10 Amazing Games To Learn Spanish: Spanish Learning Games From Scrabble To Monopoly

Ever thought about turning your Spanish language learning journey into one big, exciting game?

You can have games to learn Spanish: buckle up, because we’ll show you what you can do with 10 of the best Spanish learning games.

In this post, we’re going to explore all sorts of games – from games you can play solo in your pajamas to board games that’ll have your whole crew shouting “¡Olé!” by the end of the night.

Let’s get the fiesta started! 🎉

How to learn Spanish with Spanish games?

Learning with Spanish games is actually a pretty cool way to pick up new Spanish vocabulary. You won’t feel like you’re stuck in a boring Spanish textbook.

Imagine that you’re chilling at home, you’re in your comfy pajamas, and instead of just scrolling through social media, you’re leveling up your Spanish skills with games like Bingo, Scrabble and Monopoly.

It’s kind of addictive, right?

board games to learn spanish

And the good thing is that you can do it with your friends, too. Grab some popcorn, and turn game night into Spanish night.

Challenge your buddies to a Spanish Scrabble showdown – just don’t get too competitive when someone scores big with “ñ“!

And why are these effective games to learn Spanish?

Because you can build new vocabulary, you can learn new chunks, practice verb conjugations and you can have playful Spanish conversations based on real-life situations.

And in no time, you’ll see that the next step will be reading easy Spanish books, and after that, engaging with the latest and best Spanish literature!

Mix up these 10 games to learn Spanish.

1. Spanish Scrabble

Level: Advanced

This classic word game gets a Spanish twist!

Spanish Scrabble challenges you to form words using letter tiles, but with Spanish vocabulary.

It’s a great way to expand your lexicon and practice spelling.

The game includes special Spanish characters like ‘ñ‘ and even has accent marks. This makes it an authentic Spanish language learning experience. As you play, you’ll find yourself reaching for that Spanish dictionary to verify words – boosting your vocabulary.

Hasbro Gaming - Scrabble Spanish
  • High quality toys for children all ages
  • Made using safe materials
  • Tested for quality and durability
  • Classic Scrabble fun for Spanish-speaking players
  • Different letter values correspond with Spanish language usage
  • It's a great way to practice Spanish as a second language
  • So challenge your friends to a game in Espanol
  • Includes genuine wood letter tiles and racks, plus a handy pouch to store tiles

2. Bananagrams en Español

Level: Intermediate

Think of this as Scrabble’s hyperactive cousin.

Bananagrams en Español is a fast-paced word game where you race to use all your letter tiles first. It’s perfect for quick thinking in Spanish.

Unlike Scrabble, there’s no board – players create their own crossword-style grids. This game is good for improving your speed and fluency in Spanish word formation.

Spanish Bananagrams - Multi-Award-Winning Word and Language Game
  • Fun for everyone
  • Entertaining and educational
  • Great for travel
  • Perfect for learning Spanish
  • Fast-paced family fun

3. Lotería

Level: Beginner

A traditional Mexican game that’s like bingo but way more fun.

Lotería uses colorful cards with images and Spanish words. It’s an excellent way to learn vocabulary and more about Spanish culture.

Each card features an illustration alongside its Spanish name. This helps you associate words with images. The caller uses riddles or poetic phrases to describe each card.

Original Loteria Bingo Game Set in Spanish, Mexican Loteria for 10 Players - 10 Boards and Full Deck of Cards
  • Traditional Mexican board game
  • Entertainment and education
  • Original artwork

4. Spanish Bingo

Level: Beginner

Good old bingo, but in Spanish!

This game helps you practice numbers, listening comprehension, and basic vocabulary.

It’s especially great for beginners. Instead of just numbers, many Spanish bingo sets include common words or phrases. You can easily customize the game to focus on specific vocabulary themes like food, animals, or clothing.

EDUMAETRIX Spanish English Bilingual Bingo wtih Challenging Cards Vocabulary Language-Learning Educational Reading Games for Kids Ages 5+
  • Master sight words with fun bingo
  • Premium quality cards
  • Perfect gift for Spanish beginners
  • Educational and entertaining
  • Easy to play and fun for all

5. ¡Dígame!

Level: Advanced

This party game is all about describing Spanish words without using certain forbidden terms.

