9 Best Free German Podcasts: Learn German from Beginner to Advanced Level

Kicking off your German learning adventure?

Well, tuning into German podcasts might just be the smart move to level up your language skills! Say you’re just starting out, eager to get a handle on basic chit-chat or looking to pick up everyday phrases – there’s a podcast for that. And if you’re somewhere in the middle, looking for insights into German traditions or want to understand local idioms and German slang, you’re in luck with podcasts tailored just for you.

From the friendly tutorials of “Coffee Break German” to the intellectual depths of “Forschergeist,” there’s a whole world of podcasts waiting.

We choose the 9 best free German podcasts for you, so you don’t have to look any further. Check this table with the podcast’s name, a short description and the intended level, and click on any one of the to learn more about them!

Coffee Break GermanIntroduces basic phrases and conversations, idea for beginners.Beginner
GermanPod101Offers episodes from absolute beginner to advanced, starting with basic words and cultural nuances.Beginner
Deutsch – warum nicht?Combines engaging stories with language exercises, produced by DW.Beginner
Easy German PodcastCovers interesting topics related to German culture in slower German, great for familiarizing accents.Intermediate
Das sagt man so!Focuses on idioms and expressions used in daily conversation, produced by DW.Intermediate
Slow GermanPresents various aspects of German culture and life, spoken slowly and clearly.Intermediate
Tagesschau in 100 SekundenQuick summary of the day’s news in Germany, fast-paced with contemporary vocabulary.Advanced
Lage der NationInterviews with experts on political topics.Advanced
ForschergeistFocuses on science and research, covers in-depth topics and specific terminology.Advanced

1. Coffee Break German

Average length of an episode: About 15-20 minutes
Language level: Beginner
Transcript: Yes, available for premium members
How many episodes are available: Over 40 episodes in Season 1 alone, with multiple seasons available

german podcasts coffee break german

Coffee Break German is designed for beginners and introduces listeners to the basics of the German language in a relaxed, coffee-break-length episode. Each episode builds on the previous one, making it easy for beginners to follow along and gradually build their understanding and vocabulary. The concept is based around engaging listeners in a casual learning environment, thus minimizing the pressure and maximizing enjoyment. It’s best used regularly, ideally daily or several times a week, to maintain consistency in learning. Something I advocate for with Tiny Trust Builders.

Premium members have access to transcripts, which can greatly help learning by allowing you to read along as you listen.

Links: Website Apple Podcasts Spotify

2. GermanPod101

Average length of an episode: Varies, typically around 10-15 minutes
Language level: Beginner to Advanced
Transcript: Yes, transcripts are available for each episode
How many episodes are available: Hundreds spanning various levels

german podcasts germanpod101
GermanPod101 is one of our top choices for learning German

GermanPod101 is a dynamic podcast series that is good to all levels of German learners – from absolute beginners to advanced speakers. The podcast uses realistic scenarios and cultural insights to teach the language. It is both educational and entertaining. Episodes cover a wide range of topics, like everyday conversations, cultural points, and even grammar tips. The concept is to offer a comprehensive learning tool that includes interactive lessons, video courses, and detailed PDF notes. For the best learning experience, it’s best to follow the lessons in order, especially for beginners, to build a solid foundation in German. If you use the additional materials such as transcripts, you can make your understanding and retention of the language better.

The diverse range of episodes guarantees that learners can find content that matches their interest.

Links: Website Apple Podcasts Spotify

3. Deutsch – warum nicht?

Average length of an episode: About 15-20 minutes
Language level: Beginner
Transcript: Available
How many episodes are available: 26 episodes across 4 series

german podcasts deutsch warum nicht

Deutsch – warum nicht?” (German – why not?) is a comprehensive podcast series produced by Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster. (We also mentioned Deutsche Welle in our list of best German YouTube channels, so they must be doing something right. Right?!)

It’s specifically designed for beginners and follows the story of Andreas, a journalism student, and his invisible companion. The podcast combines engaging storytelling with structured language lessons. The series is set in various real-life contexts, offering learners insights into German culture, history, and everyday life. To maximize learning, listeners are encouraged to use the transcripts and accompanying exercises available on the DW website. This approach combines listening, reading, and writing exercises. “Deutsch – warum nicht?” is best used in conjunction with other language learning tools for a rounded approach to mastering the basics of German.

Links: Website Apple Podcasts Spotify

4. Easy German Podcast

Average length of an episode: About 20-30 minutes
Language level: Intermediate
Transcript: Yes, for members
How many episodes are available: Over 200 episodes

german podcasts easy german

The Easy German Podcast offers intermediate-level learners an immersive learning experience by covering a wide array of interesting and relevant topics related to German culture, society, and daily life.

