6 Free German Grammar Checker Tools Online For Perfect German Sentences

You’re rapidly advancing on your German language learning journey, you’re getting fluent day by day, but you’re still not sure about your German grammar.

We’ve all been there. Although on Effortless Conversations we focus on teaching with the Conversation Based Chunking method (more on this later), we do think that grammar has its role in the language. Lucky for all of us, there are some amazing German grammar checker tools online that we can use online.

And most of them are FREE!

In this blog post, we’ll share the 6 best ones.

Why and how to use German grammar checker tools online?

German grammar checker tools can be a real game-changer. These tools work by analyzing the text you input, they compare it to their own database of German language rules and patterns.

If you want perfect German sentences, you would search for these German grammar checker to spot the tricky grammar issues. (They can slip past all of us.)

German verb conjugations, word order, genders in German, German cases – they are all potentially problematic grammar-related occurrences in the language.

What’s great about these tools is that they act like a personal tutor, available 24/7. They are also good to reinforce what you’ve learned, and not just correct your mistakes.

Let’s see some examples on how you can use them:

  1. You’re learning how to write an email in German. You type out your message, and run it through the German grammar checker. It can catch things like: “Ich bin gestern ins Kino gegangen“, instead of “Ich habe gestern zum Kino gegangen“.
  2. You’re writing your homework in German, and you type out “Die Katze ist auf dem Tisch gesitzt.” But the correct sentence (and the one that would be suggested by the grammar checker tool) would be: “Die Katze hat auf dem Tisch gesessen.
  3. Before posting a comment in German on social media, paste it into a checker. It could catch a case error like “Ich mag der Hund” and correct it to “Ich mag den Hund.
  4. If you’re translating something into German, use a grammar checker as a final step. It could catch subtle errors like “Ich kenne ihm seit Jahren” and correct it to “Ich kenne ihn seit Jahren.

And these are just a few ways a tool can help you. Read on to learn what are these tools!

1. LanguageTool: a free grammar checker

LanguageTool is a great grammar checker that works with multiple languages, and one of them is German.

german grammar checker languagetool

It’s great because it’s available as a browser extension, so you can use it while writing those emails and posting on social media.

For example, if you type “Ich habe ein Buch gelest,” LanguageTool will underline “gelest” and suggest the correct form “gelesen.”

2. Scribbr: grammar check with explanations

Scribbr is a no-frills, straightforward tool designed for German grammar.

german grammar checker scribbr

What’s cool about this one is that you can even upload your documents to this platform, and it translates it to you, fixes your mistakes whether those are about word order, sentence structure or punctuation.

Let’s say you write “Ich gehe zu Hause,” it’ll point out that you should use “nach” instead of “zu” when talking about going home.

3. Duden Mentor: a premium mentor for style and spelling

Duden Mentor is a premium tool from the Duden dictionary folks.

german grammar checker duden mentor

It’s awesome because it doesn’t just check grammar, but also style and spelling. It’s handy for longer texts.

If you’re writing an essay and use “weil” with the wrong word order, like “Ich bin müde, weil ich habe nicht geschlafen,” it’ll remind you to put the verb at the end: “weil ich nicht geschlafen habe.”

4. DeepL Write: a new tool which understands context

DeepL Write is a relatively new tool from the creators of the DeepL translator.

german grammar checker deepl write

It has the ability to understand context, and that’s a huge plus. It can help you refine your writing style, not just fix grammar.

If you write something like “Das Essen war sehr gut,” it might suggest more expressive alternatives like “Das Essen war köstlich” or “Das Essen hat fantastisch geschmeckt.

5. GermanCorrector.com: a user-friendly corrector

GermanCorrector.com is a user-friendly online tool that’s great for quick checks.

german grammar checker german corrector

It’s really good at catching those capitalization errors that are so important in German.

For example, if you type “ich liebe deutsche sprache,” it’ll correct it to “Ich liebe deutsche Sprache”.

German nouns are always capitalized!

6. Reverso: a multifunctional spell checker with other writing tools

Reverso is a multifunctional platform that includes a grammar checker along with translation and dictionary features.

german grammar checker reverso

Reverso is provides examples of correct usage from real-world sources.

If you’re unsure about a phrase like “Ich freue mich auf dich zu sehen,” Reverso will not only correct it to “Ich freue mich darauf, dich zu sehen,” but also show you examples of how native speakers use this construction in various contexts.

Combine grammatical check tools with Conversation Based Chunking

No matter which German grammar checker tool you use, you can still enhance your German language comprehension if you use Conversation Based Chunking.

It’s a method that focuses on lexical chunks instead of teaching you all the boring grammar stuff. Yes, grammar can be useful, but… we can guarantee that if you use this approach, you’ll learn the most common German phrases and chunks WITH the correct grammar WITHOUT actually having to learn memorize grammar definitions.

We can immediately give you a glimpse of what’s this method about: you just have to click this button below and you’ll get an essential German chunking list, other resources to learn German + access to our Full Practice Worksheet Library.

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