Advanced German Vocabulary List: 100 Phrases to Speak Like a Native

Learning advanced German phrases brings a multitude of benefits to your language learning experience! This is especially true if you want to go beyond the basics.

These advanced German vocabulary phrases improve your ability to communicate in different situations and also give you a bit of an insight to the culture of Germany and other German-speaking countries. With advanced German vocabulary, you can express complex ideas, humor, and even emotions in German!

Easy German made an explanatory video about 15 German expressions you need to know:

For students and professionals alike, this knowledge opens doors to more meaningful interactions: learn about academics, business or literature in this blog post.

1. Advanced German about everyday life

Learners of German! Where else could we start to learn new advanced phrases if not everyday life? Let’s look at some good examples for German words you need in different situations.


Definition: The feeling of pleasure or joy one gets from witnessing another person’s misfortune.

Example: Er konnte seine Schadenfreude nicht verbergen, als er hörte, dass sein Rivale bei dem Projekt gescheitert war (He couldn’t hide his schadenfreude when he heard that his rival had failed at the project.)


Definition: The time in the evening when one finishes work for the day; often used to express relief or anticipation for the end of the workday.

Example: Nach einem langen Arbeitstag freue ich mich auf den Feierabend.
(After a long day of work, I look forward to finishing for the day.)


Definition: A feeling of melancholy and world-weariness.

Example: Nach dem Lesen der Nachrichten fühlte er einen tiefen Weltschmerz.
(After reading the news, he felt a deep sense of world-weariness.)


Definition: An ache for distant places; the craving for travel.

Example: Jedes Mal, wenn sie die alten Landkarten ansah, spürte sie ein starkes Fernweh.
(Every time she looked at the old maps, she felt a strong desire to travel.)


Definition: The fear of diminishing opportunities as one gets older.

Example: Je näher sie ihrem vierzigsten Geburtstag kam, desto mehr spürte sie die Torschlusspanik.
(The closer she got to her fortieth birthday, the more she felt the fear of diminishing opportunities.)


Definition: Excess weight gained from emotional overeating. Literally, “grief bacon.”

Example: Nach der Trennung fand sie Trost in Schokolade und sammelte etwas Kummerspeck an.
(After the breakup, she found comfort in chocolate and gained some extra weight from emotional eating.)


Definition: The defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs at the time.

Example: Die Filme der 60er Jahre fangen den Zeitgeist der Epoche perfekt ein.
(The films of the 60s perfectly capture the spirit of that era.)


Definition: A person who understands how to live life well; literally a “life artist.”

Example: Er reist um die Welt, ohne sich um das Morgen zu sorgen – ein echter Lebenskünstler.
(He travels the world without worrying about tomorrow – a true life artist.)


Definition: The freedom of being alone at home and being able to do what one wants.

Example: Meine Eltern sind übers Wochenende weg, also habe ich sturmfrei und lade einige Freunde ein.
(My parents are away for the weekend, so I have the house to myself and am inviting some friends over.)


Definition: A crazy or an impractical idea, typically one that is conceived while drunk.

Example: Mitten in der Nacht auf den Berg zu steigen, war definitiv eine Schnapsidee.
(Climbing the mountain in the middle of the night was definitely a crazy idea.)

2. Advanced German vocabulary about food

A new vocabulary about German food always comes in handy. Learn new words about German cuisine, no matter how advanced they are:

advanced german vocabulary about food


Definition: Star-rated cuisine, particularly that which has been awarded Michelin stars.

Example: In diesem Restaurant wird Sterneküche serviert, die selbst den anspruchsvollsten Gaumen überzeugt.
(In this restaurant, star-rated cuisine is served that convinces even the most demanding palate.)


Definition: A flavor explosion, used to describe a particularly tasty and flavorful dish.

Example: Der erste Bissen des Gerichts war eine wahre Geschmacksexplosion.
(The first bite of the dish was a true flavor explosion.)

Haute Cuisine

Definition: High-class cooking, often referring to the sophisticated cooking style found in top restaurants.

Example: Für meinen Geburtstag möchte ich Haute Cuisine genießen und habe einen Tisch im besten Restaurant der Stadt reserviert.
(For my birthday, I want to enjoy high-class cooking and have reserved a table at the city’s best restaurant.)


Definition: A person with a sweet tooth or someone who loves to snack.

Example: Ich muss zugeben, ich bin eine richtige Naschkatze und kann nicht ohne meine tägliche Schokolade leben.
(I must admit, I’m quite a sweet tooth and can’t live without my daily chocolate.)


Definition: Organic food; food produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.

Example: Wir legen großen Wert auf gesunde Ernährung und kaufen daher nur Biolebensmittel.
(We place great importance on healthy eating and therefore only buy organic food.)


Definition: Fusion cuisine; a style of cooking and presenting food that combines elements of various culinary traditions.

