10 Best Youtube Channels to Learn Spanish: for Beginners and Intermediate Language Learners, Free and Paid (2024)

Nowadays, one of the best (and free) resources to learn Spanish is YouTube. There are plenty of amazing YouTube Channels for Spanish students that cover grammar, conversation, different accents.

The fun part: the teachers in the different channels all have their own teaching style.

Moreover, the video format allows their character to shine through (some are pretty funny and entertaining, some are more serious). Most channels upload videos weekly, so you really develop a bond with the teachers you like!

Intro: What to Look for in Spanish Youtube Channels

In this post, you’ll get an overview of my favorite 10 YouTube channels to learn Spanish, for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

  • Grammar explanations. There are LOTS of really nice explainer videos for any type of Spanish grammar issue you might be having.
  • Expand your vocabulary with weekly lessons. Many channels publish new videos weekly in which teach vocabulary about specific topics. If you watch those every week, you’ll learn a lot of new Spanish vocabulary easily.
  • Improve your pronunciation. You can do that by shadowing the teachers! (Here’s a detailed explanation on how shadowing can improve your Spanish pronunciation)
  • Observe the Spanish teacher and hear which chunks they use. Chunks are word combinations (phrases) that native Spanish speakers use all the time and that you’d want to start using as well. For more info, read this guide on chunking for learning Spanish)

1. Spring Spanish

Beginner – Advanced // 300+ videos // 5-20 minutes

First things first: together with my friend Gabriel Gelman from Sprachheld (the biggest language learning blog in Germany), I’ve started a Spanish teaching channel, called Spring Spanish.

We publish several new Spanish videos a week (with 5 different teachers) and have published hundreds of Spanish lessons over the past few years . The topics range from complete beginner videos, grammar videos, vocab videos, travel, culture,… everything related to Spanish and Latin-American Culture.

The best part? The whole channel is set up with “Conversation Based Chunking” in mind. That’s the method we developed to learn Spanish without memorizing word lists and grammar rules.

Go check it out now, and let me know which of our teachers you like the most 😀

On this platform, we also offer the best Spanish courses available about Spanish and Latin-American culture. Now’s your chance to enroll with a special discount that includes the radionovela Los cazadores de tormentas season 1 and season 2, along with a vibrant community of language learners, weekly conversation classes with Spanish tutors, bonus lesson and a Language Learning Routine Masterclass.

2. Butterfly Spanish

Beginner – Advanced // 90+ videos // 10-40 minutes

Awesome channel for learning Spanish, if only for the host’s bubbly personality. Most videos are long and in-depth, they cover a wide range of subjects (mainly vocab and grammar-related, but there are some videos about culture as well)! Like I said, Ana (the host) has her own teaching style and her personality really shines through in the videos.

I highly recommend you go to the channel and watch any of her videos.

Highly entertaining!

3. Learn Spanish with SpanishPod101

Beginner – Advanced // Over 550 episodes // 1-5 minutes

This channel has tons of content: intro courses, videos with expressions, grammar explanations, culture-related content,…

You can immediately try SpanishPod101 + if you want, you can get a special discount if you click the button below!

The channel is owned by SpanishPod101.com, which is a company that also sells language course subscriptions. I suggest you stick with the free stuff for now as they tend to inundate you with promo emails once you sign up for their website.

The free stuff on the YouTube Channel is excellent though!

I wrote a SpanishPod101 review article and I also created a video about how you could use SpanishPod101 TOGETHER with Conversation Based Chunking.

4. The Spanish Dude

Beginner – Intermediate // 120+ videos // 5-25 minutes 

Again, a great YouTube channel with tons of good grammar explanations. The “Spanish Tidbits” series on this channel is really interesting: it’ll teach you a lot about small nuances between words and phrasings.

5. Lightspeed Spanish

Beginner – Advanced // 700+ videos // 2-15 minutes

700+ videos! You’ll definitely find useful content on this channel, hosted by Gordon and Cynthia.

Take a look at the beginner courses, or go straight for the vlog content if you’d like to discover some Spanish culture and landscapes as well.

This channel is focused on Spanish from Spain, so if that’s what you’re focusing on, Gordon and Cynthia might just be the right people to help you on your Spanish journey!

