Business Spanish: 100 Words & Chunks to Learn Spanish for Business with Examples

Although Spanish isn’t the main language for business around the world, it’s still one of the most important languages for business purposes.

If you learn business Spanish vocabulary, you’ll have a great advantage both within Europe and on a global scale. Many of the biggest multinational companies have operations in the Americas and have their business interest in Spanish-speaking countries.

Spring Spanish (a project I co-founded) made a video on how you can survive your business meetings in Spanish:

Now, let’s explore some real-life examples that you can run into when you’re serious about your job.

1. Spanish vocabulary for business meetings

Everyone does meetings. Sometimes, they are boring, sometimes, they are necessary. Nevertheless, it’s good to have a template by your side when you’re in Spanish business meetings.

business spanish illustrated with a google building
ReuniónMeetingTenemos una reunión con el cliente a las 10:00. (We have a meeting with the client at 10:00.)
InformeReportNecesito preparar el informe para la reunión de mañana. (I need to prepare the report for tomorrow’s meeting.)
PropuestaProposalPresentaremos la propuesta de marketing durante la reunión. (We will present the marketing proposal during the meeting.)
ContratoContractVamos a discutir los términos del contrato en la próxima reunión. (We are going to discuss the contract terms in the next meeting.)
NegociaciónNegotiationLa negociación con los proveedores será difícil. (The negotiation with the suppliers will be difficult.)
Planificación estratégicaStrategic PlanningNecesitamos más tiempo para la planificación estratégica. (We need more time for strategic planning.)
Informe financieroFinancial ReportEl informe financiero estará listo para la reunión. (The financial report will be ready for the meeting.)
AsuntoTopic/IssueEl primer asunto en la agenda es crucial. (The first topic on the agenda is crucial.)
Toma de decisionesDecision MakingLa toma de decisiones debe ser rápida y efectiva. (Decision-making must be quick and effective.)
ResultadosResultsDiscutiremos los resultados del último trimestre. (We will discuss the results of the last quarter.)

2. Business Spanish for emails and correspondence

After these live meetings, you might have to write some emails. Here’s the most important vocabulary you need for these situations:

Correo electrónicoEmailEnviaré el correo electrónico esta tarde. (I will send the email this afternoon.)
AsuntoSubjectEl asunto del correo electrónico es “Reunión de seguimiento”. (The subject of the email is “Follow-up Meeting”.)
AdjuntoAttachmentHe incluido el informe como archivo adjunto. (I have included the report as an attachment.)
Estimado/aDear (formal)Estimado Sr. López, adjunto encontrará el documento solicitado. (Dear Mr. López, attached you will find the requested document.)
AtentamenteSincerelyAtentamente, Juan Pérez. (Sincerely, Juan Pérez.)
ConfirmaciónConfirmationNecesito la confirmación de asistencia a la reunión. (I need the confirmation of attendance for the meeting.)
ResponderReplyPor favor, responda a este correo lo antes posible. (Please reply to this email as soon as possible.)
NotificaciónNotificationRecibí una notificación de la reunión. (I received a notification about the meeting.)
MencionadoMentionedComo se mencionó en el correo anterior… (As mentioned in the previous email…)
PendientePendingQuedan asuntos pendientes por resolver. (There are pending issues to be resolved.)

3. Improve your business presentations

Giving presentations is always stressful – to some, only a little bit, to some, it’s a life and death event. Don’t worry, you’ve got this.

And here are some examples you can use in these cases:

PresentaciónPresentationLa presentación comenzará a las 9:00. (The presentation will start at 9:00.)
DiapositivaSlideLa siguiente diapositiva muestra los resultados del estudio. (The next slide shows the study’s results.)
AudienciaAudienceLa audiencia estará compuesta por inversores. (The audience will be composed of investors.)
IntroducciónIntroductionLa introducción debe captar la atención del público. (The introduction should capture the audience’s attention.)
ConclusiónConclusionEn conclusión, necesitamos más datos. (In conclusion, we need more data.)
GráficaChart/GraphLa gráfica muestra el crecimiento anual. (The chart shows the annual growth.)
TemaTopicEl tema de la presentación es la innovación tecnológica. (The topic of the presentation is technological innovation.)
DemostraciónDemonstrationHabrá una demostración del nuevo producto. (There will be a demonstration of the new product.)
CuestionesQuestionsAl final, abriremos el espacio para cuestiones. (At the end, we will open the floor for questions.)
MaterialesMaterialsTodos los materiales estarán disponibles en línea. (All materials will be available online.)