Example: Das neue Restaurant in der Stadt bietet eine interessante Fusionsküche an, die asiatische und europäische Elemente kombiniert.
(The new restaurant in town offers an interesting fusion cuisine that combines Asian and European elements.)


Definition: A temple of gourmet food, often used to describe a luxurious or high-end restaurant.

Example: Zu unserem Jahrestag gehen wir in einen Gourmettempel, um uns kulinarisch verwöhnen zu lassen.
(For our anniversary, we’re going to a temple of gourmet food to indulge ourselves gastronomically.)


Definition: A feast for the palate; an especially delicious meal or dish.

Example: Das Weihnachtsessen bei Oma ist jedes Jahr ein echter Gaumenschmaus.
(Christmas dinner at Grandma’s is a real feast for the palate every year.)


Definition: The art of preparation, particularly in a culinary context.

Example: Die Zubereitungskunst des Chefs ist wirklich beeindruckend; jedes Gericht ist ein Kunstwerk.
(The chef’s art of preparation is really impressive; every dish is a work of art.)


Definition: Being conscious about one’s diet; often involving careful consideration of the health, ethical, and environmental impacts of one’s food choices.

Example: Als jemand, der sehr ernährungsbewusst lebt, ziehe ich es vor, meine Mahlzeiten selbst zuzubereiten.
(As someone who lives very health-consciously, I prefer to prepare my meals myself.)

3. Advanced German words about school

After learning German for a while, you reach a point, where you’ll need more useful words to talk about your education. This is an essential vocabulary list for school-related words and expression.

advanced german vocabulary is good in modern school buildings


Definition: Educational path or academic career.

Example: Sie hat einen beeindruckenden Bildungsweg, der Studien in drei verschiedenen Ländern umfasst.
(She has an impressive educational path that includes studies in three different countries


Definition: Pressure to perform or achieve academically.

Example: Viele Studenten fühlen einen enormen Leistungsdruck, besonders während der Prüfungszeiten.
(Many students feel enormous pressure to perform, especially during exam periods.)

Mündliche Prüfung

Definition: Oral exam.

Example: Die mündliche Prüfung in Geschichte war anspruchsvoller als ich erwartet hatte.
(The oral exam in history was more challenging than I had expected.)


Definition: Research library.

Example: Ich verbringe viel Zeit in der Forschungsbibliothek, um Material für meine Dissertation zu sammeln.
(I spend a lot of time in the research library gathering material for my dissertation.)


Definition: Academic advising or study guidance.

Example: Ich habe einen Termin bei der Studienberatung, um über meine Fachrichtung zu sprechen.
(I have an appointment with academic advising to talk about my major.)


Definition: Curriculum or syllabus.

Example: Der Lehrplan für das nächste Semester sieht sehr anspruchsvoll aus.
(The curriculum for next semester looks very challenging.)


Definition: Semester break or holidays.

Example: Während der Semesterferien plane ich, ein Praktikum zu absolvieren.
(During the semester break, I plan to do an internship.)

Akademischer Grad

Definition: Academic degree.

Example: Er hat seinen akademischen Grad in Ingenieurwissenschaften mit Auszeichnung erhalten.
(He received his academic degree in engineering with honors.)


Definition: Department or faculty, particularly within a university.

Example: Sie ist Professorin im Fachbereich Biologie an der Universität.
(She is a professor in the Department of Biology at the university.)


Definition: Scholarship or grant.

Example: Ich habe mich um ein Stipendium beworben, um meine Studiengebühren zu decken.
(I applied for a scholarship to cover my tuition fees.)

4. Advanced German vocabulary list about academics

And let’s go one step further: here’s an advanced level list of common words about the academic you might encounter in German-speaking countries. Effortless Conversations put together a list for you so you can impress your native speaker friends with advanced words and phrases.

advanced german vocabulary is good for university


Definition: Humanities; academic disciplines that study aspects of human society and culture.

Example: Sie studiert Geisteswissenschaften, weil sie sich für Kultur und Gesellschaft interessiert.
(She studies humanities because she’s interested in culture and society.)

Empirische Forschung

Definition: Empirical research; based on observed and measured phenomena.

Example: Empirische Forschung ist unerlässlich, um Theorien in der Psychologie zu bestätigen oder zu widerlegen.
(Empirical research is essential for confirming or refuting theories in psychology.)


Definition: Specialist literature or academic publications.

Example: Um auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik zu bleiben, liest er regelmäßig Fachliteratur in seinem Bereich.
(To stay up to date with the latest technology, he regularly reads specialist literature in his field.)


Definition: A long piece of writing on a particular subject, especially one that is done in order to receive a doctorate at a university.

Example: Sie arbeitet seit Monaten an ihrer Dissertation über nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung.
(She has been working on her dissertation on sustainable urban development for months.)