The concept centers around natural conversations in German, spoken at a slightly slower pace and with clear pronunciation, making it easier for non-native speakers to understand. This approach helps listeners to improve their listening comprehension skills while also picking up on cultural nuances and colloquial expressions that textbooks often miss. Each episode is designed to be engaging and informative, providing insights into the German way of life. To enhance learning, it’s recommended to listen regularly and use the transcripts to follow along.

Links: Website Apple Podcasts Spotify

5. Das sagt man so!

Average length of an episode: About 5-10 minutes
Language level: Intermediate
Transcript: Yes
How many episodes are available: 52 episodes

german podcasts das sagt man so

“Das sagt man so!” by Deutsche Welle (DW) is a podcast that introduces you into the world of idioms and colloquial expressions of the German language.

Each episode focuses on a specific idiom or chunk, explaining its meaning, usage, and origin, often in a humorous way. The episodes are short and focused, making them easy to fit into even the busiest of schedules. Using the transcripts can make your learning better: to see and practice the spelling of new words and phrases.

For best results, you should try to use the newly learned expressions in your own conversations.

Links: Website Apple Podcasts Spotify

6. Slow German

Average length of an episode: About 5-15 minutes
Language level: Intermediate
Transcript: Yes, available for each episode
How many episodes are available: Over 200 episodes

german podcasts slow german

Slow German is a podcast created by Annik Rubens, designed specifically for intermediate learners of German who wish to improve their listening comprehension skills.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics: German culture, traditions, and history to everyday life stories – all narrated in slow, clearly articulated German. This slower pace allows you to learn more easily, to grasp the pronunciation of words, understand sentence structure, and follow along with the narrative without feeling overwhelmed. Each episode also comes with a transcript. To make the most out of Slow German, it’s recommended to first listen to an episode without reading the transcript, to gauge understanding, AND THEN listen again while reading along.

Links: Website Apple Podcasts Spotify

7. Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden

Average length of an episode: About 1-2 minutes
Language level: Advanced
Transcript: No specific transcripts, but news articles on the website can be used as supplementary material
How many episodes are available: Daily updates

german podcasts tagesschau in 100 sekunden

Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden is an offering from Germany’s most respected news service. It provides a swift summary of the day’s key news events in German.

This podcast is particularly suitable for advanced learners who wish to challenge their listening comprehension and familiarize themselves with the vocabulary and structures used in formal and journalistic German.

The concept is straightforward: to deliver concise, up-to-the-minute news reports. Given the rapid pace and the advanced vocabulary used, it’s recommended to listen to the podcast regularly to acclimate to the speed and diction of native German newscasters. Following up with reading news articles on the same topics can reinforce understanding and provide a fuller context.

Links: Website Apple Podcasts Spotify

8. Lage der Nation

Average length of an episode: Usually around 60 to 90 minutes
Language level: Advanced
Transcript: Not standard, but show notes are often detailed, offering a good summary
How many episodes are available: Regular updates with new episodes every week

german podcasts lage der nation

Lage der Nation is about the political and current affairs in Germany. It gives you insightful commentary and analysis of the latest new.

The hosts discuss a range of topics from domestic policies to international relations, providing listeners with a comprehensive overview of the political landscape in Germany… and beyond. It’s a must-listen for those wanting to understand contemporary German society, improve their comprehension of complex spoken German, and expand their political vocabulary.

Links: Website Apple Podcasts Spotify

9. Forschergeist

Average length of an episode: About 45 minutes to 1 hour
Language level: Advanced
Transcript: Not typically available
How many episodes are available: More than 100 episodes

german podcasts forschergeist

Forschergeist is a podcast focusing on science, research, and education topics within the German-speaking world.

Each episode features in-depth conversations with experts, researchers, and scientists, exploring a wide range of subjects from theoretical physics to philosophy of science.

This podcast is particularly suited for advanced learners of German who have a keen interest in the sciences and wish to expand their technical vocabulary and comprehension of complex subjects discussed in a natural, conversational context.

The lack of transcripts means listeners are encouraged to develop their listening skills by focusing intently on the discussions, potentially pausing and replaying sections for better understanding.

Links: Website Apple Podcasts 

How to learn German with German podcasts: transcripts + Conversation Based Chunking

Using German podcasts is an incredibly effective way to learn the language. Especially, when you pair listening with the study of transcripts.

Podcasts cover a broad range of topics and levels: everyday life, culture, politics, sports etc.

The transcripts paired with these podcasts are particularly valuable. They allow you to follow along with the audio, ensuring that no word or phrase is missed or misunderstood. This is crucial for using the Conversation Based Chunking method, a powerful approach to language learning.

This method focuses on understanding and using chunks of language—common phrases and sentence structures—as they are naturally used by native speakers, rather than isolating vocabulary or grammar rules.

If you listen to the podcasts and study the transcripts, you can identify, learn, and practice these chunks in context. Sign up now and learn more about the method, get a weekly study program, a list of essential German chunks and a lot more!

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