5 TED talks in Spanish to learn Spanish: for beginner and intermediate learners

Are you looking for an entertaining and enriching way to learn Spanish?

TED Talks (Technology, Entertainment, Design) in Spanish are an excellent option. These shot presentations cover different topics and are good for beginners and perfect for intermediate learners who want to improve their listening comprehension, and what’s more – expand their Spanish vocabulary.

In this blog post, you’ll learn about the 5 best TED Talks in Spanish that will help you learn the language in an engaging, funny and light-hearted way.

How to learn with TED talks in Spanish: follow transcript and learn vocabulary

TED Talks in Spanish offer a fun, so far not seen way to learn the language while exploring topics you like the most.

For beginners, you can watch videos, read the transcript and stop any time you want to rewind, watch again and understand the context better.

As an intermediate learner, you can immediately follow along with the transcripts and English subtitles. This makes you improve your listening comprehension, and pronunciation. You’ll also pick up new Spanish vocabulary related to the subject matter.

Ted talks in Spanish with empty stage and microphone on stage

It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in science, art, public health, or sustainability, there’s all these topics covered by native Spanish speakers.

These short presentation talks give you an entertaining and light-hearted way to expand your language skills while adding valuable knowledge from experts in their fields. Practice shadowing Spanish because these videos give you a great and easy chance to use this method.

Learning Spanish with TED Talks is a perfect blend of education and language acquisition, so let’s take a look at the 5 best TED talks we offer.

1. Gastón Acurio: ¿Puede la cocina cambiar el mundo? (Eng: Can home cooking change the world?)

When Gastón Acurio began his journey with his dining establishment, Astrid & Gastón, in the 1990s, it was unforeseen that he would transform the Peruvian domestic cuisine of his childhood into a gourmet wonderland. Almost three decades and a huge career later, the culinary artist wishes for everyone to celebrate the gastronomic heritage and revolutionize the whole planet with the dishes we make daily.

And of course, this TED talk ia a great chance to practice Spanish food vocabulary!

2. Gonzalo Vilariño: Cómo la selección argentina de fútbol para ciegos se convirtió en campeóna (Eng: How Argentina’s blind soccer team became champions)

Gonzalo Vilariño shares the inspiring story of the Argentine blind soccer team with affection and admiration. He guides us through how genuine confidence in their own skills and potential turned the team from modest origins into champions of the world twice over.

3. Chipi Lozano: ¿Un café? Relax, no quiero nada serio (Eng: A coffee? Relax, I don’t want anything serious)

Today, a sexual relationship is simpler than sitting down for a coffee and opening up about your true feelings. He believes that experiences happen, but not before they profoundly affect you. He describes his life as “intense” because that is how he approaches everything. Chipi Lozano encourages you to know your true self, to love without restrictions, to have faith, and to share your life.

At the age of 22, he is in his fifth year of studying Medicine at the University of Cadiz.

4. Enric Sala: Por qué necesitamos proteger el alta mar (Eng: Why we need the protect the high seas)

We’re using the supplies of fish populations quicker than they can fill it up. We’re transforming our waters into barren wastelands. Marine ecologist Enric Sala has developed an innovative strategy to both save the oceans and make the fishing sector better and safer. His idea involves establishing a huge marine sanctuary that covers two-thirds of the ocean’s area, reviving the environmental, economic, and societal advantages of the ocean.

5. Jorge Drexler: Poesía, música e identidad (Eng: Poetry, music and identity)

During an evening in 2002, Jorge Drexler received the chorus of a song from a companion who then dared him to compose the remaining sections utilizing an intricate and lyrical structure known as the “Décima.” In his intriguing presentation, Drexler explores the intermingled aspects of identity, intertwining the backstory of the Décima with his personal journey of crafting one. He concludes his talk by performing the song that emerged from this challenge, titled “La Milonga del Moro Judío.”

Learn Spanish with TED talks and Conversation Based Chunking: Good for beginners, perfect for intermediate learners

TED Talks in Spanish, combined with the Conversation Based Chunking method, offer a way to learn and improve your Spanish language skills.

For beginners, transcripts and English subtitles are good to follow. Intermediate learners, on the other hand, can make their listening abilities better by following the clear speech of native Spanish speakers discussing captivating topics.

Learn more Spanish easily with the Conversation Based Chunking. If you sign up now, you’ll get a weekly study program, an essential Spanish learning chunking list, my favorite resources to learn the language and access to our Full Practice Worksheet Library.

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