It’s a fantastic way to improve your circumlocution skills and expand your vocabulary.

Players draw cards with Spanish words and must describe them to their team without using a list of taboo words. This game really pushes you to think creatively in Spanish and use alternative expressions.

Mightyverse ¡Dígame! Spanish Learning Card Game
  • Winner of the 2015 Creative Child Awards Game of the Year
  • Immersive language learning card game; fun for kids and adults
  • Start speaking Spanish whether you are new to the language or have taken classes
  • Optional video hints available by phone or web
  • Compact size with lightweight, foldable game board

6. Apples to Apples en Español

Level: Intermediate

The Spanish version of this popular card game is great for learning adjectives and nouns.

Players try to match descriptor cards with noun cards – often with hilarious results. It’s an excellent way to learn how different adjectives can be applied to various Spanish nouns.

The game also helps you understand the little things in meaning and can spark interesting discussions about language and culture.

Apples to Apples Spanish Ninos Edition
  • Party game
  • Match noun cards with adjective cards
  • Point awarding with rotating judges

7. AGO En Español

Level: Intermediate

This uno-style card game offers another fun way to practice Spanish conversation.

The deck includes 36 question cards and 18 action cards. Every card is illustrated, so it’s both educational and entertaining.

This game is good for all ages and you can start from beginner level up until the highest skill levels. You can play it at home, in classrooms, or while traveling.

AGO En Español Card Game for Beginners. Learn Spanish by Playing a Fun Conversational Game!
  • Entertaining and educational
  • Loaded with learning and fun
  • Illustrated for clarity and context
  • Fun for all ages
  • Designed by teachers, loved by students

8. Spanish Taboo

Level: Advanced

Another word description game, Spanish Taboo challenges you to explain a word without using certain related terms.

It’s excellent for building your descriptive vocabulary.

This game forces you to think of synonyms and alternative ways to express ideas in Spanish. It’s good for intermediate to advanced learners who want to improve their fluency and expand their vocabulary range.

Hasbro Gaming - Taboo Dice Game Spanish Version 26.7 x 20.1 x 5.1 Multicoloured
  • Creative tasks
  • Practice Spanish synonyms
  • A great game to learn Spanish

9. Pandemic

Level: Advanced

This strategy game challenges players to work together as a team of specialists fighting to save the world from four deadly diseases.

It’s a race against time as you collaborate to stem outbreaks and find cures before the infections overwhelm the globe. Each player has unique character skill and with careful planning and teamwork, you can hope to succeed.

The game is a thrilling mix of problem-solving and cooperation, so you constantly have to practice your Spanish to save the world from diseases.

Pandemic: Iberia - Historic Disease-Fighting Board Game - Cooperative Strategy Game for Adults and Kids, Ages 8+, 2-5 Players, 45 Minute Playtime, Made by Z-Man Games
  • Strategy board game
  • Cooperative board game
  • Highly variable
  • Historical story

10. Spanish Monopoly

Level: Beginner

Buy, sell, and trade properties in Spanish!

This version of the classic board game helps you learn vocabulary related to money, property, and negotiation in Spanish. It’s a fun, competitive setting.

Instead of Park Place and Boardwalk, you’ll be dealing with Spanish street names and landmarks. Time to practice numbers, currency, and transactional language in Spanish.

Hasbro Spanish Monopoly (EA)
  • Learn strategy in an "indoor play" atmosphere
  • High quality toys for children all ages
  • Tested for quality and durability
  • Made using safe materials

Speak Spanish, play and have fun with Conversation Based Chunking Language Learning method

So there you have it!

Whether you’re a total newbie or already chatting to some level in Spanish, games are your secret weapon for leveling up those language skills. From battling diseases in Pandemic (in Spanish, of course) to racking up points in Scrabble, there’s a game out there for every student.

Don’t sweat it if you mess up – that’s all part of the learning process! The more you play, the more those Spanish chunks will stick in your brain, and before you know it, you’ll be using Spanish phrases like it’s no big deal. (Alternatively, you can search the internet for online Spanish games and tools.)

To help you out, we have the first FREE Spanish Chunking Starter: in this package, you’ll find an essential Spanish chunking list, other resources to learn Spanish, and even access our Full Practice Worksheet Library.

So why not give it a shot?

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