DuoCards Review (2024): Language Learning with Vocabulary Builder Flashcards + Spaced Repetition

DuoCards is a flashcard learning app made to help you learn new languages and practice vocabulary!

DuoCards Review: At a Glance

DuoCards Review: At a Glance

  • Flashcard system with spaced repetition algorithm
  • Vocabulary builder using courses, videos, articles
  • Create personalized flashcard decks from any source
  • Integrated AI translator and AI chat bot

DuoCards is a promising language learning app with a strong focus on vocabulary building through flashcards and spaced repetition. Its integration of AI features and the ability to create personalized decks are significant advantages.

What we like
  • Multi-platform
  • Great vocabulary builder
  • Built-in AI features
What we don't like
  • Quality of content and courses may vary
  • Not a complete solution - may need additional resources

This flashcard is more than just a single tool to add new words to your library with flashcards: it uses spaced repetition and even has built-in AI features!

Check DuoCards intro video now to see what it’s all about!

And now, let’s go step-by-step and explore the this DuoCards review article and the app’s features.

As a linguist, my team and I spend considerable time reviewing platforms, not just superficially, but also to test them against the latest research in linguistics and teaching methodology, including compatibility with Conversation Based Chunking™. To support that work, we do earn a small commission whenever we recommend a language product. Learn more about our language product reviews’ process and policy.

1. DuoCards: Download app or sign in in browser

DuoCards is a flashcard app that will help you to learn a new language or improve your vocabulary easily.

duocards review screenshot
Enjoy learning with DuoCards from videos, movies or articles

It’s available on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and as a web app that you can access through your browser or the Chrome Web Store.

You can download and use DuoCards on your preferred device: this makes the language learning experience easy! Now, let’s see what the user experience looks like!

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2. User experience of flashcard app

DuoCards is designed with a (very) user-friendly interface.

When you open the app, you’re immediately greeted with a pop-up, so you can choose the language you want to learn and also select your native language, like this:

duocards review choose language
Choose the language you want to learn and put it in pairs with your native language

After you select your preferred target language, you’ll have access to the content. The content is within reach on every platform, and you can browse them based on categories. More on this later.

The app uses a straightforward flashcard system (similar to Anki, but with a better design) that allows you to swipe and sort the cards as known or unknown/to learn.

duocards review know or don't know
Tag flashcards ‘To learn’ or ‘Already knew/dismiss’

This approach helps you categorize the flashcards, so you can easily get back to them if you want to practice!

User Experience Score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (10/10)

3. Vocabulary builder with courses, videos, real articles

But we wouldn’t be fair to call DuoCards just a regular language learning flashcards app: it’s a comprehensive vocabulary builder.

As mentioned before, the app offers different courses, and lets you learn by watching videos or reading real articles in your target language. You can freely choose these materials based on your level from beginner-level through intermediate up to advanced-level.

duocards review courses
Choose from any of these pre-made courses or make your own

When you advance with the courses, you get more examples and grammar explanations along the way.

duocards review explanation
A course introduction in DuoCards

As you go through these materials, you can mark the words and phrases you want to learn, and the app will then create flashcards for you. You can even give example sentences with the mentioned words and phrases, so you put the words in context!

duocards review videos screenshot
Learn new vocabulary with TV shows or movies

After this, DuoCards works with the spaced repetition system. What is it?

Content Score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (7/10)

4. Language learning with spaced repetition: what does it mean?

Spaced repetition is a proven technique for effective language learning.

It is all about reviewing and reinforcing new words and phrases at gradually increasing intervals (first 1 hour, then 1 day, then 2 days, then 4 days, then one week and so on…), helping you to memorize the vocabulary.

DuoCards uses this spaced repetition system to schedule flashcard reviews for you. When you revisit the words you’ve previously marked as ‘to-learn’, the words will show up to you at optimal times for long-term retention!

5. A language learning app to create your own flashcards

DuoCards is not just a repository of pre-made flashcards; it enables you to create your own flashcards from various sources.

Imagine you’re reading an article, watching a video, or reading a transcription from a real-life conversation. If you have the app or the extension installed, you can highlight or double-click any word or phrase, and add it to your flashcard decks!

duocards review add manually
Add your own examples

This feature gives you the flexibility to customize your experience, and truly focus on the vocabulary that’s most relevant to your goals.

Features Score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (7/10)

6. An app that uses the latest features with built-in AI

DuoCards also has built-in AI features – the latest tech is available within an AI chat app!

duocards review ai chat
Chat with a built-in AI chat app

With the AI chat app, you can have a conversation, well… about anything. You can converse with your target language and ask follow-up questions from the AI.

Another useful feature is the integrated translator which allows you to quickly access translations for words and phrases.

DuoCards does what it offers and what it has to brilliantly: among user reviews found on different online forums, we can safely say that most users are satisfied with what the app offers.

User Reviews Score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (9/10)

7. What do you get for a Premium or Family Plan with DuoCards?

In this DuoCards review so far, we only talked about the free version. But you can get a premium subscription that gives you several benefits in the short- and long-term. With the DuoCards premium version, there are no limits on the number of cards or languages you can use, and it also removes ads.

Premium users also get priority support whenever needed.

As for the subscription options, besides the Premium option, DuoCards has a Family Plan which allows up to six people to enjoy the premium version on their devices. Each member gets their own Premium account, and everyone has their own password and content.

Pricing OptionPrice
Family Plan$34.99

Value For Money: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (9/10)

8. DuoCards review overall: can it be combined with Conversation Based Chunking?

While DuoCards focuses on individual words, it can be combined with Conversation Based Chunking to some extent.

You can add your own chunks or phrases to the flashcard decks – to practice both vocabulary and conversational patterns.

However, DuoCards may not be the most comprehensive solution for Conversation Based Chunking, as it primarily targets vocabulary building.

Just as with most language learning apps or resources, language teachers and learners may need to supplement DuoCards with other resources or techniques to fully embrace the language. And of these methods could very well be the Conversation Based Chunking method.

DuoCards is a great app for language learning that combines the power of flashcards with interactive learning tools, and is great for learning vocabulary.

DuoCards Review: Overall Rating
Overall Conversation Based Chunking™ Stamp of Approval7
User Experience10
Value For Money9
User reviews9

Effortless Conversations takes pride in providing well-researched, reliable, and unbiased language product reviews, based on the Conversation Based Chunking™ methodology. Our team’s extensive experience in language teaching and learning, combined with our Linguist Code of Ethics, ensures that the reviews you read on our website come from a place of genuine expertise and care for your language learning success.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, DuoCards has a comprehensive solution for improving your vocabulary and language skills. With its user-friendly interface, spaced repetition system, and built-in AI features, DuoCards is definitely worth checking out for anyone looking to learn a new language or improve their existing language using a fun approach.

Best to combine it with Conversation Based Chunking, which you can try if you click this button below!

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duocards review

Discover the latest language learning flashcard app, DuoCards! It's a vocabulary builder with spaced repetition. Read our DuoCards review now!

Editor's Rating:

Is DuoCards the same as Duolingo?

duocards review screenshot

Although both are language learning platforms, DuoCards and Duolingo are not related in any sense. DuoCards is a great flashcards learning app and platform that uses spaced repetition system.

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