30 Angry German Words and Phrases to Express Anger in German (Examples)

You’re out for a leisurely bike ride when suddenly, your chain snaps. You search your tool kit for the right wrench, but it’s nowhere to be found. The anger builds, and you need to let off some steam. That’s when the harsh, guttural sounds of angry German words come in handy!

As you fumble with the bike chain, a cavalcade of German phrases to use bursts forth: “Halt deinen Mund!” (Shut your mouth!) “Was zur Hölle…?!” (What the hell…?!) The angry syllables are strangely satisfying, and you allow yourself to vent the frustration. Easy German made a video about what happens when German people get angry. Take a look!

So pump up that bike tire, and let’s explore the glorious world of angry German words that somehow make the language even more beautifully harsh. You might just find your new go-to phrases for when life throws a wrench in your plans—literally.

1. Das geht mir auf die Nerven! – That gets on my nerves!

Example: Der ständige Verkehrslärm geht mir auf die Nerven. [The constant traffic noise is getting on my nerves.]

Use this German phrase when something is really grinding your gears – maybe it’s a recurring irritation or a one-time inconvenience.

2. Ich habe die Nase voll! – I’m fed up!

Example: Ich habe die Nase voll von deinen Ausreden. [I’m fed up with your excuses.]

Use this German phrase when you’ve reached the limit of what you can tolerate. This harsh language lets people know your patience has run out.

3. Lass mich in Ruhe! – Leave me alone!

Example: Lass mich in Ruhe, ich muss für die Prüfung lernen. [Leave me alone, I need to study for the exam.]

A very direct German sentence to firmly (and to some level, rudely) tell someone to go away and stop bothering you. Use when you need personal space.

At this point, you may be getting fired up just learning these aggressive expressions. If everyday irritations are making you feel like this…

4. Das ist doch zum Verrücktwerden! – This is maddening!

Example: Diese komplizierten Steuererklärungen sind zum Verrücktwerden! [These complicated tax returns are maddening!]

…then this German word lets people know the situation is making you feel utterly insane with frustration.

5. Ich bin stinksauer! – I’m really angry!

Example: Ich bin stinksauer, dass die Bestellung wieder nicht angekommen ist. [I’m really angry that the order hasn’t arrived again.]

There’s no beating around the bush here – you’re absolutely furious about something. A very direct angry German phrase.

6. Halt den Mund! – Shut up!

Example: Halt den Mund und hör mir zu! [Shut up and listen to me!]

About as rude and confrontational as German phrases get. Use this one when you need someone to be quiet immediately.

angry german words expressed with a pixar movie character

By now, you may have reached the point where a situation is simply:

7. Das ist nicht auszuhalten! – This is unbearable!

Example: Der Gestank in dieser Kneipe ist nicht auszuhalten. [The stench in this pub is unbearable.]

Shows that negative circumstances have become so extreme, you can no longer endure or accept them

8. Ich kann es nicht fassen! – I can’t believe it!

Example: Ich kann es nicht fassen, dass sie die Schlüssel verloren haben! [I can’t believe they lost the keys!]

This incredulous German phrase expresses utter shock or disbelief, often due to feeling let down by someone’s actions.

And when that disappointment reaches a peak…

9. Das ist die Höhe! – That’s the last straw!

Example: Das ist die Höhe! Ich kündige meinen Job. [That’s the last straw! I’m quitting my job.]

The breaking point has been reached. Use this phrase when terrible circumstances finally push you over the edge.

10. Ich bin entsetzt! – I am appalled!

Example: Ich bin entsetzt über solche Grausamkeit gegen Tiere. [I’m appalled by such cruelty towards animals.]

For when you are deeply shocked, horrified or outraged by something considered unethical or unacceptable.

At times like these, you may need to let someone know:

11. Bis hierher und nicht weiter! – This far and no further!

Example: Bis hierher und nicht weiter! Du hast meine Grenzen überschritten. [This far and no further! You’ve crossed my boundaries.]

Make it clear the other person has reached the limit of what’s acceptable.

Because in these angry moments:

12. Das ist unerträglich! – This is intolerable!

Example: Die Zustände in diesem Flüchtlingslager sind unerträglich. [The conditions in this refugee camp are intolerable.]

You’re stating that the negative situation has become too unbearable or impossible to accept or put up with any longer.

If you don’t get your way, you may find yourself feeling like:

13. Ich platze gleich! – I’m going to explode!

Example: Wenn du nicht endlich aufräumst, platze ich gleich! [If you don’t finally clean up, I’m going to explode!]

A hyperbolic way to say that you are extremely angry and on the verge of a major outburst or losing your temper.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that get under your skin:

14. Du gehst mir auf den Keks! – You’re getting on my nerves!

Example: Du gehst mir mit deinem Gepfeife auf den Keks. [Your whistling is getting on my nerves.]

Let someone know their annoying habits or behaviors are starting to really irritate you.

15. Ich bin total genervt! – I’m totally annoyed!

Example: Ich bin von diesen ständigen Verspätungen total genervt. [I’m totally annoyed by these constant delays.]

