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The 7-in-7 Challenge distills everything I’ve learned about “getting fluent” (from learning 7 languages, creating 20+ language courses for tens of thousands of students, and writing a bestselling language learning book), into an easy-to-follow, 7-day “Fluency Kickstart” Program

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From the desk of: Lukas Van Vyve, co-founder of Effortless Conversations, Spring Languages, and creator of the Conversation Based Chunking method

Learning a language is supposed to be easier than launching a rocket into space…


I mean…

Thousands of scientists and space engineers toiling away for years to select the right parts, materials, fuel, calculating a flight plan…

And even that doesn’t guarantee the rocket won’t explode mid-air (or in a less spectacular move, fizzle out before it even leaves the launchpad).

I think I’m fine with the lower-stakes life, like memorizing some vocabulary, thank you.

And yet…

When it comes to language learning, most people never make it off their proverbial “language launchpad” – and when they do, their language rockets tend to explode before they ever get close to a comfortable conversation in their target language.

I believe that’s a shame.

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned after working with hundreds of thousands of language learners, it’s that with:

  • the right “fuel”;
  • the right “launchpad”;
  • and the right “rocket parts”;

Anyone can end up chatting away in a foreign language.

Yes, you too.

Even if you’ve always felt you were “bad” at language learning…

Even if you’ve started learning a language before, only to lose steam after a couple of days or weeks and give up again…

And even if you’ve been studying hard consistently, memorized all the grammar and word lists, but you still feel tongue-tied in conversations (as if you’re translating in your head).

Now, before you think I’m just a hopeless optimist with a naive belief in your language abilities:

There’s a proven “fluency” process that produces fluent students over and over again.

And after all my years in the “language education” world, teaching my methods to 1m+ students across YouTube, podcasts, workshops, and “behind the scenes” for some of the biggest language YouTubers, I’ve got this down to a (rocket) science.

So here’s the deal:

If you let me be the linguist-space-engineer who builds the launch pad for your language rocket…

And if you’re ready to be the astronaut – ready to be propelled toward effortless conversations with native speakers…

We can get you started on your flight to fluency in the next 7 days, and in 7 minutes a day.

Sound good?

Here’s how it works.

Hi, I’m Lukas Van Vyve

If I were you, I’d want to know who’s going to engineer that language rocket I’m getting in.

So here’s a little about me.

I’m Lukas Van Vyve. I’m a linguist, interpreter, polyglot, and writer, and over the past 8 years, I’ve:

I’ve learned a lot from learning languages myself.

But I’ve learned even more from the hundreds of thousands of students who’ve learned languages in my courses, workshops, and through YouTube videos.

And today, you and your language skills stand to benefit.

Simplifying the Language Rocket Launch: Four Critical Parts of Language Mastery

Before I show you my time-tested, proven approach to learning languages, let’s go back to the metaphor of a rocket launch.

Because mistakes during a rocket launch bear more similarities with language learning mistakes than you’d think:

  • If you don’t have enough fuel, you rocket will never take off. In other words, without a clear intention and compelling reasons to learn a language, how can you expect to get your language learning rocket off the ground?
  • Conversely, if you inject too much fuel upon launch, you blow up. In other words, if you try to power through hours of drilling and studying grammar and vocabulary when you start learning a language, is it any wonder you burn out?
  • If you map out the wrong trajectory you never reach your destination. In other words, when your learning plan and methodology are inefficient for your specific situation, how can you expect to speak fluently in the situations that matter to you?
  • If you choose the wrong rocket parts and materials, you’ll experience friction, lose steam, and maybe even disintegrate. In other words, if you use the wrong mix of learning materials and techniques, is it any wonder you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and never make any progress?

So yeah…

Fuel. Flight Plan. Materials.

Nail these three parts, and you’ll launch yourself toward language mastery.

So how exactly do you nail these three parts?

Here’s how I do it with my students:

3 Steps to Launch Yourself Toward Language Mastery

Step 1: Find Your Language Fuel

Before you start learning a language, you must set your Intention – dig deep to uncover your most compelling reasons and intrinsic motivations for learning a new language.

The most successful language learners remind themselves of their Intention every day, because it’s the fuel that gets you started and that keeps you going.

While you’re learning a language, you must avoid burning out. It’s better to pace yourself, go slower, and build sustainable language learning habits over time.