6. Señor Jordan

Beginner – intermediate // 600+ videos // 2-10 minutes

If you’d like to infuse your Spanish studies with some humour, this is the channel for you. You can learn Spanish with monkeys, in some videos Jordan brings out the puppets, and he’ll even sing for you!

Highly entertaining 🙂

7. Maria Español

Beginner – intermediate // 500+ videos // 5-60 minutes

Very good channel if you’re learning Spanish from Spain. Maria is a great teacher, has amazing pronunciation and makes genuinely helpful videos for Spanish students. The focus is on Spanish instruction, so there’s not that much “entertainment” on this channel, but you will learn a lot from Maria’s videos!

8. Spanish and Go

Beginner – advanced // 70+ videos // 5-15 minutes

As Jim & May say in their intro video, “If you want to learn Spanish and travel, this channel is for you!”

This is a great YouTube channel that’ll teach you lots of Spanish AND show you some real highlights from countries where Spanish is spoken.

It’s also a good opportunity to learn more about chunking along with cultural insights. Sign up down below to learn more about what our Starter Pack has for you!

They also host Spanish Immersion Retreats in Mexico (if you’re interested in such a retreat, make sure to use the coupon code EFFORTLESS to get $150 off, and send them my regards – wonderful people!

9. Español con Juan

Beginner – advanced // 180+ videos // 2-30 minutes

Juan lives in what I find one of the most beautiful cities in the south of Spain: Granada. If you’re not familiar with Spanish geography: that’s in Andalucíaand they have quite a strong accent there 😉

Juan will teach you standard Spanish, though. And there are some funny videos about Spanish expressions (Más tonto que un burro? Juan went on-location to explain exactly what it means in this video).

10. Superholly

Advanced // 180+ videos // 15-30 minutes

Superholly has a huge YouTube channel with over 2 million followers. She makes videos in Spanish and in English on a variety of topics, and she has a video series specifically about learning Spanish as well.

Start with those, and once you feel ready, you can watch the general videos in Spanish as well.

She clearly knows what she’s doing and her videos are fun to watch 🙂

How to learn Spanish with Spanish YouTube Channels

If you liked the idea of learning Spanish with videos, Lingopie is your go-to!

This is a project that’s emerging as a leading platform in the edutainment sector – and it’s specializing in language learning through TV shows and movies. (Exactly a thing that aligns with Conversation Based Chunking!)

The platform has an huge library with over 3000 videos and audio materials. Lingopie extends its features with user-friendly tools like flashcards for vocabulary building, which automatically categorizes new words and provides grammar insights. Lingopie even has short videos, just like you would find them on YouTube with subtitles and a chance to learn with them.

If you’re interested in this platform, sign up now to learn Spanish with short videos, TV shows and great movies!

Top 10 YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish Fast + the Effortless Conversations Book

There you have it: 10 YouTube Channels that will help you learn Spanish fast! These Spanish YouTube work best in conjunction with a structured Spanish course that also teaches you foundational Spanish vocabulary and grammar.

Check them out and let me know in the comments which one is your favorite! And if you’re following other channels that I should add to this list, please also let me know in the comments 🙂 

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  1. Hola,
    Try Spanish With Paul. He has 8 free mini courses on YouTube. Easy style that will have you speaking Spanish from the first viewing. He offers a paid course which is very good too.

  2. why does nobody mention “Why not Spanish” with Maria and Cody? They are awesome! I have learned so much from them, please consider adding them.

  3. Spring Spanish is one of my favorites! Very funny presenters. Thanks for the other recommendations as well. Youtube is such a great tool for learning, the main thing is to watch these educational videos meaningfully, take notes, write down important points.

  4. Easy Spanish and its offshoot Spanish Around are two wonderful channels that focus on Spanish through video interviews with regular people of all ages, with subtitles in both Spanish and English. Primarily based in Mexico City, with some early episodes from Peru.
    When Spanish Around started up, Easy Spanish switched to Barcelona and Buenos Aires, so you get a good exposure to different accents.
    Also check out Joanna Hausmann—great humor …

  5. Thank you for highlighting in your comments about the various YouTube channels above, which ones focus on Spanish from Spain. As there are about 20 Spanish speaking entities (Puerto Rico is not a country) which arguable have more in common with they way they speak than they have differences. In my view, the Spanish spoken in Spain remains the least practical. One analogy is that it is as formal and stodgy as British English.

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