Learn To Speak . Effortlessly

Through the Power of Conversation Based Chunking™
(No word lists, grammar drills or translating in your head required)

3 Keys to Achieving Effortless Conversations in any Language with Conversation Based Chunking™

Observe, Don't Invent

Don’t build clumsy, unnatural sentences by translating in your head from your mother tongue. Use the Power of Observation and Chunking to identify patterns in what native speakers say– and have fluent, native-like sentences roll off the tongue without resorting to guesswork.

Use Conversational Learning Materials

Apply Chunking to Conversational Learning Materials (e.g. dialogues), not written language. That will help you understand native speakers, and see how they speak (and how you should too). From the very beginning!

Get Comfortable Speaking About Relevant Topics In Fast-Paced 12-Week Cycles

Structure your language learning around 12-week cycles to install solid habits that make progress consistent and inevitable.

Hi! I'm Lukas Van Vyve

I’m a linguist, author, speaker, and the conceiver of Conversation Based Chunking™ for language learning. 

I’ve learned to speak 6 languages fluently myself, and discovered along the way that becoming fluent is not just about memorizing grammar rules and word lists. It’s not even about immersing yourself in the culture.

Speaking a language fluently and naturally stems from observing and deconstructing how native speakers speak— and then building a system to help you speak like them. 

Thousands of students are now using Conversation Based Chunking™ to learn Spanish, German, French, Italian, English and many other languages. Read on to learn how you can become one of them!

Check Out the Effortless Conversations Book

This book is for language learners who want to achieve effortless conversations in their language of choice. Effortless Conversations is available in eBook and paperback format.

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You can currently learn Spanish, German, French and Italian with us in our 12-in-12 Challenges. They’re designed to help you make more progress in the next 3 months than all of last year.

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