Step 2: Develop a Fluency Flight Plan

If your goal is to speak freely in your target language, you must use a method that’s proven to get you fluent in actual conversations, not just “fluent on paper”.
Hint: Word lists and grammar rules get you “fluent on paper”. Conversation Based Chunking (the method used on this website and in my courses) gets you fluent in actual conversations.

Conversation Based Chunking in a nutshell
Chunking can help you learn Spanish double as fast as traditional (words and grammar) language learning (Quote from Dr. Gianfranco Conti, PhD in Applied Linguistics)

Step 3: Select Your Language Materials Wisely

A rocket made of cardboard parts won’t get you to Mars – and flimsy language resources won’t get you to fluency.

In my experience, the holy grail of language learning resources are usually a combination of the following:

  • Learn from native-speaker conversations and dialogues, not written fiction books
  • Use a combination of audio, transcripts, and (ideally) a parallel translation
  • Use spaced-repetition apps to imprint the language on your brain

And so do my students:

Now, make no mistake: you’ll still need to put in time and effort…

Habit-building experts say it takes 90 days to build a habit – and I’d assume for most people it takes even longer than that to truly get fluent in a language.

But here’s the good news:

Making the right “learning decisions” upfront has an oversized impact on your language learning success.

That’s why I’ve spent the past 8 years in the trenches, training hard to become your go-to linguist-engineer.

And while I’m not going to stop you if you want to build your own language rocket…

I’ve done this for hundreds of thousand of students, across dozens of courses.

Which means that I got this down to a science now.

A 7-day science.

Everything you get with the 7-In-7 Challenge

1. The Daily Briefing: 7 Daily Video Briefings From Me, Helping You Set Up Your Language Launchpad

Throughout 7 Daily lessons, taught by me, we’ll set up every aspect of your Language Launchpad.

Here are just a couple of things we’ll work on together:

  • A daily practice to light a fire under your language learning ambitions – and keep it alive every day, so you show up even when you don’t feel like it (lesson 2)
  • How to build a daily language learning habit using a little hack called “Tiny Trust Builders” (this works especially well if you’ve given up on your good habits in the past and are scared it will happen again) (lesson 4)
  • A crash course to Conversation Based Chunking: The 4-step methodology that imprints any language on your brain and makes sentences flow effortlessly from your thoughts to your tongue (without translating in your head or even thinking about grammar) (lesson 3)
  • The one type of language learning resources that truly gets you fluent (and which ones you should absolutely avoid if you don’t want to sound robotic) (lesson 4)
  • When to be a “hardliner” with yourself, and when it’s okay to be a slacker when it comes to language learning (lesson 6; we’re using a tool called “Elastic Discipline” for this)
  • The two types of activities you should focus on to learn a language successfully in the long run (without studying for hours a day) (lesson 7)
  • And much more.

Each lesson comes with:

  • A concise explainer video
  • An audio-only version to listen on the go
  • Transcripts if you prefer to read

2. Your Language Launchpad Toolkit – The Resources You Need To Kickstart Your Language Journey (And Stay On Track)

Astronauts don’t show up to a rocket launch unprepared (or empty-handed). Neither should you when embarking on your language learning journey. That’s why you get access to a supply of “language tools” to help you kickstart your studies, select suitable resources, stay on track, and more.

Your Toolkit includes:

  • Small daily tasks to build your language launchpad (They only take a couple of minutes to complete, some even a couple of seconds, but they have an outsized effect on building language habits and getting fluent)
  • Resource Lists with my favorite language learning materials (courses, music, series, apps,… both free and paid)
  • A “Language Flight Plan“: a downloadable/printable 30-day planner to continue on your path to fluency after the first 7 days end
  • A downloadable/printable Habit Tracker that’ll keep you “in the air” after you’ve embarked on your language journey

Best of all: you get GUARANTEED access to all materials for at least 2 years, so even if you can’t finish the lessons in the first 7 days (or if you want to go through the lessons again in the future), you can always do so.

3. LIMITED-TIME BONUS: Chunking Lesson Pack in Various Languages (Spanish, German,…)

As your designated linguist-engineer, I want to make sure you get a taste of what the “ideal” language learning routine (with “ideal” learning materials) feels like.

So I decided to include custom-made language-specific “Chunking Lesson Packs”, free of charge, for the duration of the Challenge.

(To put that in perspective: I created these Lesson Packs using the same methodology powering my 20+ other language courses, which range from $247 to $597.)

These Chunking Lessons allow you to put into practice everything you’ll learn during the Challenge, teaching you specific “chunks” that you can use in conversations right away so you don’t have to think about grammar at all.

