The Effortless Conversations Book

A faster way to speak any language fluently and naturally, without learning isolated words and grammar rules.

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In the book you will discover:

Learn chunks, so you don't have to worry about grammar

Why you should use Conversation Based Chunking™ instead of learning isolated words if you want to speak without worrying about grammar.

Observe, don't construct

The difference between a construction mindset and an observation mindset--and how the latter can prevent all clumsiness and guesswork while speaking a foreign language.

Learn how to understand native speakers, even at full speed

The #1 tool (and the only one that really works) to practice your listening comprehension and finally understand native speakers, even if they go off at blazing speed.

Set up a 12-week study plan

How to set up a simple, easy to follow language learning routine that doesn't overwhelm you and builds long-term study habits--so you can make more progress in the next 12 weeks than you did in the past 12 months!

Ready to finally feel natural while speaking your target language?

This book is the perfect introduction to Conversation Based Chunking™, the method that 1000+ students from 50+ countries in our language courses and workshops are using.

The #1 reason why our students are so successful in learning their target language is that we follow the method outlined in this book to the letter. In fact, I've decided to make it required reading for everyone who decides to start a language course with us!

But of course, you don't have to be in one of our courses to benefit from these strategies. You can read the book today, and start using the method with any learning materials you like–right away!

Or get your copy from the UK, DE or FR store.

Available as eBook and Paperback

About the Author

Lukas Van Vyve

Lukas is a linguist, author, speaker, and the conceiver of Conversation Based Chunking™ for language learning.

He learned to speak 5 languages fluently, and discovered along the way that becoming fluent is not just about memorizing grammar rules and word lists. It’s not even about immersing yourself in the culture.

Speaking a language fluently and naturally stems from observing and deconstructing how native speakers speak— and then building a system to help you speak like them. Read the book to learn how you can start doing this yourself!

Or get your copy from the UKDE or FR store. 

Available as eBook and Paperback

Readers say:

Effortless Conversations.
Now Available In Ebook And Paperback Format

Or get your copy from the UK, DE or FR store. 

Available as eBook and Paperback

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