6 Best Ways to Learn Spanish While Driving: Radio, Podcasts, Audiobooks & More!

Do you want to make the most of your time in the car and learn Spanish while driving?

In this blog post, we will share 6 key tips on the best way to learn and speak Spanish conversationally while you are behind the wheel.

While we explore fun and innovative ways to learn Spanish during your drive, always remember that your primary focus should be on the road. Your full attention to driving comes first. Language learning is secondary and should never compromise your safety or that of others.

Whether you want to improve your pronunciation with podcasts, audiobooks, or an AI teacher to learn Spanish, you’re trying to learn Spanish in a productive way.

You’ll discover ways to get the pronunciation correctly, study these common phrases and you’ll be able to master the basic vocabulary.

1. Learn Spanish with radio

Listen to Spanish radio stations while driving. These 3 radio stations that we mention have hosts who speak clearly and use common conversational Spanish. All you have to do is repeat words and phrases out loud to practice pronunciation.

The modern radios all have websites where you can listen back to these programs. You can then look up transcripts to practice vocabulary. Check these:

Radio Nacional de España

Radio Nacional de España is Spain’s national public radio.

learn spanish while driving with radio nacional

This radio is an excellent resource to learn Spanish while driving. Tune in to the latest news, cultural programs and listen to classical music all while listening to native speakers for pronunciation practice.

Los 40 Principales

Los 40 Principales is one of Spain’s top pop radio stations – a fun way to learn Spanish while driving.

learn spanish while driving with los 40 principales

Listen to the latest Spanish music hits and pick up common phrases and pronunciation from the DJs.


KISS FM is a popular Spanish radio to learn Spanish while driving.

learn spanish while driving with kiss fm

Tune in to the latest reggaeton and pop hits for an entertaining language learning experience. Hosts use common Spanish phrases perfect for picking up pronunciation.

2. Learn Spanish while driving with podcasts

One of Effortless Conversations’ most popular articles is about… free Spanish podcasts! Here’s 3 we offer!

Spring Spanish Podcasts

Spring Spanish, a project I co-founded, has Conversation Basics 1 & 2 on how to hold basic Spanish conversations and how to make small talk.

learn spanish while driving

The podcasts feature the Conversation Based Chunking method where you listen to the chunks in the language – natural building blocks native speakers use all the time!

And by the way, Spring Spanish has a great Spanish course that’s great for basically every level. Curious to learn more? Click the button below to check out what it has to offer!

Coffee Break Spanish Podcast

The Coffee Break team makes learning Spanish funny, and engaging!

learn spanish while driving with coffee break spanish

The hosts are language teachers and native speakers, and you go through different lessons with them.


With almost 2000 episodes, we can’t leave out SpanishPod 101!

learn spanish while driving with spanishpod101

You’re learning from native speakers from different parts of the world, while listening to entertaining courses!

SpanishPod101 also has paid courses – worth checking out. You can get a special discount with 25% off if you click the button now!

3. Listen to Spanish in the car with audiobooks

Spanish audiobooks are great for practice. Audiobooks offer an immersive listening practice with hours of listening exposure to native Spanish speakers. While driving, you’re learning passively – you can simply listen, no pressure to focus on grammar rules and definitions.

Here are 3 examples:

Learn Spanish with Paul Noble for Beginners

Take a relaxed approach with Learn Spanish with Paul Noble for Beginners. This audiobook is perfect for Spanish beginners. It has no grammar tests, no memory drills, no chance of failure!

You just have to listen, interact and you can learn wherever you are!

Learn Spanish with Paul Noble for Beginners – Complete Course: Spanish Made Easy with Your Personal Language Coach
  • No grammar tests. No memory drills. No chance of failure.
  • Welcome to Learn with Paul Noble – a unique, tried and tested language learning method that has been used by almost a million people to speak fluently and confidently in no time at all.
  • This course covers European and Latin American Spanish.

Next Steps in Spanish with Paul Noble for Intermediate Learners

The next step is literally the next step with Paul Noble. Upping the ante from beginner level to intermediate, this is the perfect Audiobook if you’re already an intermediate level student.

This audiobook covers European and also Latin American Spanish.

Next Steps in Spanish with Paul Noble for Intermediate Learners – Complete Course: Spanish Made Easy with Your Personal Language Coach
  • This course covers European and Latin American Spanish.
  • Take your Spanish to the next level with Paul Noble's simple, relaxed approach to learning that has been proven to succeed every time. Unlike more traditional language learning courses, Paul Noble’s unique method has no grammar tests, no memory drills and no chance of failure.
  • Just listen, interact and learn wherever you are.

Learn Spanish While You Sleep & Learn Spanish While Driving in Your Car

This Spanish audiobook consists of two parts. The first one is learning Spanish when sleeping. That’s a thing, too! The second part of this package is better for a dynamic, busy life. You can listen to authentic Latin American Spanish while driving!

Learn Spanish While You Sleep & Learn Spanish While Driving in Your Car: Over 50 Hours of Learning Spanish Lessons from Beginner or Basic Spanish to Intermediate Conversational Spanish
  • Learn Spanish On the Go!
  • With authentic Latin American Spanish lessons, this edition turns your everyday activities into opportunities for language immersion.
  • Comprehensive Content: Covering everything from basic vocabulary to complex conversations, the course caters to learners from beginner level to intermediate level.

4. Listen to Spanish music

If you enjoy listening to music in general, then this method is for you. You just have to pick a catchy song, a tune you like, and listen to it! It’s the best way to absorb the language in its natural form. We have a dedicated article on how to learn Spanish with music, but here are 3 songs you can check out right now:

Shakira – Waka Waka (Esto es Africa)

For beginners, start with this song. Shakira made this song for the 2010 Football World Cup. It’s simple, no complex lyrics, easy to remember and understand.

Enrique Iglesias – Bailando

If we go a step further, Enrique Iglesias’ lyrics are a bit more advanced but the song is too catchy not to remember!

Chambao – Papeles Mojados

And for more intermediate and advanced levels, this is your go-to!

5. Talk with Spanish AI teachers

With advances in AI, you can now learn Spanish through interactive lessons with virtual instructors.

Apps and language learning programs employ AI teachers to provide personalized feedback on your pronunciation, grammar, and conversational skills.

One of these AI apps is Your Teacher AI: this platforms offers personalized speaking practice without the anxiety.
It’s available 24/7 – for a fraction of the cost of a human teacher.

All the better, we have a special offer for you: if you sign up by clicking the button below, you’ll get a discount with your AI teacher!

6. Speak Spanish with yourself

If you’re trying to learn Spanish or want to learn Spanish faster, one of the best ways to learn is by speaking out loud to yourself. This active practice helps with vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Here are some tips:

  • Narrate your day or activities out loud in Spanish. Describe what you’re doing using simple phrases at first, then work in more verbs and detail.
  • Try having a “conversation” with yourself using Spanish phrases.
  • Record yourself while speaking, then listen back to check your pronunciation against native Spanish speakers.

The key with this type of practice is using your voice as much as possible when learning Spanish. Speaking loud makes you an active participant rather than just a passive listener. It may feel silly at first, but it’s an extremely productive way of learning to truly speak spanish fluently.

Implement Conversation Based Chunking into your Spanish language learning routine

Using the aforementioned resources together with Conversation Based Chunking is an excellent way to learn Spanish while driving.

Conversation Based Chunking focuses on conversational “chunks” used in real-life situations. Pay attention to how others string words together in patterns.

Sign up now to get the Spanish Conversation Based Chunking Starter Pack, and receive practice worksheets, an essential chunking list and my favorite resources to learn Spanish!

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