About Effortless Conversations​

I’m Lukas Van Vyve.

Hi, I’m Lukas Van Vyve, a linguist, writer, and the creator of the Conversation Based Chunking™ method for language learning. 

I’ve learned to speak 6 languages fluently myself, and discovered along the way that becoming fluent is not just about memorizing grammar rules and word lists. It’s not even about immersing yourself in the culture.

Speaking a language fluently and naturally stems from observing and deconstructing how native speakers speak— and then building a system to help you speak like them. 

I’ve studied applied linguistics at university and for that I had to use a lot of materials, several grammar books, vocabulary books, etc. While this worked, it was also very overwhelming.

I’ve now shown tens of thousands of people around the world how to learn languages with Conversation Based Chunking™, I’ve published a book about it, created Spanish courses, was interviewed on various podcasts, helped language learning apps and YouTube channels implement chunking, and gave keynotes at language conferences.

Oh, and I also write about many other things (like coffee and habits).


Language learners reached

Through courses, podcasts, speeches, books, collaborations with some of the biggest language YouTubers in the world.


Languages learned myself

Dutch (my mother tongue), English, German, French, Spanish, Italian. Currently looking into Russian.

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