Definition: Hypothesis testing.

Example: Die Hypothesenprüfung ergab, dass unsere Annahmen über das Verbraucherverhalten korrekt waren.
(The hypothesis testing showed that our assumptions about consumer behavior were correct.)


Definition: Interdisciplinary; involving two or more academic disciplines.

Example: Dieses Projekt ist interdisziplinär und vereint Experten aus der Informatik und der Biologie.
(This project is interdisciplinary and brings together experts from computer science and biology.)


Definition: Peer review process.

Example: Seine neueste Studie wird derzeit einem Peer-Review-Verfahren unterzogen, bevor sie veröffentlicht wird.
(His latest study is currently undergoing peer review before being published.)


Definition: List of publications.

Example: In ihrer Bewerbung fügte sie eine beeindruckende Publikationsliste bei.
(In her application, she included an impressive list of publications.)

Quantitative Forschung

Definition: Quantitative research; research dealing with numbers and things that can be measured.

Example: Quantitative Forschung erfordert den Einsatz statistischer Methoden, um Daten zu analysieren.
(Quantitative research requires the use of statistical methods to analyze data.)


Definition: Theory formation or development.

Example: Theoriebildung ist ein kritischer Schritt in der wissenschaftlichen Forschung, um neue Erkenntnisse zu strukturieren.
(Theory formation is a critical step in scientific research to structure new insights.)

5. German natives talk like this about literature

An advanced vocabulary is always welcome when you’re talking about literature. Here are the words you need to know that help you make a pro in every lesson about literature!


Definition: Narrative structure; the internal organization of a story’s content.

Example: Die Erzählstruktur des Romans ist komplex und springt zwischen verschiedenen Zeitebenen.
(The narrative structure of the novel is complex, jumping between different timelines.)


Definition: Contemporary literature.

Example: Gegenwartsliteratur spiegelt oft die sozialen und politischen Themen unserer Zeit wider.
(Contemporary literature often reflects the social and political themes of our time.)


Definition: Poetry; a form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language.

Example: Lyrik nutzt sprachliche Bilder und Rhythmus, um tiefe Emotionen und Gedanken auszudrücken.
(Poetry uses imagery and rhythm to express deep emotions and thoughts.)


Definition: Use of metaphor; a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.

Example: Die Metaphorik in diesem Gedicht verstärkt die emotionale Wirkung auf den Leser.
(The use of metaphor in this poem amplifies the emotional effect on the reader.)


Definition: The main character in a literary work.

Example: Der Protagonist der Geschichte muss eine schwierige Entscheidung treffen, die sein Schicksal bestimmt.
(The protagonist of the story has to make a difficult decision that determines his fate.)


Definition: Style analysis; examining the distinctive styles in which authors write.

Example: Bei der Stilanalyse dieses Textes fällt auf, dass der Autor einen sehr bildhaften Schreibstil verwendet.
(When analyzing the style of this text, it is noticeable that the author uses a very vivid writing style.)


Definition: Tragedy; a form of drama based on human suffering that invokes an accompanying catharsis.

Example: Die Tragödie endet mit dem Untergang des Helden, was eine tiefgreifende Katharsis beim Publikum auslöst.
(The tragedy ends with the downfall of the hero, which triggers a profound catharsis in the audience.)

Utopischer Roman

Definition: Utopian novel; a novel that explores a utopian society, often as a means to explore real-world issues.

Example: Der utopische Roman entwirft eine ideale Welt, die zum Nachdenken über unsere aktuelle Gesellschaft anregt.
(The utopian novel designs an ideal world that prompts reflection on our current society.)


Definition: Meter (in poetry); the basic rhythmic structure of a verse.

Example: Das Versmaß des Gedichts trägt zur Schaffung eines einzigartigen Rhythmus bei.
(The meter of the poem contributes to creating a unique rhythm.)


Definition: Pun or wordplay; a humorous play on words.

Example: Das Wortspiel in der Werbung war geistreich und zog die Aufmerksamkeit auf das Produkt.
(The pun in the advertisement was witty and drew attention to the product.)

6. Best way to talk about business in German

Learning German for business is inevitable. It’s good to have a bit of German grammar with you, and also, these phrases to sound more like a native.

advanced german vocabulary is good for business and presentations


Definition: Business model; a plan implemented by a company to generate revenue and make a profit from operations.

Example: Das Geschäftsmodell des Start-ups basiert auf der Vermittlung von Kurzzeitwohnraum.
(The startup’s business model is based on brokering short-term living spaces.)


Definition: Market penetration; the process of gaining a larger share of a specific market.

Example: Unsere Strategie zur Marktdurchdringung umfasst aggressive Werbung und Sonderangebote.
(Our strategy for market penetration includes aggressive advertising and special offers.)


