6 Best AI Language Learning Apps: Learn, Listen & Speak with AI (2024)

In the fast-paced world with AI tools, language learning still counts as an essential solution for personal growth and it’s also a huge plus in career advancement and connectivity. Traditional language learning methods have their pros, but the rise of AI language learning apps is here to help you!

These cutting-edge tools that combine the power of advanced algorithms with shiny interfaces make your language acquisition a seamless, stress-free journey.

Watch this video from Teacher AI, one of our recommendations from the blog post!

In this blog post, Effortless Conversations will give you a glimpse of what these AI language learning apps have to offer and which one you should choose!

1. Teacher AI – The best option to learn a new language

Teacher AI is an innovative AI-powered language learning platform with personalized conversation practice in (currently) 25 languages. Teacher AI uses artificial intelligence to help you practice your target language by correcting mistakes, explaining grammar and overall adapting to your interests, topics and learning style.

ai language learning app - teacher ai
TeacherAI is our favorite AI language tutoring tool so far.

All of the AI teachers are bilingual: you can talk with them in English and in your target language! A huge plus compared to language tutors is that the platform is available 24/7, so you can practice anytime.

It’s also way cheaper than traditional language learning platforms.

Here’s a comparison table between traditional language tutoring platforms and Teacher AI:

FeatureTraditional Language Tutoring PlatformsTeacher AI
Price per 30 min session$7-25 USDLess than $1 USD
AvailabilityLimited24/7 instant access
PreparationNeed to get readyNo need to look good, practice on the go.
AnxietyCan be stressfulZero Stress
Teacher’s linguistic knowledgeSometimes goodAlways perfect
Teacher’s general knowledgeSometimes goodAlways perfect
Teacher’s English levelSometimes goodAlways perfect
Tracks progressNoYes

Keep in mind that this is still a new method. Teacher AI mentions that it can have problems, and that you should still practice speaking with REAL humans! 😉

2. TalkPal – Language Learning with GPT technology

TalkPal is another language tutor platform powered by GPT technology. TalkPal allows you to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in different given scenarios.

ai language learning apps -talkpal

TalkPal is focused on interactive conversations with the AI. Just like Teacher AI, it give you real-time feedback and even suggestions to help you improve your fluency.

TalkPal has a free basic plan with limited features and a premium subscription that offers unlimited access to all feature like roleplays, calls, personalized learning, and no ads

3. Lingvist – Learn a language with AI and custom decks

Lingvist is an AI-powered platform that will help you learn new languages smarter and faster.

ai language learning app - lingvist

Lingvist has an algorithm to tailor your learning experience to your level – beginner, intermediate or advanced. The focus is on learning the most useful and common real-life vocabulary first that make up 80% of everyday conversations.

Lingvist also has Custom Decks, making it easy to create personalized courses from any text or list of words relevant to your interests.

The platform offers short, 10-minute lessons but you can extend those anytime. One subscription gives you access to 50+ language courses.

4. Tutor Lily – Start learning with a virtual tutor

Do you want a virtual tutor? Then Tutor Lily was made for you!

ai language learning app - tutor lily

Tutor Lily acts as a personalized AI language tutor or conversational partner to help you improve your speaking abilities. Lily gives you contextualized feedback, corrections and explanations. It adapts to your language learning level based on the your proficiency to provide an optimal experience.

Tutor Lily features open-ended conversations + learning activities like question prompts, roleplays, and reading practice!

5. Memrise – An AI-powered language partner

Memrise was founded in 2010 and today, it offers courses based on spaced repetition and mnemonic techniques.

ai language learning app - memrise

The platform also has an AI-powered Language Partner feature that will allow you to have human-like conversations. This is a feature that will help you bridge the confidence gap in language acquisition with providing interactive conversational practice in a stress-free environment.

6. ChatGPT – The best AI overall

And finally, the one that captured the world in a second: ChatGPT.

ai language learning app - chatgpt

Overall, ChatGPT can still give you basic recommendations for language learning, vocabulary exercises, translation assistance and conversation practice.

With different, tailored prompts, you can get grammar explanations and with ChatGPT Plus’ voice commands, you can even practice speaking in your target language.

The tool has its limitations, so it’s always a good idea to double-check answers and information provided by the AI against reliable sources.

Combine AI language learning apps with Conversation Based Chunking

Combining Conversation Based Chunking with AI Language learning can yield powerful results in enhancing language acquisition and communication skills.

Conversation Based Chunking involves breaking down conversations into manageable chunks, focusing on specific topics or language structures. This approach helps you grasp the context of real-life conversations.

AI-powered chatbots or virtual language tutors can simulate conversational interactions, allowing you to apply this method in realistic scenarios.

This combination offers the opportunity to practice conversational skills, to receive immediate feedback, and to reinforce your understanding of language patterns and expressions. The integration of Conversation Based Chunking and AI Language learning creates a dynamic and effective language learning environment that can speed up your language learning process!

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