10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn German: Official sites, Grammar-related and All-in-ones (A1 to C2)

In this digital and AI-influenced age, the quest for knowledge and skills has moved from traditional classroom boundaries: YouTube stands out as one of the best – if not THE BEST – platforms to learn any language. This is especially true for German, a language with a significant European and global importance. YouTube is full with dedicated YouTube channels to learn German.

From official sites backed by German educational institutions to channels focusing on grammar, and all-in-one resources covering levels A1 to C2, YouTube is a mix to suit every learner’s needs.

In this article, we introduce the 10 best YouTube channels to learn German – every one of them with short reviews to guide you on your language learning journey.

Official YouTube channels to learn German

1. Goethe-Institut: Backed by a leading cultural institution

Level: Beginner – Advanced // 100+ Videos // 5-15 minutes

youtube channels to learn german goethe institut

The Goethe-Institut’s YouTube channel is a goldmine for learners of the German language: it offers official and structured content.

This channel is backed by Germany’s leading cultural institution for the promotion of the German language worldwide. It has a comprehensive range of lessons covering all levels from A1 to C2. The videos not only focus on German grammar and vocabulary but also immerse the viewer in aspects of German culture – it really is a holistic learning experience!

What sets this channel apart is its credibility: Goethe Institut is a well-known brand and institution and has the variety of learning materials made for different proficiency levels.

2. Deutsch lernen mit der DW: German YouTube channel of DW

Level: Beginner – Advanced // 200+ Videos // 5-20 minutes

youtube channels to learn german dw

“Deutsch lernen mit der DW” is the educational branch of Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster.

This YouTube channel offers video lessons leveraging the power of media. From news in simple German to interactive german lessons and comprehensive courses designed to take you from A1 to B2 level, DW’s offering is both diverse and engaging.

Their content often features current events and cultural topics – it’s probably the most up-to-date German YouTube channel in this list. DW also has a full movie called Nicos Weg which is an entertaining film focusing on Nico’s journey in Germany taking you from A1 to B1.

Best YouTube Channels for beginner to upper-intermediate

3. Easy German: Helps you learn about German culture

Level: Beginner – Advanced // 300+ Videos // 10-20 minutes

youtube channels to learn german easy german

True to its name, Easy German makes learning the German language a fun experience.

This popular YouTube channel stands out for its street interviews and real-life conversations that expose learners to authentic German spoken by native speakers. The videos cover a wide range of topics from everyday situations to German culture – with most subtitled in both English and German. Easy German provides insights into the nuances of casual speech, slang, and German pronunciation.

For students looking to experience German language as it’s used in everyday life, Easy German is one of the best resources.

4. Learn German with Anja: Feel-good German lessons

Level: Beginner – Intermediate // 150+ Videos // 5-15 minutes

youtube channels to learn german learn german with anja

Anja, a charismatic native German speaker, brings her passion for teaching to this engaging YouTube channel.

“Learn German with Anja” offers a personalized touch, with lessons that feel like one-on-one sessions. The content ranges from basic German grammar and vocabulary to more complex concepts: this is what makes it suitable for beginners and intermediate learners, too. Anja’s energetic delivery and the built-in stories WITH personal anecdotes make learning german not only educational but genuinely entertaining.

Her channel also touches on aspects of German culture and travel – it is a well-rounded educational experience.

5. lingoni GERMAN: Structured approach to German

Level: Beginner – Advanced // 500+ Videos // 5-15 minutes

youtube channels to learn german lingoni

lingoni GERMAN (formerly known as German with Jenny) is full of German lessons good to learners at all levels.

The channel has a vast collection of videos covering grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening exercises.

What sets lingoni apart is the structured approach to language learning, with playlists organized by level and topic – you can find the content that best suits your current proficiency easily. The channel offers downloadable worksheets and podcasts for a more comprehensive learning experience. Lingoni GERMAN is ideal for those who appreciate structured study sessions.

6. Spring German: Discover how to learn with Conversation Based Chunking

Level: Intermediate – Advanced // 100+ Videos // 5-20 minutes

youtube channels to learn german sprin german

Spring German takes a novel approach to teaching German. You might’ve already noticed that on Effortless Conversations, we often pair our blog posts with videos from Spring German. That’s because Spring German is a project I co-founded with my friend and colleague, Gabriel Gelman from Sprachheld.

