10 Best Websites to Learn German Online: Free and Paid Options

Starting the adventure of studying German is an exciting but also demanding task. It is important to discover the most suitable online resources that match your learning preferences and objectives.

Regardless if you are just starting out or have advanced skills, this article will present the top 10 best websites to learn German on the internet. Below, you’ll find a variety of both free and paid options that provide high-quality materials, interactive features, and thorough learning opportunities to assist you in mastering the German language.

Spring German already has a full playlist for German beginners, so this might be just the way to start with the best websites to learn German:

1. Deutsche Welle – Best free resources online to learn German

For those looking to learn German, Deutsche Welle (DW) is one of the best free resources available online. As Germany’s international broadcaster, DW offers a comprehensive suite of learning materials that cater to all levels, from beginner to advanced learners.

best websites to learn german deutsche welle

A standout feature of this website is the interactive program “Nicos Weg,” which is designed to take beginners all the way to B1 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Apart from “Nicos Weg,” Deutsche Welle provides an abundance of multimedia content: videos, audio clips, printable worksheets. This free resource allows you to improve your German grammar, vocabulary, and listening skills while staying up-to-date with current German news. If you’re seeking learning with authentic German language materials, DW’s Slow German news service is invaluable: it delivers the news in simpler German at a slower pace.

2. Goethe Institut – Best online institution teaching

The Goethe Institut is an admired institution in the world of German language learning. It not only offers paid in-person courses in many cities around the world but also provides some of the best online German courses.

best websites to learn german goethe institut

The Goethe Institut website is a true treasure for German learners. Exercises, videos and games are all available, and they are all designed to help you improve your German language skills.

One of the Goethe Institut’s online offerings is Deutsch Online, which are instructor-led courses providing personalized feedback and making sure you’re on the right track. They also offer free self-learning courses, such as “Deutsch für dich” which helps learners of all proficiency levels.

3. Deutsch Akademie – Free and paid learning resources with forum

Deutsch Akademie offers a blend of free and paid resources to help you learn German. The website is full of learning materials: over 20,000 German grammar and vocabulary exercises that can tremendously benefit both beginners and intermediate learners. Deutsch Akademie’s online courses are structured in a way that promote a thorough understanding of this beautiful language.

best websites to learn german deutsch akademie screenshot

Besides these exercises, Deutsch Akademie also has an online forum where you can interact with others, exchange tips, and practice together. If you prefer structured learning, the website also offers live online classes with native German speakers. These classes come at a cost but provide a more personalized and interactive language learning experience.

4. Deutsch.Info – best website to learn German for beginners and intermediates

Deutsch.Info is a free online German language learning platform that is particularly useful for beginners and intermediate students. It is supported by the European Commission and offers resources in multiple languages.

best websites to learn german deutsch info screenshot

The website has structured courses, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking exercises.

The platform also features a wealth of supplementary materials such as German grammar explanations and interactive exercises that reinforce language concepts.

5. Deutsch-Uni Online – best way to learn German for academic of professional reasons

For those determined to learn German for academic or professional reasons, Deutsch-Uni Online (DUO) is a specialized platform that offers a range of courses tailored to different needs. While the courses are paid, they are designed by experts to ensure rapid progress in language proficiency.

best websites to learn german deutsch-uni online screenshot

DUO is a great choice to you if you are preparing for university studies in Germany, or if you need to acquire language skills for the workplace.

The platform’s courses focus on academic German, but they also offer modules on cultural studies and language practice. With DUO, you can expect a rigorous and structured educational approach. BUT! All of this is complemented by the possibility of obtaining certificates to validate your language skills.

6. GermanPod101 – German courses with podcasts

GermanPod101 blends entertainment with education. It has a collection of podcasts and audio clips that are all good for any levels of proficiency.

best websites to learn german germanpod101 screenshot
GermanPod101 – one of our top choices for learning German

GermanPod101 uses a subscription model, but it’s worth considering for serious learners due to its extensive library of learning content. (You can read more on this in our comprehensive GermanPod101 review article.) The lessons are engaging and often include culture-related topics. A free trial is available!

7. Lingopie – Entertainment for German learners

Lingopie takes a unique approach to language learning by introducing foreign TV shows and movies to you. The idea is to immerse language learners in authentic German content, which helps to improve comprehension and listening skills.

best websites to learn german lingopie screenshot
Learn German with Lingopie and Netflix: enjoy TV shows and movies

While the site operates on a subscription model, it offers a free trial period – and we can definitely say that we like their program: check our Lingopie review!

This platform is particularly suitable for intermediate and advanced learners who want to polish their listening and understanding skills. By watching real German media content, you not only improve your language skills but also get an authentic taste of German culture. 😉

8. Babbel – Focus on conversational skills

Babbel is one of the most well-known language learning apps on the market, and it offers a comprehensive German course for those looking to learn the language.

best websites to learn german babbel screenshot
Choose any language you want to learn on Babbel – even German!

With a focus on conversation skills, Babbel organizes its courses into themed lessons that include useful phrases and vocabulary lists. The courses are suitable for all levels.

Babbel’s interface is user-friendly, it has integrated speech recognition technology to help you improve your pronunciation. It also includes review sessions to help reinforce what you’ve learned. For those who enjoy structured learning on the go, Babbel is an excellent choice – read more about the platform in our Babbel review.

9. Spring German – A project in motion

Spring Languages offers a German language learning project called Spring German. It is a project I co-founded and which gives you resources for learning German.

best websites to learn german spring german screenshot

The project is based on the method of Conversation Based Chunking™, which will help you speak German fluently without having to memorize word lists or grammar rules.

The project has a YouTube channel with German lessons about vocabulary, grammar, fun facts, culture and pronunciation. Spring German introduces free German beginners playlists and a free Essential German Chunking Kit.

The Spring Languages Academy offers structured courses powered by Conversation Based Chunking™ under the guidance of professional tutors (for now, we’re focusing on Spring Spanish, but Spring German is still a thing!). The project is suitable for learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced students, and it aims to make the learning experience fun and effective.

10. YouTube – Learning with authentic materials

YouTube is a fantastic free resource for learners of all levels and interests. Content creators focus on German language teaching and learning: you can find videos on virtually any topic within the language. For beginners, channels like “Spring German“, “Learn German with Anja” or “Easy German” can help lay the foundation of the language with informative content.

best websites to learn german youtube screenshot

YouTube is also a platform where you can immerse yourself in German culture, humor, and current events – you just have to search for it!

Best websites to learn German + Conversation Based Chunking

Whichever website or combination of websites you choose, the key is to engage regularly and actively with the materials to make progress in the language. Whether you’re beginning your German language learning journey or looking to polish your skills, these 10 websites offer a wealth of opportunities.

Here on Effortless Conversations, we teach with the Conversation Based Chunking method which focuses on immersive language learning instead of memorizing grammar definitions and words separately. If you sign up now, you’ll get access to a 12-week study plan, all the explanations about Conversation Based Chunking, access to our full Practice Worksheet Library, and a lot more!

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