest here: we’re a bit biased, haha!

spanish blogs effortless conversations

But in all honesty, you’re on one of the best websites to learn Spanish if you want to truly sound like a native speaker. On Effortless Conversations, we focus on teaching you the language with a method that avoids boring grammar rules and memorizing long vocabulary lists. Conversation Based Chunking is a method that will bring you the natural building blocks of the Spanish language, so you can quickly sound like a native.

We offer all of this for free, if you sign up for a Spanish Chunking Starter Pack: in it, you’ll find an essential Spanish chunking list, tons of resources with practice exercises, my favourite tools to learn Spanish, and much more!

And a brand new feature we have on our website are the language challenges. Whatever you decide, you can sign up for the Chunking Starter Pack and/or the 7-in-7 Challenges by clicking the buttons below!

2. FluentU Spanish (with real-world videos)

Focuses on: Immersive learning with real-world videos
Most popular topics: Language learning tips, cultural insights
Does it offer courses: Yes

FluentU Spanish is an immersive platform that uses real-world videos like music videos, movie trailers, news, and inspiring talks to help you learn Spanish.

spanish blogs fluentu spanish

The blog gives you a mix of tips on language learning, cultural insights, and useful resources. It’s designed to make learning engaging and practical by exposing learners to authentic content.

3. SpanishDict Blog (for grammar and as a dictionary)

Focuses on: Grammar, vocabulary, and cultural topics
Most popular topics: Grammar lessons, vocabulary building, cultural articles
Does it offer courses: No

SpanishDict Blog is known for its comprehensive dictionary and language tools.

spanish blogs spanishdict

The blog offers detailed articles on grammar, vocabulary, and cultural topics, making it a well-rounded resource for Spanish learners.

It’s an excellent place to find in-depth explanations and examples related to grammar.

4. Notes in Spanish (with real-life conversations)

Focuses on: Podcasts and downloadable worksheets
Most popular topics: Real-life conversations, cultural insights
Does it offer courses: No

Run by a native Spanish teacher and a British expat learning Spanish, Notes in Spanish focuses on providing podcasts and downloadable worksheets.

spanish blogs notes in spanish

The blog is aimed towards helping learners understand and engage in real-life conversations, with a strong emphasis on cultural insights and practical usage.

5. Spanish Mama (for teaching kids)

Focuses on: Teaching Spanish to kids
Most popular topics: Educational resources, family activities
Does it offer courses: No

Spanish Mama is a fantastic resource for parents and educators teaching Spanish to kids.

spanish blogs spanish mama

The blog includes educational resources for both native speakers and learners of Spanish, with a strong emphasis on family-friendly activities and teaching strategies.

6. Baselang Blog (with study guides)

Focuses on: Conversational skills and practical tips
Most popular topics: Study guides, language learning methods
Does it offer courses: Yes

Baselang Blog provides practical tips, study guides, and reviews of various language learning methods.

spanish blogs baselang

The focus is on helping learners quickly build conversational skills, making it ideal for those who want to speak Spanish fluently in real-world situations.

7. Spanish Obsessed (with different levels)

Focuses on: Podcasts and cultural insights
Most popular topics: Language learning at different levels, cultural topics
Does it offer courses: Yes

Spanish Obsessed offers a range of podcasts for different levels of Spanish learners, from beginner to advanced.

spanish blogs spanish obsessed

The blog shares insights into Spanish culture and practical language usage, which makes it a comprehensive resource for immersing yourself in the language.

8. Real Fast Spanish (with a conversational approach)

Focuses on: Building conversational skills quickly
Most popular topics: Pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary
Does it offer courses: No

Real Fast Spanish focuses on helping learners build conversational skills as quickly as possible.

spanish blogs real fast spanish

The blog gives you tips on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, with straightforward and practical advice aimed at making you fluent faster.

9. Speaking Latino (for local Spanish dialects)

Focuses on: Regional slang and idioms
Most popular topics: Local variations, cultural nuances
Does it offer courses: Yes

Speaking Latino specializes in regional Spanish slang and idioms from across the Spanish-speaking world.

spanish blogs speaking latino

It’s a great resource for understanding the local variations and cultural nuances that can differ significantly from one region to another.

10. Lingvist Blog (for a tech-enhanced learning)

Focuses on: Language learning strategies and technology
Most popular topics: Learning methods, tech-enhanced learning
Does it offer courses: Yes

Lingvist Blog gives insights into effective language learning strategies and tips.

spanish blogs

The focus is on using technology to enhance the language acquisition process, making it a modern and forward-thinking resource for Spanish learners.

Use Spanish language blogs for Spanish learning and speak with Conversation Based Chunking

No matter which Spanish blog you follow, you can combine their methods with Conversation Based Chunking – it’s an approach we’re pretty proud of because it has helped tens of thousands of students to learn languages.

If you just want to get a sneak peek of what this method stands for, you can sign up by clicking the button below. And we on Effortless Conversations promise you: you won’t regret it!

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