Top 10 Best German Language Blogs for Learners to Learn German + Amazing Method

The internet is huge and it’s teeming with spam, bots, and fake news.

It’s hard to make it through to reach valuable content, and to set it apart from the noise. Among the myriad of German blogs dedicated to teaching the language, it can be challenging to identify which ones are genuinely worthwhile.

So, how do you find the best ones?

We’ve summarized our favorite German language blogs for you. But first, here’s your essential German language course that will give you enough confidence to pursue your German language learning goals:

With this list, you can confidently add these new resources into your language learning routine and effectively make your German skills better.

How can you learn German as a beginner with German blogs?

We’ve compiled a great list of blogs, but you might wonder: how can I learn German just by visiting and reading these German language blogs?

The answer is a bit nuanced: while no single resource can cover everything, these blogs are a fantastic starting point.

Regularly visiting these blogs can help you practice what you already know and expand your knowledge. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a casual conversation or business German. Many of these sites offer practice worksheets that you can use alongside German podcasts or German YouTube channels.

Once you have a basic grasp of German, you can diversify your learning.

Consider hiring a tutor on platforms like iTalki or enrolling in structured courses on Babbel (you can check our Babbel review, if you want to learn more about it).

Another effective approach is immersing yourself in a German-speaking country. This way, you can better understand the context in which German is used and pick up essential travel phrases.

Combine these blogs with other resources and methods, so you can create a well-rounded and effective learning routine!

1. Effortless Conversations: German language blog

  • Focuses on: Teaching German with Conversation Based Chunking
  • Popular topics: Natural language learning tips
  • Courses available: YES!
german language blogs - effortless conversations

Yes, we’re biased but we’re also honest! We wouldn’t recommend our own blog if we didn’t think that it will help you in your language learning journey!

Effortless Conversations focuses on teaching German through Conversation Based Chunking. A method that focuses on practical learning over rote memorization. The approach helps you pick up the natural flow of the language, and with this method at your back you’ll sound more like a native speaker quickly.

And now, here’s your chance:

You can either request your FREE German Conversation Based Chunking Guide OR you enroll in the 7-in-7 Challenge and start learning German immediately for only $7.

Or, you pick both! It’s up to you!

2. Spring German: Learn German on YouTube

  • Focuses on: Comprehensive language courses
  • Popular topics: Vocabulary, grammar, cultural insights
  • Courses available: No, but has tons of content on YouTube
german language blogs - spring german

Spring Languages is a co-project of mine. We primarily focus on Spanish, and Spring Spanish offers structured courses that immerse you in the language. We also have a Spring German section that goes together with our Spring German YouTube channel.

It has tons of content: it will give you the basic to learn German, without much grammar, and truly focusing on the German language you want to learn.

With this holistic approach, you can be sure that you not only learn to speak German but also to appreciate more about the German culture.

3. Deutsch lernen mit Deutschlernerblog: a language learning shop

  • Focuses on: Diverse learning materials
  • Popular topics: Grammar lessons, vocabulary, cultural articles
  • Courses available: No, but has a language learning shop
german language blogs - deutschlernerblog

Deutsch lernen mit Deutschlernerblog is a true treasure trove of learning materials. They have detailed grammar lessons, vocabulary lists and cultural articles. The blog covers all aspects of the German language. The content is designed to fit everyone: it’s has good German for beginners content but you can learn advanced German phrases, too.

To make it even better, they have a shop where you can buy language learning materials: PDFs, ebooks, flashcards, and more!

4. DeutschAkademie Blog: German language courses with grammar and listening

  • Focuses on: Language exercises and practice
  • Popular topics: Grammar exercises, listening practices
  • Courses available: Yes
german language blogs - deutschakademie blog

DeutschAkademie offers a language exercises and practice materials to solidify your understanding of German.

Their blog features detailed grammar exercises, listening practices, and other interactive activities that help reinforce what you’ve learned.

It’s an excellent resource for those who need a structured way to practice and apply their skills.

5. Deutsch Perfekt: learn German vocabulary with real-life conversations

  • Focuses on: Real-life usage and cultural insights
  • Popular topics: Real-life conversations, cultural insights
  • Courses available: Yes
german language blogs - deutsch perfekt

Deutsch Perfekt blends language learning with cultural insights to give you a well-rounded educational experience.

The content is made to help you understand and engage in real-life conversations. Whether you’re looking to understand everyday German or go into more specific topics, this blog has you covered with practical advice.

And of course, real-world examples!

6. Study German Online: German classes are a great way to learn

  • Focuses on: Study resources and tips
  • Popular topics: Study guides, language learning methods
  • Courses available: No, but has private and group classes
german language blogs - study german online

Study German Online offers different study guides and tips to make your German learning journey more efficient.

This blog gives you strategies on effective language learning methods. You can fit your study routines to your own needs.

This resource is perfect for self-directed learners who want to maximize their study time.

7. Your Daily German: learn German words every day

  • Focuses on: Simplifying complex concepts
  • Popular topics: Daily lessons, grammar, vocabulary
  • Courses available: Yes
german language blogs - your daily german

Your Daily German breaks down complex language concepts into simple lessons.

The blog gives your daily updates that include grammar tips, vocabulary exercises, and practical language use cases.

This consistent (and incremental) approach helps you be engaged and steadily improves your German proficiency.

8. Smarter German: learning strategies with guides

  • Focuses on: Innovative learning methods
  • Popular topics: Pronunciation, grammar, learning strategies
  • Courses available: Yes
german language blogs - smarter german

Smarter German offers innovative and effective strategies for learning German.

The blog introduces a range of topics (pronunciation, grammar, learning strategies).

Their methods are designed to “learn smart” by focusing on what works best for language acquisition, making it a valuable resource for learners of all levels.

9. LearnOutLive: professional German books and courses

  • Focuses on: Online learning resources
  • Popular topics: E-books, online courses, blog articles
  • Courses available: Yes
german language blogs - learn out live

LearnOutLive offers a variety of online learning resources, including e-books, online courses, and insightful blog articles. Their content is designed to be accessible and engaging, helping you learn German effectively at your own pace. This resource is especially useful for those who prefer digital learning tools.

10. Sprachheld: from the basics to advanced level with Sprachblock-Methode

  • Focuses on: Practical language tips
  • Popular topics: Language learning strategies, tips for different levels
  • Courses available: Yes
german language blogs - sprachheld

My friend and partner in crime, Gabriel Gelman (co-founder of Spring Languages) has his own blog. It’s mainly written in German for German natives, and who are true enthusiasts to learn other languages.

Sprachheld also uses the chunking method (Sprachblock-Methode), and that is the #1 reason why we can still recommend his blog and the method he’s using. The blog has tons of content and focuses on everything from basics to advanced intricacies, and has great 12-week courses.

What you need to know about the Conversation Based Chunking method

Whichever German blog you follow, you can combine their methods with Conversation Based Chunking – a method we are particularly proud of as it has already helped tens of thousands of students with their language learning.

If you’d like to get a taste of this method, you can sign up by clicking the button below. And we at Effortless Conversations promise you: you won’t regret it!

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