When you’re completely fed up and exasperated by an ongoing negative situation.

And that frustration can quickly turn into rage when:

16. Das macht mich rasend! – That drives me crazy!

Example: Deine Nachlässigkeit macht mich rasend! [Your negligence drives me crazy!]

Something is causing you to feel extremely angry, furious or infuriated to the point of seeming insane.

In the heat of the moment, it may feel like:

17. Ich sehe rot! – I see red!

Example: Wegen deiner Lügen sehe ich schon wieder rot. [Because of your lies, I see red again.]

A metaphorical way to express feeling intense, blinding anger and rage.

At which point, you may be asking yourself:

18. Was soll der Quatsch? – What’s this nonsense?

Example: Was soll der Quatsch? Diese Ausrede ist lächerlich! [What’s this nonsense? That excuse is ridiculous!]

A dismissive reaction telling someone that what they’re saying is silly, foolish or utter nonsense.

Because their actions or words are quite possibly:

19. Du treibst mich in den Wahnsinn! – You’re driving me insane!

Example: Mit deinen ständigen Frotzeleien treibst du mich in den Wahnsinn! [With your constant taunting, you’re driving me insane!]

Their aggravating behavior is causing you to lose your mind and feel utterly crazy.

In fact, you may even feel like:

20. Ich bin kurz davor, zu explodieren! – I’m about to explode!

Example: Mit deiner Rechthaberei bist du kurz davor, dass ich explodiere! [With your self-righteousness, you’re about to make me explode!]

You’ve reached the limits and are on the verge of a major angry outburst or breakdown.

angry german words expressed with an angry cartoon character

At this point, your reaction may simply be:

21. Das kann doch nicht wahr sein! – This can’t be true!

Example: Das kann doch nicht wahr sein, dass sie schon wieder geschummelt haben! [This can’t be true that they cheated again!]

Utter disbelief, refusal to accept something you consider unfair or wrong.

Until you reach the point where:

22. Ich bin außer mir vor Wut! – I am beside myself with anger!

Example: Als ich die Ungerechtigkeit sah, war ich außer mir vor Wut. [When I saw the injustice, I was beside myself with anger.]

You’ve lost all control or rationality due to intense, uncontrollable rage.

Of course, there are times when an angry reaction gets you nowhere:

23. Das lässt mich kalt! – That leaves me cold! (used when something is supposed to upset you, but you don’t care)

Example: Deine Entschuldigungen lassen mich kalt. [Your apologies leave me cold.]

When you’re completely unmoved or unaffected by something that was intended to get a reaction out of you.

In those cases, you may need to lay down the law:

24. So geht das nicht! – That’s not how it works!

Example: So geht das nicht, du musst die Regeln befolgen! [That’s not how it works, you have to follow the rules!]

A firm way to tell someone their approach or behavior is unacceptable according to established protocols.

Because at the end of the day:

25. Ich bin es leid! – I’m tired of it!

Example: Ich bin es leid, ständig deine Ausreden anzuhören. [I’m tired of constantly listening to your excuses.]

You’ve simply had enough of an ongoing negative situation and need to express your exasperation.

And when that final straw breaks the camel’s back:

26. Das bringt das Fass zum Überlaufen! – That’s the last straw! (literally: That makes the barrel overflow!)

Example: Deine Verspätung heute bringt das Fass zum Überlaufen! [Your lateness today is the last straw!]

It’s the culminating event that pushes you over the edge and makes you snap.

At which point, you’re likely to declare:

27. Das ist eine Frechheit! – That’s an outrage!

Example: So eine schlechte Behandlung ist eine Frechheit! [Such poor treatment is an outrage!]

You’re expressing indignation that something is unacceptably rude, offensive or an insult.

And it’s only natural at times like these to exclaim:

28. Wie ärgerlich! – How annoying!

Example: Wie ärgerlich, dass wir den Flug verpasst haben! [How annoying that we missed the flight!]

A way to vocalize your frustration over an unfortunate circumstance.

To which others may reply:

29. Das ist ja unerhört! – That’s unheard of!

Example: So eine Behandlung ist ja unerhört! [Such treatment is unheard of!]

They’re outraged that the situation is shockingly unacceptable or unprecedented.

And when the same issues keep repeating:

30. Schon wieder?! – Again?!

Example: Der Drucker streikt schon wieder?! [The printer is acting up again?!]

You’re expressing utter exasperation that the same annoying problem keeps happening over and over.

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So there you have it – 30 colorful, harsh-sounding angry German words and phrases to vent your frustrations.

While aggressive language isn’t something to overuse, there’s certainly value in learning the top angry German expressions, and maybe even some German swear words. After all, releasing that rage in a language like German can be strangely satisfying!

Just don’t go overboard and end up sounding like an angry character from a Grimms’ Fairy Tales. Use and learn these phrases together with the Conversation Based Chunking method and manage some situations with a calm attitude.

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It’s part of the language learning process, right? RIGHT?!

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