Top 10 Best Spanish Shows On Netflix For Language Learners (2024)

Spanish shows on Netflix can boost your Spanish skills in a fun and immersive way.

You can learn new words, phrases, expressions, accents, and cultures from different contexts.

It’s more enjoyable than studying textbooks!

Netflix has many Spanish-language shows for learners of all levels. Just turn on the subtitles if needed, listen carefully to the conversation in Spanish, and enjoy the best Spanish TV shows on Netflix!

By clicking on the Original Title in the table below, you’ll instantly go to the relevant section!

Let’s take a look at the top 10 Spanish series on Netflix in 2024!

Original TitleEnglish TitlePublication DateCountryType
Luis Miguel — La serieLuis Miguel — The Series2018MexicoBiographical drama
La casa de papelMoney Heist2017SpainCrime thriller
La casa de las floresThe House of Flowers2018MexicoBlack comedy
Siempre brujaAlways a Witch2019ColombiaFantasy drama
ÉliteElite2018SpainTeen drama
Las chicas del cableCable Girls2017SpainHistorical drama
El marginalEl Marginal2016ArgentinaCrime drama
NarcosNarcos2015Colombia/USACrime drama
Club de CuervosClub of Crows2015MexicoComedy-drama
Puerta 7Puerta 72020ArgentinaCrime drama

10. Luis Miguel – La Serie (Luis Miguel – The Series) – Mexico, 2018

“Luis Miguel: la serie” is a biographical TV series that tells the life story of Mexican singer Luis Miguel, who released his first album and became famous in the Spanish-speaking world at the age of 11.

spanish shows on netflix: luis miguel series
Luis Miguel: La Serie is a biographical drama on Netflix

The series explores the complicated childhood of Luis Miguel as a child star, his difficult relationship with his father (who used to be his manager), the vanishing of his mother, his evolution as an artist as he grew up, his romantic relationships (he dated Mariah Carey from 1998 to 2001), etc.

“Luis Miguel: la serie” primarily features dialogue in Spanish, although there are also some brief dialogues in English, French, and Italian. And it provides a great opportunity to listen to some 80s and 90s Spanish-language pop music!

9. La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) – Spain, 2017

Money Heist is a crime drama that follows a group of eight criminals who, under the leadership of an enigmatic man nicknamed El Profesor (The Professor), plan and execute a heist on the National Mint of Spain with the goal of printing 2.4 billion euros for themselves.

To do this, they must stay for 11 days in the National Mint along with 67 hostages, and try to escape with the loot afterward.  

spanish shows on netflix la casa de papel
La casa de papel has been a global success

This Spanish TV show is known as “La casa de papel” in its original language. The name literally translates as “the house of paper” and refers to this place where paper currency is printed.  

“La casa de papel” has been a global success since its release in 2017. Across its 41 episodes divided into 5 seasons, you can listen to dialogue in Spanish from various areas of Spain: Cáceres, Cádiz, Madrid, Andalucía, etc. There are also a few characters from Buenos Aires, Argentina, from season 3 on.

8. La Casa De Las Flores (The House Of Flowers) – Mexico, 2018

“La casa de las flores” (“The House of Flowers”) is a Mexican black comedy drama that follows the lives of the De la Mora family, who run a flower shop. Although their flower business is successful, the family is very dysfunctional and hides a lot of secrets.

The show satirizes the telenovela genre, which originated in Latin America in the 1950s and it’s known for its melodrama (equivalent to the American soap opera).

spanish shows on netflix la casa de las flores
La casa de las flores follows the lives of the De La Mora family

The story is set in Mexico City, so you’ll mainly hear Mexico City Spanish, often deemed as “neutral Spanish”. Moreover, as the De la Mora family belong to the upper class, they speak more formally (and there’s a character who speaks particularly slowly), so it may be easier for Spanish learners to understand them.

7. Siempre Bruja (Always A Witch) – Colombia, 2019

“Siempre Bruja” (“Always a Witch”) is a Colombian period drama with fantasy-related elements.

Although the original story of “Siempre Bruja” is set in the late 17th century, it is perfect for learning Spanish from modern Colombia, as the protagonist —a slave accused of witchcraft— time-travels to the present day to escape from being burnt at the stake.

Even in the scenes set in 1646, all actors speak contemporary Colombian Spanish.

Spanish shows on netlfix siempre bruja
Siempre bruja is also important in terms of culture

The show is not only relevant for Spanish learners in terms of language but also in terms of culture, as it involves elements of Colombian history, such as the presence of slavery and the Spanish Inquisition.

6. Élite (Elite) – Spain, 2018

Elite (“Élite” in Spanish) is a teen drama series produced in Spain. It follows the story of a group of high school students who attend a fictional Madrid-based private school called “Las Encinas”.

Conflicts and secrets arise after the arrival of three new students from a public school, who enrolled at Las Encinas through a scholarship program.

spanish shows on netflix elite
Élite is a teen drama that follows the story of a group of high school students

The series includes a lot of youth slang terms in Spanish and several Spanish accents, as Las Encinas is an international school with students from various Spanish-speaking countries apart from Spain, such as Mexico, Chile, and Argentina.

