10 Spanish Commercials to Learn Spanish Language with Ads (Videos)

Watching and following Spanish commercials can give you benefits beyond just practicing the language.

Spanish commercials often use simple language: it’s easy to understand, so you can practice listening and immerse yourself in Spanish vocabulary and phrases. And sometimes, it’s not even about language learning because some of these ads are in English, or without a lot of Spanish speaking.

It’s more about the Spanish culture, the values and the little things you will understand if you spend time daily in a Spanish-speaking community.

In this blog post, we listed 10 of our favorite Spanish commercials so you can understand Spanish language and culture better – and no, we’re not advocating for drinking alcohol, we just really like Estrella Damm commercials!

1. “Formentera” con Billie the Vision & the Dancers – Estrella Damm Ad (2009)

The commercial features the singer Billie the Vision and a group of dancers performing an energetic dance routine on a beach on the island of Formentera. Billie just sings while the colorfully dressed dancers move and groove to the upbeat music.

The commercial is full of beautiful beach scenery, bright sunny skies, and a youthful vide. It’s not really about learning the Spanish language itself, but more about feeling the Spanish culture and summers. Promoting the Estrella Damm beer brand is just a plus – and it’s actually a refreshing beer!

2. “San Juan” con The Triangles – Learn Spanish with Estrella Damm (2010)

Based on the popularity of their previous ad, Estrella Damm made another – similar to the first one in 2009.

This time, the setting is a nighttime party in the town of San Juan in Ibiza. In this commercial, the musical performance is done by The Triangles.

The tone is very festive, energetic and youthful and like the previous Formentera commercial, it associates Estrella Damm with fun celebrations, music, and the nightlife culture of Spanish island destinations like Ibiza.

3. “elBulli” con Ferran Adrià y Herman Düne – Estrella Damm commercial in Spanish (2011)

This commercial features the famous Spanish chef Ferran Adrià, who was the head chef of the iconic elBulli restaurant. The setting is the elBulli restaurant itself.

This time, the tone is more subdued and artistic. Still, it’s an ad for Estrella Damm – showing that this beer can be paired with fine cuisine.

Instead of a party atmosphere, this ad aims to associate Estrella Damm with a sophisticated, almost avant-garde dining experience.

It’s a more artistic approach compared to the previous youth-oriented party ads, probably targeting a more refined audience segment.

4. “Serra de Tramuntana” con Lacrosse – Estrella Damm Spanish tv commercial (2012)

The first visuals in this commercial show the stunning natural scenery of the mountainous region, with green valleys, rocky peaks, and winding roads. Our latest Estrella Damm commercial follows a group of friends out for an adventurous drive on the roads of Serra de Tramuntana.

An indie rock band called Lacrosse gives the soundtrack among the beautiful mountain landscapes.

Unlike the previous commercials focused on parties/festivals or fine dining, this one aims to associate the beer with an adventurous lifestyle spent exploring outdoor environments with a group of close friends.

So, after 4 Estrella Damm commercials, do you want to feel the Spanish vibes on your skin? Or just want a cold Estrella? Let’s explore something completely different!

5. Spanish Christmas Lottery with Spanish subtitles: December 21st (2014)

This video opens with sweeping shots of a quaint Spanish town all decked out in Christmas lights and decorations. We won’t tell spoilers of the ad, so you better watch the TV ad.

You’ve got elderly couples, parents with kids, friend groups, and multi-generational families – they’re all united in anticipation of the lottery results: and this time, it’s full with heartful Spanish dialogues that you can check out!

The Spanish State Lottery won our hearts with this ad.

6. A heartwarming feeling with Justino and Spanish Christmas Lottery (2015)

Another advertisement for the Spanish Christmas Lottery in 2015, with a creative narrative focused on a character named Justino.

The tone is heartwarming, portraying how the Christmas lottery tradition in Spain brings people together through shared hopes and good fortune.

7. McDonald’s Spanish Commercial “Love the Most”

McDonald’s funny Spanish TV commercial shows a family eating menus in a restaurant.

What makes it special is the lovely little chat that the family talks about when the daughter asks the father which of his kids does he like the most.

The answer?

Check the video to find out! (Hint: it’s connected to McDonald’s!)

8. A bit of Spanish learning with Pepsi

This might be a controversial take: some find this ad amusing, some horrible. There’s no middle ground!

The Pepsi ad is set in a laundromat where the girl feels the vibes of drinking Pepsi, not realizing that the laundromat is full of people.

Do you ever get these vibes? Well, these Spanish commercials might make you feel like this!

9. Babbel Commercial for Spanish language learners

The top comment for this Babbel commercial tells it all: Babbel made a great ad because people are actually searching for it. Look!

One of the funniest language learning ads ever features a couple having a romantic date where the man starts talking Spanish. This… has its effects on their partner.

Maybe this is one reason you want to learn Spanish? We made a Babbel review article that you might find interesting.

10. Coca-Cola: Te tocó nacer acá

Last, but not least, this list wouldn’t be complete without a Coca-Cola commercial. This one features Argentina, and a life where you will never feel alone and will never be left alone.

Narrated in Spanish, this commercial tells you that no matter how hard and complicated life can be sometimes, these challenges are worth it – and Coca-Cola will be there by your side.

Language learning with Spanish commercials +Conversation Based Chunking

These 10 engaging Spanish commercials show the true power of language learning and immersing yourself in the Spanish culture!

Conversation Based Chunking is an effective language learning method that will help you along the way.

Rather than drilling abstract rules, these ads immerse you in authentic, dynamic interactions, training your ear and building your confidence to communicate.

So next time you’re looking to level up your Spanish, consider looking into the insights and language learning opportunities hidden in your favorite Spanish commercials.

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