4. Business Spanish vocabulary for phone and video conferences

What if it’s not a live meeting, not an email conversation and not even a presentation?

business spanish video conference on smartphone

Nowadays, Zoom and Google Meet conferences are everyday occasions. It’s good to have this vocabulary up your sleeve:

LlamadaCallTengo una llamada con el director a las 11:00. (I have a call with the director at 11:00.)
VideoconferenciaVideo ConferenceLa videoconferencia está programada para mañana. (The video conference is scheduled for tomorrow.)
ConexiónConnectionLa conexión a internet debe ser estable. (The internet connection must be stable.)
ParticipanteParticipantHabrá 15 participantes en la videoconferencia. (There will be 15 participants in the video conference.)
EnlaceLinkPor favor, envíe el enlace de la reunión. (Please send the meeting link.)
MicrófonoMicrophoneAsegúrate de que el micrófono esté encendido. (Make sure the microphone is on.)
CámaraCameraActiva tu cámara durante la llamada. (Turn on your camera during the call.)
AgendaAgendaLa agenda de la videoconferencia será enviada previamente. (The video conference agenda will be sent beforehand.)
GrabaciónRecordingLa grabación de la llamada estará disponible. (The call recording will be available.)
Compartir pantallaScreen SharingUtilizaremos la función de compartir pantalla. (We will use the screen sharing feature.)

5. Improve your business Spanish negotiations

Maybe your negotiating with a business partner or with your employer for a better salary. Now’s a good idea to go over the terms and conditions:

NegociaciónNegotiationLa negociación comenzará a las 9:00. (The negotiation will start at 9:00.)
TérminosTermsDiscutiremos los términos del acuerdo. (We will discuss the terms of the agreement.)
OfrecerOfferVamos a ofrecer una propuesta competitiva. (We will make a competitive offer.)
ContrapropuestaCounterofferEstamos esperando una contrapropuesta. (We are waiting for a counteroffer.)
AcuerdoAgreementFinalmente, llegamos a un acuerdo. (Finally, we reached an agreement.)
CondicionesConditionsLas condiciones deben ser claras para ambas partes. (The conditions must be clear for both parties.)
ConcesiónConcessionHaremos una concesión en este punto. (We will make a concession on this point.)
IntransigenciaInflexibilityLa intransigencia no ayudará en la negociación. (Inflexibility will not help in the negotiation.)
PlazoDeadlineEl plazo para llegar a un acuerdo es el viernes. (The deadline to reach an agreement is Friday.)
CompromisoCommitmentNecesitamos un compromiso firme de su parte. (We need a firm commitment from your side.)

6. Business vocabulary for networking events

Getting to know new people is a great opportunity at networking events. Bring your business cards and practice Spanish conversations!

EventoEventEl evento de networking será en el hotel. (The networking event will be at the hotel.)
ContactoContactIntercambiamos contactos durante el evento. (We exchanged contacts during the event.)
Tarjeta de presentaciónBusiness CardNo olvides llevar tus tarjetas de presentación. (Don’t forget to bring your business cards.)
ConferenciaConferenceLa conferencia comienza a las 9:00. (The conference starts at 9:00.)
PonenteSpeakerEl ponente principal es un experto en marketing. (The main speaker is a marketing expert.)
Sesión de preguntasQ&A SessionHabrá una sesión de preguntas al final. (There will be a Q&A session at the end.)
Red de contactosNetworkEs importante ampliar nuestra red de contactos. (It’s important to expand our network.)
SeminarioSeminarEl seminario tratará sobre estrategias de negocio. (The seminar will cover business strategies.)
InvitaciónInvitationRecibí una invitación para el evento. (I received an invitation for the event.)
TallerWorkshopParticiparé en el taller de liderazgo. (I will participate in the leadership workshop.)

7. Key Spanish vocabulary for HR

Human resources is often the first meeting point between you and your future boss. This is the time when you talk about your training, evaluation and work policies.

