Flirting in Spanish: 50 Romantic Words and Phrases with Cheesy Pickup Lines

One of the most noble reasons for which you might want to learn Spanish is to find your significant other. And who would blame you?!

People in Spanish-speaking countries are good-looking, beautiful, and sexy! But wait! How do you do flirting in Spanish? Lucky for you, Spring Spanish (one of my side-projects!) made a great video on this, check it here:

And this is not all! In this blog post, we’ll share every step of the way, so you don’t get frightened when you get into a romantic situation 😉

1. How to start a conversation with someone

Okay, so… First, of course, you have to start somewhere. But how do you do it?

You have to approach someone. Don’t worry, Spanish native speakers are open-minded, they won’t bite you, and you can use the following phrases to talk to them.

Start by saying hello in Spanish, introduce yourself, then you can immediately give them a little compliment.

Hola, ¿cómo estás? Me llamo [Your Name]. ¿Y tú?Hi, how are you? My name is [Your Name]. And you?
Hola, ¿te puedo invitar a tomar algo?Hi, can I invite you to have a drink?
Me encanta tu sonrisa. ¿Cómo te llamas?I love your smile. What’s your name?
Hola, ¿vienes aquí a menudo?Hi, do you come here often?
Disculpa, pero no pude evitar notar lo guapo/guapa que eres.Excuse me, but I couldn’t help but notice how handsome/beautiful you are.

2. Cheesy pick-up lines for flirting in Spanish

After the first few Spanish sentences, you can try cheesy pick-up lines. Just make sure you add a touch of humor to these, because they might find you too cheesy.

These pick-up lines are popular ones you might have already heard on the streets with Spanish slangs. Analyse your situation, don’t go over the board, and don’ be too pushy!

¿Crees en el amor a primera vista o debo pasar otra vez?Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?
_Si fueras un vegetal, serías un “bonito”._If you were a vegetable, you’d be a “cutecumber”.
¿Tienes un mapa? Porque me he perdido en tus ojos.Do you have a map? Because I got lost in your eyes.
Debes estar cansado/cansada, porque has estado corriendo por mi mente todo el día.You must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day.
¿Eres una cámara? Porque cada vez que te miro, sonrío.Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile.

3. Romantic phrases in Spanish

You find someone beautiful in Spanish regions. After the introductions and some funny Spanish phrases, it’s time to be romantic.

Various love emojis and hearts of different sizes and colors floating in space against a deep blue starry background symbolizing Flirting in Spanish

It’s time to learn how to say I love you in Spanish, but pay attention, because there are levels of love in Spanish. Saying te quiero and te amo isn’t the same in every use case. The next table is safe 😉

Te amoI love you
Eres mi todoYou are my everything
Te quieroI love you (less intense than “Te amo”)
Eres mi media naranjaYou are my soulmate (literally “my half orange”)
Te adoroI adore you
Eres lo mejor que me ha pasadoYou are the best thing that has happened to me
No puedo dejar de pensar en tiI can’t stop thinking about you
Eres el amor de mi vidaYou are the love of my life
Mi corazón es tuyoMy heart is yours
Cada día te quiero másI love you more each day

4. Keeping up the flirty conversation with these lines in Spanish

If there’s one thing you want to avoid in these encounters, it’s the silence. Relax, talk about your life, use question words in Spanish to ask about their life and everydays.

And you would do this even in your native language, because you’re interested in them, right?

¿A qué te dedicas?What do you do for a living?
¿Qué te gusta hacer en tu tiempo libre?What do you like to do in your free time?
¿Tienes alguna serie o película favorita?Do you have a favorite TV show or movie?
¿Cuál es tu comida favorita?What’s your favorite food?
¿Te gusta viajar? ¿Cuál es el lugar más interesante al que has ido?Do you like to travel? What’s the most interesting place you’ve been to?
¿Tienes algún hobby o pasatiempo?Do you have any hobbies or pastimes?
¿Te gusta escuchar música? ¿Qué tipo de música te gusta?Do you like listening to music? What kind of music do you like?
¿Tienes mascotas?Do you have any pets?
¿Eres de aquí o vienes de otro lugar?Are you from here or are you from somewhere else?
¿Cuál es tu libro favorito?What’s your favorite book?

5. Learn Spanish flirting phrases

Sometimes, you can’t get enough of the view you’re seeing. Maybe it’s about the eyes or the hands, or maybe it’s about other body parts in Spanish.

A cute teddy bear sitting on a neatly made bed in a cozy, softly lit room with light-colored bedding and simple decorations illustrating flirting in spanish

These chunks are true Spanish flirting phrases!

Eres increíble.You are amazing.
Tienes unos ojos preciosos.You have beautiful eyes.
Me encanta tu risa.I love your laugh.
Eres muy inteligente.You are very smart.
Me haces muy feliz.You make me very happy.
Tienes un corazón de oro.You have a heart of gold.
Eres tan dulce.You are so sweet.
Tu presencia ilumina la habitación.Your presence lights up the room.
Tienes una sonrisa encantadora.You have a charming smile.
Eres perfecto/perfecta para mí.You are perfect for me.

6. Describing your relationship with Spanish words and sentences

You’ve won the heart of your significant other. Now, you’re in a relationship. What’s next?

Someone asks about your status, or maybe someone else approaches you. What can you do? Use these Spanish sentences to avoid any misunderstandings!

Estamos saliendo.We are dating.
Es mi novio/novia.He/She is my boyfriend/girlfriend.
Estamos en una relación.We are in a relationship.
Nos llevamos muy bien.We get along very well.
Somos muy felices juntos.We are very happy together.
Nos entendemos muy bien.We understand each other very well.
Llevamos [tiempo] juntos/juntas.We’ve been together for [time].
Es el amor de mi vida.He/She is the love of my life.
Estamos comprometidos/comprometidas.We are engaged.
Nos apoyamos mutuamente.We support each other.

7. Cultural tips for flirting in Spanish-speaking countries

Spanish-speaking cultures value charm in interactions. That’s the reason you shouldn’t be afraid to talk to someone in Spanish. Being just honestly interested in the other persona can go a long way. Compliments are well-received most of the time, but make sure they come across as sincere… rather than exaggerated.

Humor is another great tools in flirting. Light-hearted jokes or a bit of teasing in Spanish can break the ice and make the conversation more relaxed.

Another cultural tip is: don’t rush things! Take the time to get to know the other person, build a connection.

Overall, just be respectful, listen to the other person.

8. Practice flirting in Spanish with our practice worksheets

Fill in the blanks with the correct phrases for flirting in Spanish!

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9. Learn more ways to approach someone and pickup lines Spanish

It’s not enough if you check the listed phrases and chunks in the blog post, you’ll get the basics. If you want to go deeper, we advise you to use the Conversation Based Chunking method.

The chunking method is all about using the natural building blocks of the language. This is also what native speakers do in Spanish, in German and in other languages too. It’s what you do in your own native language!

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