Top Gifts for Language Learners & Language Lovers – Spanish and other languages (2024)

One thing is 100% sure every year: giving the perfect gift for the language lover in your life (or yourself) hasn’t been easier than it is in 2024!

The top gifts for language learners include various online language learning platforms, books and even language courses that bring out the best of everyone.

And if you think more about this topic, investing in language learning is not only a great gift for language enthusiasts, but it also benefits others, even complete beginners.

The deals listed in this article offer an excellent opportunity to grab some amazing gifts for language learners. We summarized the best Spanish language deals for you in this article along with some other language deals, so make sure to check them out and also try the ones you like the most!

TIP: Combining different language learning methods will most certainly benefit you. (Cambridge University backed this with a scientific research!)

1. Spring Languages: Get everything for a special price and a learn a language! ($397 instead of 891$)

Spring Languages provides a wide range of language learning resources, including learning guides, online audio lessons, flashcards, and a great community! All of this based around the highly successful Conversation Based Chunking method which helped thousands of students to learn their target language.

Only on this page, you get special access to season 1 and 2 of Los cazadores de tormentas, a full Spanish Foundations Course and all other bonuses, including 12 units, 36 Spanish dialogues with professional studio-grade audio, transcript chunks, flashcards, lesson notes + 6 months complimentary access to the Spring Spanish Inner Circle!

gifts for language learners spring languages
Spring Spanish offers Los cazadores de tormentas seasons in bulk now!

You will also receive exclusive access to “virtual coffee dates” with Spring Languages’ YouTubers to get to know them and practice your Spanish.

Wonder what is so special about this Special Discount deal? Well, you get everything for the price of 397$, so instead of 891$, you’ll only have to pay 397$.

What are you waiting for? Grab this great deal right now!

2. SpanishPod101: 25% off on Basic and Premium Subscriptions for Spanish language learning

SpanishPod101 is a popular platform for learning Spanish online with audio and video lessons.

This platform is a true goldmine of chunks, so you can easily combine their methods with Conversation Based Chunking!

In this deal, SpanishPod101 is offering fast-track Spanish learning programs at exclusive discounts: you can get an insane amount of 25% OFF discount on their most popular Basic and Premium subscriptions.

gifts for language learners spanishpod101
SpanishPod101 is one of our favorite resources to learn Spanish

TIP: If you still can’t decide, read our Spanishpod101 review that tells you everything you need to know about the platform.

3. StoryLearning – All Uncovered Language Courses FREE for 7 days

StoryLearning’s Uncovered Courses provide an innovative and effective way for language enthusiasts to dive into the Spanish language and culture (also, there are more languages to choose from!). Learners are presented with captivating narratives and cultural insights, allowing them to absorb the language in a natural and immersive manner.

But this time, they offers HUGE sales on not just the Spanish Uncovered section, but on all Uncovered Language Courses! Click on this picture to try Spanish Uncovered:

gifts for language learning - spanish uncovered
Learn Spanish with Storylearning’s Uncovered courses

All Uncovered Courses are free for 7 days!

What are you waiting for?! Click on this picture to try the German Uncovered course:

gifts for language learners
Learn German with Storylearning’s Uncovered courses

4. Speechling: 30% off all subscriptions to different languages

Speechling stands out for its unique approach to helping language learners PERFECT their pronunciation.

Speechling offers innovative tools and empowers learners to refine their accent and intonation. It’s a perfect learning guide for Spanish if you already know the basics – we have an in-depth Speechling review, too!

gifts for language learners speechling
Choose this nonprofit platform and profit from their program!

Take advantage of Speechling’s promotional details and give the gift of impeccable pronunciation to the language enthusiast in your life. If you sign up now, you get 30% off all subscriptions!

5. Mondly: get 96% off lifetime access for the language lover in your life

Mondly’s language learning approach harnesses the most advanced technology we know of right now to provide an engaging and effective learning experience for language enthusiasts.

We went over the AR and VR feature, along with Mondly Kids and MondlyWorks in our Mondly review articles to let you know about how you can learn Spanish with modern technology.

gifts for language learners mondly
Mondly offers exclusive sales from time to time

Mondly’s amazing deal, accessible via the button below, presents an ideal gift for language lovers: an UNBELIEVABLE -96% perfect off Lifetime Access!

6. FluentU: 40% off to get full access to your favorite languages

FluentU offers a unique approach to language learning by providing an immersive experience through real-world videos.

FluentU’s approach allows learners to observe the practical application of Spanish in real-life scenarios.

gifts for language learners fluentu
FluentU offers language learning solutions from authentic videos

Take advantage of the exclusive affiliate link to access special savings on FluentU’s language learning resources: 40% off to get full access to 10+ languages, 20000+ videos – music videos, movie scenes, and more!

7. Glossika: 19% off for annual plans on this language learning app

Glossika offers personalized Spanish (and other!) learning plans based on your level and interests in languages.

This platform offers customized content based on your level, and uses full sentence practice in context. This means that your vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar acquisition will be more natural, just like with Conversation Based Chunking.

gifts for language learners for glossika
Glossika promotes language learning from sentence to sentence

Glossika’s deal gives you 19% off for annual plans!

8. Lingopie: up to 70% off of yearly plans to learn languages with movies and TV shows

Lingopie users learn languages by watching TV shows and movies! Sounds interesting?

Well, it definitely is! Follow your favorite shows complete with double subtitles in both the target language and your native language.

gifts for language learners lingopie
Learn languages with Lingopie and Netflix

This time, Lingopie offers an amazing 70% OFF on their yearly plan ($60).

Lingopie is offering this fantastic deal just for you to watch your favorite and possibly the best Spanish Shows on Netflix!

9. MosaLingua: 9 languages for the price of one + all associated language skills

MosaLingua’s biggest ever deal offers 9 languages for the price of one + all associated content with no strings attached: access MosaLingua Premium, MosaTraining, MosaSeries and MosaSpeak!

gifts for language learners mosalingua
MosaLingua is an all-in-one tool for learning a language quickly and efficiently

With MosaLingua you can learn Spanish (or German, Russian, French etc.) with step-by-step programs along with the newest methods for improving your listening skills, vocab and grammar with an addictive story to help you start expressing yourself more fluently and confidently,

10. DuoCards: a flashcard gift for language lovers

DuoCards uses the power of flashcards to teach you the languages you want to learn! It’s a dynamic platform that offers a different approach compared to the classic textbook-style learning.

gifts for language learning duocards
DuoCards is a flashcard learning app that helps you build great vocabulary

It has thousands and thousand of flashcards containing Spanish and German words and phrases to make the learning process easier.

Each flashcard presents vocabulary with a bit of grammar explanation so you can understand them in context, while learning basic grammar. (Read our DuoCards review article on the blog.)

11. YourTeacher AI: innovative tool to learn a foreign language

Your Teacher AI platform is an innovative tool that uses AI (artificial intelligence) to teach languages effectively.

gifts for language learners yourteacher ai
Teacher AI is an up and coming AI language learning tool

It is based on personalized learning experiences. It makes your productivity and efficiency in language learning better, and assists in both creating and supplementing content.

It’s a brand new tool, and it would be a mistake to miss out on the AI revolution!

12. Conclusion: These are the best gifts for language learners in 2024!

These deals always present an unparalleled opportunity to get exceptional gifts for language learners.

Take advantage of the these amazing sales and treat the language lover in your life to exceptional gifts that inspire and elevate their language learning journey!

Remember, these 2024 deals offer a limited-time opportunity to access remarkable savings on language learning resources.

Don’t miss the chance to unlock these great offers and revolutionize the language learning experience for yourself or your loved ones.

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