EntrevistaInterviewLa entrevista de trabajo será el lunes. (The job interview will be on Monday.)
CurrículumResumePor favor, envíe su currículum actualizado. (Please send your updated resume.)
Revisión de desempeñoPerformance ReviewLa revisión de desempeño será trimestral. (The performance review will be quarterly.)
BeneficiosBenefitsLos beneficios incluyen seguro médico. (The benefits include health insurance.)
CapacitaciónTrainingNecesitamos más capacitación en el software nuevo. (We need more training on the new software.)
EvaluaciónEvaluationLa evaluación de desempeño es anual. (The performance evaluation is annual.)
PolíticaPolicyLa nueva política de la empresa será implementada el próximo mes. (The new company policy will be implemented next month.)
EmpleadoEmployeeCada empleado debe completar el formulario. (Every employee must complete the form.)
ContrataciónHiringEstamos en proceso de contratación. (We are in the process of hiring.)
RenunciaResignationRecibimos la renuncia de Juan. (We received Juan’s resignation.)

8. The correct business language for finances

Talking about budget and invoices? The best Spanish vocabulary for finances is here at your fingertips:

TransacciónTransactionLa transacción se completó con éxito. (The transaction was completed successfully.)
PresupuestoBudgetEl presupuesto para el próximo año ya está aprobado. (The budget for next year is already approved.)
FacturaInvoiceNecesitamos la factura del proveedor. (We need the supplier’s invoice.)
PagoPaymentEl pago se realizará la próxima semana. (The payment will be made next week.)
CuentaAccountLa cuenta bancaria de la empresa es confidencial. (The company’s bank account is confidential.)
AprobarApproveNecesitamos aprobar los gastos antes de proceder. (We need to approve the expenses before proceeding.)
Estado financieroFinancial StatementEl estado financiero será revisado en la reunión. (The financial statement will be reviewed in the meeting.)
IngresosRevenueLos ingresos han aumentado este trimestre. (The revenue has increased this quarter.)
EgresosExpendituresLos egresos deben ser controlados. (Expenditures must be controlled.)
BalanceBalance SheetEl balance es positivo este año. (The balance sheet is positive this year.)

9. Professional vocabulary for marketing and sales

Is there anything more important than marketing and sales today? It’s where you sell yourself – and your products. Time to check these important Spanish sentences.

PromociónPromotionLanzaremos una nueva promoción la próxima semana. (We will launch a new promotion next week.)
CampañaCampaignLa campaña de marketing ha sido un éxito. (The marketing campaign has been a success.)
EstrategiaStrategyNecesitamos una nueva estrategia de ventas. (We need a new sales strategy.)
ClienteClient/CustomerEl cliente está muy satisfecho con el servicio. (The client is very satisfied with the service.)
MercadoMarketEl mercado está en constante cambio. (The market is constantly changing.)
CompetenciaCompetitionLa competencia es feroz en este sector. (The competition is fierce in this sector.)
AnálisisAnalysisRealizamos un análisis de mercado detallado. (We conducted a detailed market analysis.)
OfrecerOfferVamos a ofrecer un descuento especial. (We will offer a special discount.)
VentasSalesLas ventas han aumentado este mes. (Sales have increased this month.)
PublicidadAdvertisingInvertiremos más en publicidad digital. (We will invest more in digital advertising.)

10. Project management vocabulary

Project management is valuable both for you and for your team. Whether your talking about team members and important timelines, this is your table:

ProyectoProjectEl proyecto estará terminado en tres meses. (The project will be finished in three months.)
Miembro del equipoTeam MemberCada miembro del equipo tiene una tarea específica. (Each team member has a specific task.)
MetaGoalLa meta del proyecto es reducir costos. (The goal of the project is to reduce costs.)
Línea de tiempoTimelineLa línea de tiempo del proyecto debe ser seguida. (The project timeline must be followed.)
Informe de progresoProgress ReportEl informe de progreso será presentado el lunes. (The progress report will be presented on Monday.)
PresupuestoBudgetEl presupuesto del proyecto debe ser aprobado. (The project’s budget must be approved.)
PlazoDeadlineEl plazo de entrega es inamovible. (The deadline is non-negotiable.)
ResponsabilidadResponsibilityCada miembro del equipo tiene su responsabilidad. (Each team member has their responsibility.)
Reunión de actualizaciónUpdate MeetingLa reunión de actualización será semanal. (The update meeting will be weekly.)
RecursosResourcesNecesitamos más recursos para cumplir con el plazo. (We need more resources to meet the deadline.)

Practice worksheet for business Spanish

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The best strategy to learn business Spanish: Conversation Based Chunking

There’s two ways you can learn Spanish: the regular one with memorizing word lists and boring grammar rules; and then there’s Conversation Based Chunking.

This method is all about focusing on the natural lexical chunks that native speakers use all the time. They don’t even realize it but they’re actively learning and forming the language with the help of these chunks.

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