Spring German focuses on dissecting real German media like movies, tv shows, and interviews to teach the language. The Conversation Based Chunking method not only keeps the content engaging and fresh but also helps learners understand idiomatic expressions, cultural context, and the rhythm and flow of native German speech.

The channel is useful to anyone and can help you transition from intermediate to advanced level. All this by exposing you to German as it’s naturally used.

What are chunks? Well, chunks are natural building blocks of the language – common phrases and sentences that occur together in the natural flow of the language, like native speakers use it. If you sign up now, you’ll get access to our German Conversation Based Chunking Guide with a study program, an essential chunking list and access to our full practice worksheet library.

German language learning with Grammar

7. Your German Teacher: For language learners who like grammar

Level: Beginner – Intermediate // 200+ Videos // 5-15 minutes

youtube channels to learn german your german teacher

“Your German Teacher” is the creation of Luc, a dedicated German teacher passionate about helping others master the language.

The channel focuses on German grammar, vocabulary, and the sometimes complex case of German sentence structure – it’s breaking down complex concepts into easy and understandable lessons. What makes Your German Teacher unique is Luc’s clear and concise teaching style: if you want a more similar way to the textbook-based learning, this channel goes well for you. Your German Teacher also frequently addresses common challenges and mistakes, thus giving you practical tips to improve your German language skills effectively.

8. German Lessons with Herr Ferguson: Best German grammar lesson with stress-free environment

Beginner – Intermediate // 100+ videos // 8-15 minutes

youtube channels to learn german german lessons with herr ferguson

German Lessons with Herr Ferguson is a channel for students at the beginner to intermediate levels. Herr Ferguson, a passionate German teacher, provides lessons that cover the basics of the German language – including essential grammar, vocabulary, and common phrases.

The channel’s relaxed teaching style and emphasis on repetition make it an excellent choice for learners who are looking for a stress-free way to improve their German.

Additionally, the lessons often have cultural insights, which truly makes the learning experience also culturally relevant.

All-in-one channels if you want to learn German

9. Learn German Original: Best YouTube channel for learning everything

Beginner – Advanced // 250+ videos // 10-20 minutes

youtube channels to learn german learn german original

Learn German Original is a versatile YouTube channel to learners across all levels, from A1 to C2.

The channel stands out for its comprehensive lessons on German grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Each video is constructed to build upon previous lessons, ensuring a structured learning path that progressively advances the learner’s skills. What makes Learn German Original particularly valuable is its focus on exam preparation. Learn German Original offers specific tips and exercises for you if you’re preparing for German language proficiency tests.

The channel’s systematic approach is ideal for learners who appreciate a more academic and formal method of language study.

10. GermanPod101: A whole website for German learners

Beginner – Advanced // 600+ videos // 3-15 minutes

youtube channels to learn german germanpod101
Learn German on GermanPod101 YouTube Channels

GermanPod101 is arguably one of the most dynamic YouTube channels for learning German, and it’s not just that! Check our GermanPod101 review article to learn more about this all-in-one platform.

It boasts an extensive collection of videos that are good to all proficiency levels. The channel combines traditional language learning methods with innovative techniques: podcasts and video lessons featuring conversations with native German speakers.

GermanPod101 excels in providing a well-rounded learning experience, covering grammar, vocabulary, listening exercises, and cultural insights.

The channel also offers practical language tips that are applicable in real-life situations and it can be combined with Conversation Based Chunking, too!

Use German channels for language learning lessons on YouTube with Conversation Based Chunking

In this article, we listed the 10 best YouTube channels to learn German. Our short reviews highlight the diversity of content available for you – no matter which level you are at!

Keep in mind that our method called Conversation Based Chunking can be used with all of them: this method focuses on teaching the German language through real-life scenarios and storytelling. CBC breaks down the content into manageable chunks that make understanding and retaining the language easier.

If you’re exposing yourself to authentic German spoken in everyday scenarios, these channels offer a more natural way of learning the language. They will enhance your listening skills, and familiarize you with casual expressions and German slangs.

Here’s your chance to learn more about the method and get bonuses with it: I even included my favorite resources to learn any language!

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