(If you don’t know what chunks are, I explain in detail in the Challenge (or you can read my book on the subject)

We currently have Chunking Lesson Packs in Spanish and German (and when we make other languages in the future, you get access to these too).

Every Chunking Lesson Pack comes with:

  • 7 native-speaker conversations, structured as an easy-to-follow story
  • High-quality audio for you to practice listening comprehension and pronunciation
  • Bilingual transcripts so you can follow along (and compare with English to see the differences and similarities)
  • Pre-made flashcard decks to imprint the chunks from the lessons on your brain
  • Lesson notes with explainer videos for cultural references, difficult grammar,…
Zight Recording 2024-03-26 at 03.48.28 PM
A Sneak Peek Into The Chunking Lessons

This is the perfect starting point for you during the Challenge: you get to test out everything we talk about right away without having to look for your own learning materials.

Here’s what students say about my courses:

So What Are Effortless Conversations In A Foreign Language Worth to You?

As I mentioned before, my language-specific courses usually cost $297 to $594.

The current price of my flagship Spanish course, “Los cazadores de tormentas”

And in the past, when I sold “language learning routine” or “vocab memorization” courses, they’d go for $39 to $97.

But for this specific course, I’ve decided to keep the price super low.

Not $597.

Not $247.

Not even $39.

A Special Opportunity For You…

When you enroll today, you get access to the entire 7-in-7 Challenge, including the bonus Chunking Lesson Packs, for just $7.

Start the 7-in-7 Challenge Today for Just $7

Click the button below, fill out your details on the secure enrollment page. After you’ve enrolled, you’ll instantly be redirected to the Effortless Conversations Academy, where you’ll find all your Challenge materials and the bonuses.

Act Now – This Is An Experimental Offer And I Don’t Know How Long I’ll Keep It Up

I’m committed to keeping this offer up as long as my team and I can sustain it in terms of tech and customer support.

But truth be told, at $7, we’re playing with razor-thin margins.

So I suggest you take advantage of my foolishness before my team tells me to increase the price to a sustainable level.

Why Offer This For Just $7 In The First Place?

Let’s be honest: I’m not going to get rich from offering a $7 Challenge.

But I do know that the highest barrier for most language learners is getting started.

So I see this course as a small nudge for you: a bit like a fancy gourmet Starbucks coffee – you’re not going to go broke from getting one, but you’re sure as h*ll going to drink it – after all, you paid for it.

So this small investment nudges you to “drink” the rocket fuel, without scaring you away from the launchpad.

And once you have a taste for the wonders of language learning and the amazing feeling you get when you start understanding what others say and you can express yourself freely, I know you’re going to keep going.

Be it with my other courses, or on your own.

And when that happens…

When I get you off the launchpad, into fluency orbit…

I’ve accomplished my mission.

Unconditional 21-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I personally don’t think a $7 Challenge needs a money-back guarantee – with everything you’re getting there’s no way you won’t come out ahead.

But I do understand that taking the leap to learn a new language can feel daunting—it’s the first step that’s often the hardest. That’s why I want to eliminate any hesitancy you might have.

Here’s what I propose:

Enroll in 7-in-7 Challenge today.

Go through every video lesson, engage with the daily task, and dive into the bonus language-specific chunking courses.

Apply the methods.

Test the materials.

Immerse yourself.

Take more than 7 days, if you want.

And if, for any reason, within 21 days of your enrollment, you don’t feel like you’ve made significant progress, simply send me a message (there’s a support widget in your course dashboard) and I’ll refund your $7 – and you can keep access to all materials.

No questions asked.

That’s right. You’ll come out ahead no matter what.

Get started today:

One More Thing…

People who started learning languages years ago usually get ahead (if they use the techniques described in the 7-in-7 Challenge, that is.)

And people who started learning yesterday may also be a bit ahead of you.

But one thing’s for sure: people who never get started are the ones who never get anywhere.

Don’t let that be you.

If you’re scared it’s too much work, the coming 7 days can show you you can make great progress in 7 minutes a day.

If you’re overwhelmed by all the resources out there, the coming 7 days can show you that even with a minimalist “lesson stack”, you can make great progress

And if you think you don’t have the language gene, the coming 7 days can show you that speaking languages is your birthright as a human being.

Not just your mother tongue.

Not just body language.

ANY language.

I’m here to help you claim that birthright.


Go here today – I’ll see you on the inside!