10 Best Websites To Learn Spanish Language in 2024 + The Ultimate Method

The language learning landscape has never been more exciting. Whether you’re a total beginner, or looking to pick up on your Spanish in 2024, we have the list for the best websites to learn Spanish.

And Spring Spanish (a project I co-founded, and will tell you more about later) explains how you can learn Spanish faster, too:

And now, let’s explore the best websites to learn Spanish in 2024!

What’s the best way to learn Spanish language in 2024?

So, you decided you want to learn Spanish? Awesome!

These days, there are tons of amazing ways to start your Spanish language learning journey.

And what better place to start your search than the world wide web?! There are some great websites and apps out there in the wild for learning Spanish.

But don’t just stick to the fully digital stuff. Pick one, and combine it with other resources, like Spanish Netflix shows, or learn Spanish with music. If you can, make a trip to a Spanish-speaking country to practice what you’ve learned in real-life situations.

And one more tip: learn and practice Spanish with chunks. What are they? Let us explain!

1. Effortless Conversations: Spanish with chunking

best websites to learn spanish - effortless conversations

Yes, we know, we know: we’re a bit biased. But truly, we really think that Effortless Conversations has tons of useful content. Not just blog posts, but practice worksheets, essential chunking lists and now, courses!

We teach the languages with a method called Conversation Based Chunking. The Conversation Based Chunking method focuses on the natural building blocks of the language. Lexical chunks are what native speakers use all the time – you use it yourself in your native language.

And thus, you don’t learn long and boring vocabulary lists and strict grammar rules and definitions, instead, you focus on these lexical chunks. If you immerse yourself in the language by listening to Spanish podcasts and watching the best Spanish Netflix TV shows (with tools like Lingopie), you’ll speak the language in no time!

Browser our website now, and learn about our method and courses by clicking these big buttons right here:

2. Spring Languages: learn Spanish with YouTube videos

best websites to learn spanish - spring languages

Spring Languages is another cool platform for learning new languages that I co-founded with my friend and colleague, Gabriel Gelman.

On Spring Spanish, we take a pretty unique approach by combining the chunking method with our YouTube channel. We have the best teachers from different Spanish-speaking countries, so you won’t only learn the spoken Spanish from Spain, but also from other Latin American countries.

Spring Spanish offers flashcards and transcripts with all of its videos, and there are complex, ultimate 12-week courses with a fantastic radionovela. The story is called Los cazadores de tormentas and it already has two seasons.

Plus, we offer a monthly subscription that has an Inner Circle with an active community – you can chat with other students and teachers to get the best tips to learn Spanish.

3. SpanishDict: not just a simple dictionary

best websites to learn spanish - spanishdict

SpanishDict is an online resource that might look like a simple Spanish-English dictionary at first. But it’s much more than that!

It’s packed with grammar guides, interactive exercises, and they’re available on-the-go. SpanishDict’s conjugation tool is an amazing resource to learn the tricky Spanish verbs.

4. Busuu: traditional lessons with interactive exercises

best websites to learn spanish - busuu

Busuu is already a well-known language learning app that offers courses in different languages, and one of them is Spanish!

Their app combines traditional lessons with interactive exercises, and you also have a chance to connect with other native speakers who are learning other languages! This way, you can correct each other, and you can even award a ‘Best Correction Award’ to each other.

Busuu offers free and premium versions, with the latter unlocking additional features. If you complete courses with the premium version, you can earn official language learning certificates.

5. StudySpanish: a structured approach to learn Spanish

best websites to learn spanish - studyspanish

StudySpanish is a comprehensive online resource for Spanish language learning.

The platform has a structured approach to learn Spanish grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. The site has tools for verb conjugations, vocabulary lists and other guides.

While many resources are available for free, StudySpanish offers premium content for in-depth study. The platform is useful for students who like systematic, grammar-focuses approach to language acquisition.

6. BaseLang: Real World and Grammarless courses to learn Spanish

best websites to learn spanish - baselang

BaseLang is a cool Spanish learning service that’s offering one-on-one tutoring for a flat monthly fee.

You get access to native Spanish-speaking tutors 24/7, so you can learn whenever suits you best. They offer two main programs: “Real World” for quick conversational skills, and “Grammarless” which skips the boring basic Spanish textbook stuff, and gives you insight into speaking the real language.

It’s not the cheapest option, but if you’re serious about getting fluent fast and love the idea of tons of speaking practice, BaseLang could be your option.

7. Memrise: visual guide for effective Spanish learning

best websites to learn spanish - memrise

Memrise is this nifty language learning app that’s all about making memorization fun and effective.

It uses a bunch of clever memory techniques and spaced repetition to help you pick up new words and phrases quickly.

Memrise mixes user-generated content, official courses and the latest AI tools, like chatbots. The Memrise app also uses a lot of visuals to help all the stuff stick in your brain.

Memrise has both free and premium versions. The free one’s pretty solid, but if you pay for premium, you get extras like personalized learning stats and offline mode.

It’s not a full language course on its own, but for building vocabulary and getting comfortable with how a language sounds, Memrise is pretty awesome.

8. LingoDeer: mix of exercises to learn Spanish

best websites to learn spanish - lingodeer

LingoDeer has been making a name for itself with Asian languages like Japanese, Korean and Chinese. But don’t worry, they’ve got European languages too!

The app uses a mix of exercises to keep things interesting – you’ve got matching, listening, speaking, and even some writing practice for languages with different scripts.

One of LingoDeer’s best feature is their story mode, where you can practice what you’ve learned in context. And if you’re into offline learning, LingoDeer’s got you covered – you can download lessons and study without an internet connection.

While there’s a free version to try out, the full experience is behind a paywall. But for serious language learners, many find it worth the investment.

9. Yabla: all about immersion

best websites to learn spanish - yabla

Yabla is all about immersion through videos. It’s a bit like Netflix met a standard language textbook and had a baby. 🙂

The main idea is to learn Spanish by watching authentic videos from native speakers.

Yabla started with Spanish but has expanded to include French, Italian, German, Chinese, and English. It’s subscription-based, so you’ll need to pay to access the full library.

While it’s not a complete language course on its own, Yabla is awesome for improving your listening skills and picking up natural expressions. You can even try it free for 15 days!

10. BBC: outdated but packed with quality content

best websites to learn spanish - bbc spanish

BBC – Learn Spanish is part of the BBC Languages website.

What’s great about it is that it’s totally free and packed with quality content. You’ve got audio and video lessons, vocabulary lists, and even some interactive exercises. They cover the basics pretty well, so it’s awesome for beginners.

The site also offers quick grammar explanations, pronunciation guides, and cultural insights. They’ve even got some workplace Spanish if you need to practice business Spanish.

Now, it’s worth noting that BBC Languages isn’t actively updated anymore, so some of the content might feel a bit dated

Combine the best websites to learn Spanish with Conversation Based Chunking

The good thing about Conversation Based Chunking is that you can basically combine it with any of these websites.

We advise you to start by picking content from one (or more) of these websites, identify useful phrases or chunks, and practice them!

Then, get creative – modify the chunks to fit different scenarios and use them in full Spanish sentences or dialogues. Just make sure to review regularly and look out for more examples of how these chunks are used in real-life contexts.

The key is really to use your chosen website’s content as a board for finding and practicing these useful language chunks.

Instead of focusing on individual words, you’ll be learning practical phrases and how to use them flexibly.

And even if you don’t choose our website, you can still request our FREE Spanish Chunking Starter Pack: we have a lot more to offer in that pack!

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