Definition: Business management or business economics.

Example: Er hat einen Master in Betriebswirtschaft und bringt wertvolle Kenntnisse in unser Team.
(He has a master’s degree in business management and brings valuable knowledge to our team.)


Definition: Executive or manager; a person who has a high level of authority and responsibility in an organization.

Example: Als Führungskraft ist es wichtig, sowohl die Unternehmensziele als auch die Bedürfnisse der Mitarbeiter im Auge zu behalten.
(As an executive, it is important to keep an eye on both the company’s goals and the needs of the employees.)


Definition: Corporate merger.

Example: Die Unternehmensfusion zwischen den beiden Konkurrenten kam für die Branche überraschend.
(The corporate merger between the two competitors came as a surprise to the industry.)


Definition: Competitive advantage; a condition that puts a company in a favorable or superior business position.

Example: Unser Wettbewerbsvorteil liegt in unserer einzigartigen Technologie und unserem Kundenservice.
(Our competitive advantage lies in our unique technology and customer service.)


Definition: Sustainability report; a report published by a company or organization about the economic, environmental, and social impacts caused by its everyday activities.

Example: Der Nachhaltigkeitsbericht zeigt unsere Fortschritte in den Bereichen Umwelt, Soziales und Governance.
(The sustainability report shows our progress in environmental, social, and governance areas.)


Definition: Customer retention or loyalty.

Example: Unser Programm zur Kundenbindung hat zu einer deutlichen Steigerung der Wiederkaufrate geführt.
(Our customer loyalty program has led to a significant increase in the repurchase rate.)


Definition: Profit margin.

Example: Die Gewinnmarge im letzten Quartal übertraf alle Erwartungen.
(The profit margin in the last quarter exceeded all expectations.)


Definition: Stock market listing.

Example: Die Börsennotierung unseres Unternehmens war ein entscheidender Schritt für unser weiteres Wachstum.
(The stock market listing of our company was a decisive step for our further growth.)

7. Immersion in word lists of politics and society

Advanced learners of German will probably talk about politics and society, too. So, here’ a bit of vocab to study and research politics and society in German.


Definition: Welfare state; a government that assumes responsibility for providing for the welfare of children, the elderly, the sick, and the unemployed.

Example: Deutschland gilt als Sozialstaat, der ein umfassendes System der sozialen Sicherheit bietet.
(Germany is considered a welfare state that provides a comprehensive system of social security.)


Definition: Political landscape; the spectrum of political parties within a particular political system.

Example: Die Parteienlandschaft in vielen demokratischen Ländern wird zunehmend vielfältiger.
(The political landscape in many democratic countries is becoming increasingly diverse.)


Definition: Free trade agreement.

Example: Das Freihandelsabkommen zwischen den Ländern soll den Handel vereinfachen und die wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit stärken.
(The free trade agreement between the countries aims to simplify trade and strengthen economic cooperation.)


Definition: Civil rights; the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality.

Example: Die Verteidigung der Bürgerrechte ist entscheidend für die Aufrechterhaltung einer freien und gerechten Gesellschaft.
(Defending civil rights is crucial for maintaining a free and just society.)


Definition: Referendum; a general vote by the electorate on a single political question.

Example: Die Volksabstimmung über die Unabhängigkeit führte zu einer hohen Wahlbeteiligung.
(The referendum on independence resulted in a high voter turnout.)


Definition: Sustainability policy; policies designed to maintain ecological and environmental balance.

Example: Die Regierung hat eine neue Nachhaltigkeitspolitik eingeführt, um den ökologischen Fußabdruck des Landes zu verringern.
(The government has introduced a new sustainability policy to reduce the country’s ecological footprint.)

Soziale Gerechtigkeit

Definition: Social justice; the concept of fair and just relations between the individual and society.

Example: Soziale Gerechtigkeit ist ein zentraler Aspekt in der Debatte um die Verteilung von Reichtum und Ressourcen.
(Social justice is a central aspect in the debate on the distribution of wealth and resources.)


Definition: Voter shift; the movement of voters from one political party to another.

Example: Bei der letzten Wahl beobachtete man eine signifikante Wählerwanderung von traditionellen Parteien zu neuen Bewegungen.
(In the last election, there was a significant voter shift from traditional parties to new movements.)


Definition: Legislative process; the process used by legislatures to enact laws.

Example: Das Gesetzgebungsverfahren kann komplex sein und erfordert die Zustimmung mehrerer parlamentarischer Gremien.
(The legislative process can be complex and requires the consent of several parliamentary bodies.)


Definition: Civil society; society considered as a community of citizens linked by common interests and collective activity.


Eine starke Zivilgesellschaft ist wesentlich für die Förderung von Demokratie und Menschenrechten.
(A strong civil society is essential for promoting democracy and human rights.)

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