Have you already made up your mind about the tv show you want to see today? If you’re still looking for ideas, here are some other suggestions:

5. Las Chicas Del Cable (Cable Girls) – Spain, 2017

“Las chicas del cable” (Cable Girls) is the first Netflix-produced original of Spanish origin. It is a period drama series set in Madrid in the 1920s and 1930s. The title refers to the protagonists, four female switchboard operators who work for a telecommunications company.

Across the series, they get involved in both personal and professional struggles, as well as the social and political upheaval of the time, including the Spanish Civil War.

Spanish shows on netflix las chicas del cable
Las chicas del cable is the first Netflix-produced original of Spanish origin

“Las chicas del cable” has been praised for its strong female characters and historical accuracy, and is a great option for those interested in learning more about Spanish culture, history, or even the fashion and cultural trends of that era in Spain.

4. El Marginal (El Marginal) – Argentina, 2016

“El Marginal” (which literally translates as “the marginal”) is a crime thriller Argentine TV series. A former cop goes undercover in a prison to investigate the kidnapping of the daughter of a judge.

The series depicts the brutal prison environment and the criminal underworld in Argentina. As for the language, the characters speak Rioplatense Spanish, the one that you can hear in Buenos Aires and Uruguay and that is most commonly known simply as “Argentine Spanish”.

Spanish shows on netflix el marginal
El Marginal is a crime thriller

But prisoners also speak the slang of Argentine prisons, so there are a lot of new words (or repurposed words) to learn with El Marginal.

3. Narcos (Narcos) – Colombia/USA, 2015

“Narcos” is a crime drama series that chronicles the rise and fall of the drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and the Medellin drug cartel in Colombia in the 1980s and 1990s.

The show depicts the complex world of drug trafficking, corruption, and violence that fueled the drug trade during that time, and the life and crimes of Pablo Escobar in particular.

Spanish shows on netflix narcos
Narcos chronicles the rise and fall of the drug kingpin Pablo Escobar

With this series, you will primarily listen to Colombian Spanish, but given that some of the characters are DEA agents, there are multiple scenes in American English, too.

The word “narco” is short for “narcotraficante”, which means “drug dealer”.

2. Club De Cuervos (Club Of Crows) – Mexico, 2019

As you may already know, soccer is the most popular sport in Latin America. So there are several soccer-related series.

Club de Cuervos (Club of Crows) is a Mexican comedy drama series that tells the story of the Iglesias siblings, Chava and Isabel, as they try to take over their family’s soccer team, the Cuervos FC, after their father’s sudden death.

Spanish shows on netflix club de cuervos
Club de Cuervos is a Mexican comedy drama series

You will mainly listen to Mexican Spanish with Club de Cuervos, but some scenes involve other Latin American accents, too.

1. Puerta 7 (Door 7) – Argentina, 2020

Puerta 7  (Door 7) is an Argentine crime drama that portrays the dark side of soccer in Argentina, such as power struggles, money laundering, and other criminal activities that go on behind the scenes.

Spanish shows on Netflix puerta 7
Puerta 7 portrays the dark side of soccer in Argentina

The protagonist is a woman who tries to fight against corruption and organized crime that plagues the world of Argentine soccer. The title “Puerta 7” refers to the gate of a soccer stadium where the most passionate and fanatical supporters stand and is often associated with hooliganism and violent behavior.

Puerta 7 is an excellent option for crime drama lovers interested in learning Argentine Spanish.

As you can see, Netflix offers a wide range of Spanish-language shows for all kinds of viewers. Have you decided on which one you’re going to watch today?

If not, watch this video made by Spring Languages (a platform I’m a co-founder) for other suggestions:

Learn With Spanish Shows On Netflix: Tips And Tools For Fun And Effective Language Learning

With Netflix’s original audio function and Language Reactor plugin, you can practice Spanish sentences and it has never been more fun and effective!

Netflix’s original audio function makes it easy to find shows in Spanish and immerse yourself in the language.

You can quickly improve your listening and comprehension skills while enjoying your favorite shows.

The Language Reactor plugin is another great tool that takes your language learning to the next level by allowing you to display two subtitles at the same time! With this extension, you can understand the context of the conversation and learn new words and phrases more effectively.

Take a look at these tips for using Netflix to learn Spanish while having fun:

  1. Start with easy shows: Choose shows with simple plots and dialogue to ease into the language. It’s a great way to build your vocabulary and listening skills without getting overwhelmed.
  2. Use subtitles in Spanish: Turn on Spanish subtitles to improve your reading and listening skills. It’s an great way to learn new words and expressions.
  3. Repeat episodes: Don’t be afraid to re-watch your favorite episodes! Repetition is key to embedding new words and expressions in your memory.

How To Learn Spanish Fast And Easy With Netflix + Conversation Based Chunking

Whether you’re into drama, comedy, thriller, or romance, there’s something for everyone on this list.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a show that suits your taste and level, and start watching it today! You’ll be amazed at how much your Spanish will improve in no time.

And the best thing about watching these shows? You can use them for memorizing chunks!

If you want to take your Spanish learning to the next level, don’t miss the chance to check out our Conversation Based Chunking Starter Pack, that’ll help you have fluent sentences roll off the tongues in conversations with Spanish native speakers.

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