Top 10 Best Spanish Translator Apps and Tools for 2024

Stuck in a Spanish language translation? No worries!

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking off to Madrid, picking up Spanish as a hobby, or just trying to keep up with your chatty Spanish-speaking neighbours, the best Spanish translators are all here to help you!

The Savvy Professor made a short explanatory video on their choices:

Not to say anything wrong about this list in the video but we might look at these things with a different angle – because we actually teach Spanish with our courses. So, let’s see our best Spanish translators!

1. Google Translate: the best Spanish translator overall

Price: Free

best spanish translator google translate

Google Translate remains the go-to app for many when it comes to translating Spanish to English (and vice versa).

It’s not just about translating text; you can use its camera for instant translations of menus, signs, and books.

The “Conversation” mode is great for face-to-face chats, showing translations for both parties. Plus, it’s completely free!

  • Supports text, voice, and camera translation
  • Offers an offline mode
  • Extensive language database, including regional dialects
  • Can struggle with idiomatic expressions
  • Sometimes inaccurate with complex sentences

2. DeepL: the best translator for accuracy

Price: Free, with a Pro version for advanced features

best spanish translator deepl

DeepL has gained a reputation for giving some of the most accurate translations available. (Sometimes, it’s crazy how DeepL translator understands even the smallest things.)

It’s particularly good at maintaining context and tone. It’s so good that it can be used for professional translations. The free version is great for most users, but if you need to translate entire documents, you might want to consider the Pro version.

  • Highly accurate translations
  • Clean, user-friendly interface
  • Supports document translation
  • Limited language selection compared to some competitors
  • Full feature set requires Pro subscription

3. SpanishDict: Best for Learning

Price: Free, with premium subscriptions available

best spanish translator spanishdict

SpanishDict is more than just a translator – it’s a learning tool. We mentioned it already when we wrote about the best websites to learn Spanish.

Along with translations, you get detailed explanations of grammar points, conjugation tables, and even quizzes to test your knowledge!

The audios are helpful for learners because you can even listen for the correct pronunciation. While the free version is robust, the premium subscription offers additional learning resources.

  • Comprehensive dictionary and translation tool
  • Includes grammar explanations and quizzes
  • Audio pronunciations by native speakers
  • Focuses only on Spanish-English
  • Some advanced features require a subscription

4. Microsoft Translator: best Spanish translation tool for Microsoft ecosystem

Price: Free

best spanish translator microsoft translator

If you’re already in the Microsoft ecosystem, this app is a no-brainer.

It works great with other up-and-coming Microsoft tools and AI-integrations and offers solid translation capabilities.

The real-time conversation feature is useful for on-the-go translations.

  • Integrates well with other Microsoft products
  • Supports over 60 languages
  • Offers real-time conversation feature
  • Some features require internet access

5. Reverso: best translation app for context

Price: Free version available, full access requires subscription

best spanish translator reverso

Reverso shines when it comes to providing context.

It doesn’t just give you a translation; it shows you how common Spanish words and phrases are used in real sentences.

This can be incredibly helpful for choosing the right translation for your specific situation.

  • Provides contextual translations with examples
  • Includes synonyms and pronunciation guides
  • Offers a translation history feature
  • Requires internet connection for most features
  • Free version has ads

6. iTranslate: best for iOS users

Price: Free version available, premium features require subscription

best spanish translator itranslate

For Apple users, iTranslate offers a smooth, integrated experience.

The voice-to-voice conversation feature is impressive, and it allows you to have bilingual conversations.

There’s a free version, but you’ll need to subscribe to access offline translations and the full feature set.

  • Seamless integration with iOS devices
  • Offers voice-to-voice conversations
  • Includes a dictionary and thesaurus
  • Full feature set requires paid subscription
  • Not as robust on Android

7. Linguee: best overall with example sentences

Price: Free

best spanish translator linguee

Linguee sets itself apart by giving you translations alongside examples from real websites and documents.

This can be helpful for understanding how words and phrases are actually used in context. It’s also one of the better offline options available.

  • Provides translations with real-world usage examples
  • Works offline
  • Clean, easy-to-use interface
  • No microphone translation tool
  • Can't translate text from images

8. WordReference: learn a language on language forums

Price: Free

best spanish translator wordreference

WordReference isn’t just a translation tool – it’s a community.

Its language forums allow you to discuss translations and get help from native speakers. The verb conjugation tables are also a fantastic resource for Spanish learners. If you’re translating a business Spanish document, you might need this website’s help.

  • Includes active language forums for discussing translations
  • Offers detailed verb conjugation tables
  • Provides multiple translation options with explanations
  • Interface feels a bit dated
  • No voice translation features

9. Yandex.Translate: best for multiple language pairs with Spanish

Price: Free

best spanish translator yandex.translate

While not as well-known as some other options, Yandex.Translate offers solid translations for a wide range of language pairs. Its website translation feature can be useful, and the predictive text can speed up your translations.

  • Supports over 95 language pairs
  • Offers website translation
  • Includes a predictive text feature
  • Not as accurate as some competitors for certain language pairs
  • Interface can be a bit cluttered

10. Talking Translator: best for travelers

Price: Free version available, premium features require subscription

best spanish translator talking translator

If you’re heading to a Spanish-speaking country, Talking Translator could be your best friend!

Beyond just translations, it has a few things about the Spanish culture, travel tips, and even Spanish slang translations to help you talk like a local.

The emergency access to a human translator (in the premium version) could be a literal lifesaver in critical situations.

  • Includes culture guides and travel tips
  • Offers both formal and slang translations
  • Provides access to human translator in emergencies (premium feature)
  • Full feature set can be pricey
  • More focused on travel-related translations

The best of the best: You + Conversation Based Chunking method

Nowadays, we can use the latest technological tools to our advantage but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have basic knowledge about any topic. And this is true for languages, too!

The best of the best Spanish translator tool is: you! That’s right: you + Conversation Based Chunking.

You can learn Spanish easily, and that way, you won’t need these Spanish translator apps and tools that much. If you sign up now, you’ll get your first FREE Spanish Chunking Starter Pack with an essential Spanish chunking list, other resources to learn Spanish and you’ll even get access to our Full Practice Worksheet Library where you can have exercises for translating, too.

It’s your chance to become the best Spanish translator. Want to start?

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