21 Best Ways to Say Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish (El Día de San Valentín) – Audio

Heads up, everyone! Cupid’s big day is coming at us way faster than a love tortoise. Throw a stone anywhere in Spain or Latin America, and you’re bound to hit a high-end love-nest restaurant with reservations pouring in, or a store unable to keep up with the sea of roses and chocolate delicacies’ demand. Spring Spanish (a project I co-founded) made a fantastic video on how you can say Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish and how it’s celebrated in Mexico:

One might think that Valentine’s Day has transformed into a consumerist event of clichéd love displays and ludicrous expectations. But still, even the cynics cannot undermine its status as a holiday of time-honored traditions, celebrated across the globe.

In this article, you’ll learn how you can say happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish to your loved one!

1. The most important Valentine’s Day vocabulary: ¡Feliz día de San Valentín!

When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, or el Día de San Valentín as it’s known in Spanish-speaking countries, using the right words can add the special touch to your much needed celebration.

This is how it sounds in Spanish:

Effortless Answers

The simplest and most direct way to say Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish is “¡Feliz día de San Valentín!” This phrase is your go-to Valentine’s day vocabulary. To use this phrase effectively, you can start any conversation with your loved one or write it at the beginning of a card or message to immediately set the festive mood.

Now, let’s look at a conversation between Anna and Juan, who are planning their evening for Valentine’s Day:

Anna: ¡Hola Juan! Ya casi es el 14 de febrero, ¿qué te parecería si planeamos algo especial para celebrar el día de San Valentín? (Anna: Hi John, it’s almost February 14th, how about planning something special to celebrate Valentine’s Day?)
Juan: ¡Hola Anna! Me encanta la idea. Pensaba que podríamos ir a cenar a nuestro restaurante favorito y luego dar un paseo a la luz de la luna. (Jim: Hi Anna! I love the idea. I was thinking we could go to dinner at our favorite restaurant and then take a walk in the moonlight.)
Anna: ¡Feliz día de San Valentín, mi amor! Ese plan suena perfecto. ¿Deberíamos hacer una reserva ahora para evitar la espera? (Anna: Happy Valentine’s Day, my love! That plan sounds perfect. Should we make a reservation now to avoid the wait?)
Juan: Sí, hagámoslo. Y después del paseo, ¿qué te parece si intercambiamos los regalos que hemos preparado el uno para el otro? (Jim: Yes, let’s do that. And after the walk, what do you say we exchange the gifts we’ve prepared for each other?)
Anna: Me parece una idea maravillosa. ¡Este día de San Valentín será inolvidable! (Anna: I think it’s a wonderful idea, this Valentine’s Day will be unforgettable!)

(Hint: The more you know, the better: check out how to say happy Valentine’s Day in German!)

2. Useful Spanish phrases to say Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish

Showing your affection for your partner in another lingo can be a rather spicy way (😉) to let them know how much they mean to you. On this infamous day of love, Valentine’s Day, sprinkling a bit of Spanish into your sometimes boring everydays can kick up the love quotient in a second! (Just a little tip: I think you should also check out our quotes in Spanish article because it’s full of romantic and lovely quotes that will come in handy this time around the year!)

happy valentine's day in spanish hotel room

Whether you speak out these words like a native or the cute clumsiness of a Spanish beginner, these chunks are packed with love and gratitude.

Express your love in Spanish

Spanish PhraseEnglish Translation
Te amo más cada día.
I love you more each day.
Eres el amor de mi vida.
You are the love of my life.
Me haces increíblemente feliz.
You make me incredibly happy.
Juntos es mi lugar favorito.
Together is my favorite place to be.
Eres mi todo.
You are my everything.
Contigo, cada día es San Valentín.
With you, every day is Valentine’s Day.
Te quiero con todo mi corazón.
I love you with all of my heart.
Eres mi sueño hecho realidad.
You are my dream come true.
Mi corazón es tuyo.
My heart is yours.
Nuestro amor es para siempre.
Our love is forever.

These are really just the basic chunks you need in Spanish to express your love on Valentine’s Day. If you want to learn more you can immediately sign up to our Spanish Chunking Starter Pack and gain access to bonuses such as a 12-week study program, an Over-The-Shoulder Chunking Demo in several languages and a Full Practice Worksheet Library.

3. Spanish vocabulary: say Happy Valentine with postcards

Exchanging heartfelt cards is a time-honored Valentine’s Day tradition.

Here’s a table of romantic Spanish sentences you could use on a postcard – whether digital or a traditional paper postcard – to express your feelings:

Romantic Spanish sentences

Con cada latido, mi corazón te pertenece más.
With every heartbeat, my heart belongs to you more.
Tu amor ilumina mi vida.
Your love lights up my life.
Amar es encontrarte en otra persona.
To love is to find yourself in another person.
Eres mi razón de sonreír.
You are my reason to smile.
Cada momento contigo es un tesoro.
Every moment with you is a treasure.
Este día de San Valentín es solo el comienzo de nuestra historia.
This Valentine’s Day is just the beginning of our story.
Gracias por ser mi increíble valentine.
Thank you for being my amazing valentine.
A tu lado, el tiempo se detiene.
By your side, time stands still.
Nuestro amor es la aventura más grande.
Our love is the greatest adventure.
Eres lo mejor que me ha pasado.
You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

4. Learn verbs and words in Spanish about love and happiness with our Conversation Based Chunking Starter Pack

To truly embrace el Día de San Valentín and the Spanish language, incorporating common verbs and expressions used to convey love and happiness is key. Phrases like “te amo” (I love you in Spanish), “te adoro” (I adore you), and “me haces feliz” (you make me happy) are fundamental. Our Conversation Based Chunking Starter Pack can help you absorb these phrases naturally, improving your ability to use them effortlessly in conversation. This method focuses on learning language chunks rather than grammar, enabling you to sound more like a native speaker and making the process of learning Spanish as a foreign language more enjoyable.

On this day of love and friendship, it’s not just about the words you say but the warmth and sincerity behind them. Whether you’re speaking Spanish or your native language, the act of expressing your love is what brings us all closer. So this Valentine’s Day, embrace the Spanish phrases, the romance, and the joy of expressing your love in another language.

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