Make More Progress In Your Target Language in The Next 3 Months Than All Of Last Year

The 12-in-12 Challenge is our premium language course for students of Spanish, German, French and Italian.

The 12-in-12 Challenge is currently not open for enrollment, but we'll reopen the doors soon. Click the button below to learn when we'll reopen for your language.

The 12-in-12 Challenge in numbers

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12 Weeks - 12 Topics - A Lifetime Of Language Learning Success

Guidance On How, When and What To Learn

We help you set up a 12-week study plan, show you how to learn languages by the concept of "chunking" and keep you on track throughout the whole challenge. The Guidance, Coaching and the Community is what makes this Challenge stands out!

Awesome Conversational Learning Materials

Based on your 12-week plan, level, and interests, we give you weekly, personalized learning materials that will show you how native speakers speak! These are all the learning materials you need, so you don't have to go look for other courses and textbooks to study anymore!

Knowledge, Skills, Life-Long Habits

By the end of the 12 weeks, your goal is to have Effortless Conversations about the 12 topics covered in the challenge. On top of that, you'll have built life-long language learning habits and skills that will guarantee future language-learning success!

Hosted by: Lukas Van Vyve

I'm Lukas, and since 2016, I've been helping tens of thousands of people learn German, Spanish, French, Italian and other languages through the method of Conversation Based Chunking™.

In February 2018, I launched the first edition of the 12-in-12 Challenge: an all-in-one course that doesn't just give language learning resources, but that also shows them how to learn a language, helps them set up a routine, keeps them accountable AND gives them a community of other passionate language learners. 

The ultimate goal?

To help you make more progress in the next 3 months than all of last year.

Since the first launch, over 900 language learners have gone through the 12-in-12 Challenge. Here are some of their results: 

What previous (and current) participants say:

The 3 Phases In The 12-in-12 Challenge:

Phase 1: Preparation

Personal Assessment and 12-Week Plan

During Phase 1, you:

  • Look back on what you've done up to now
  • Discover your “Big Why”, create a list of topics and situations in which you want to hold effortless conversations, so we can focus on those during your 12-in-12 Challenge.

Based on this assessment, we'll create a 12-Week Plan for you.

In the preparation phase, you'll also receive more training in Conversation Based Chunking™, so you can make the most out of the learning materials you'll receive.

Phase 1: Preparation

Phase 2: Implementation

12 Weeks of Amazing Language Learning Progress

  • 12 extensive native-speaker dialogues
    • audio, transcript, parallel translation, flashcards, grammar explanation, exercises: everything you need to learn to speak as naturally as native speakers do. 
  • Help setting up an immersive environment
    • We help you put a lot of fun, low-intensity activities in your target language place (listening to music, podcasts, youtube videos, watching series, reading,…) so you get loads of exposure every single day. 
  • Accountability and habit-creation
    • Progress tracker, a community, personal guidance and coaching, live calls. Everything to build good habits, keep you on track and answer any and all questions throughout the 12 weeks!
Phase 2: Implementation

Phase 3: The Big Review

Review Your Progress and Reap the Benefits

  • Your listening comprehension will have improved, so you'll understand native speakers
  • You’ll have learned lots of phrases (we call them chunks) that will roll off the tongue in conversations. Without thinking about grammar rules!
  • You’ll have added a new “Language Dimension” to your life
  • You’ll have created some really solid language learning skills and habits that will serve you in all your future language endeavours
  • You’ll be skilled in the Effortless Conversations Method and it’ll give you the confidence that you can take on ANY language. Over and over again!
Phase 3: The Big Review

Interested In Joining The Next 12-in-12 Challenge?

The 12-in-12 Challenge is currently not open for new enrollment. We're starting a new round soon, though… and we'd like YOU to be part of it!

If you're interested in joining the next 12-in-12 Challenge, please click the button below to sign up for the notification list and let us know which language you're learning. We'll make sure you're the first to know when we're reopening the challenge – and give you some sample materials to work with in the meantime 🙂
Note: We currently only host 12-in-12 Challenges for Spanish, German, French and Italian. 

In The Meantime: Want Some Help With Learning Your Target Language?

Read the Effortless Conversations Book

This book outlines the exact Effortless Conversations Method we're using in the 12-in-12 Challenge.

An overview of Conversation Based Chunking™ for language learning, memorization tricks, listening comprehension training, speaking training, resource selection, all the way to creating your own 12-in-12 Plan: this book gives you all the tools and strategies you need to learn any language successfully.

Read this and you'll understand why 12-in-12 students are so successful at learning languages.

After its release in September 2018, the book was a #1 Bestseller on Amazon in 3 different countries (in the foreign language acquisition category, of course, not on the whole website 😉 ).


In the past, we've run 12-in-12 Challenges in Spanish, German, French and Italian.

For these languages, we have learning materials from beginner up to advanced level.

In the future, we might start offering additional languages as well.

No, this is not a traditional language learning course. The focus is on self-study; but the 12-in-12 Challenge provides you with all the learning materials you need to make this as easy as possible.

You also get expert guidance on language learning strategies.

And you'll a language-specific tutor than can answer all your questions about your target language!

You get both structured and personalized learning materials. If we don't have a lesson on a topic you really want to learn about in our library, we might even create it for you!

And because self-study doesn't mean studying in isolation, you'll get access to a community of other language learners, so you can share your questions, struggles, victories… And maybe even find a practice and accountability partner!

Moreover, you'll get Q&A calls with us personally for all your language learning related questions!

In short: you get all the best from self-study (this is the only way to get good at a language anyway), and all the benefits from a community, a language coach and a tutor 🙂

We've designed the course so you can do 20-25 minutes of studying a day and get great results! (Yes, you can take some days off once, in a while 😉 )

Besides the “studying”, if you really want to make great progress, it's important that you expose yourself to German as well.

You don't have to make time for this; you can watch tv, listen to  songs, read news articles, watch YouTube videos, and so on.

We help you make your target language part of your life, and we promise you: this is the fun part!

You won't be able to get enough of it!

The 12-in-12 Challenge is a guided language course.

You will do a lot of self-studying, but after running several editions, I've learned that the guidance, the coaching and the community of other language learners is what makes participants in the Challenge so successful. 

That's why we only open the Challenge periodically; so we can start and finish together with a group of language learners!

Don't worry: we open up enrollment regularly, so you won't have to wait long to participate in the next 12-in-12 Challenge 😉

Just don't forget to sign up for the notification list so you don't miss the next registration period!

That depends on the level you start with! 😉 

One 12-in-12 Challenge is designed to cover 1 level from the official CEFR guidelines. These levels go from A1 (complete beginner) to A2, B1, B1 and finally C1 (advanced).

For example, you can start in the A1 level and complete that level in one 12-in-12 Challenge. Afterwards, you can continue with A2, B1, B2 and so on.

Of course, in these 3 months you can achieve much more than what you ‘officially' need to cover for one level. And if you stick to the 12-in-12 Challenge guidelines, you probably will be able to speak about many more topics, relevant to your personal situation!

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

Just click the green chat button floating in the bottom right corner of your screen 😉

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