Say Happy Mother’s Day in Spanish: 10 Amazing Mother’s Day Quotes

Mother’s Day, or “Día de la Madre,” is a day of celebration that’s unbelievably important in Spanish-speaking countries. In these cultures, the meaning of family is little different and bigger than what you might be used to: multiple generations living under one roof, larger families united together. Learn when Mother’s Day is celebrated in Spanish-speaking countries, how to celebrate it and how to express your love and affection with some beautiful Happy Mothers Day in Spanish quotes!

The role of mothers in these countries can be even more important because they hold the families together and also work a lot inside and outside of the house – not just figuratively. There are some other cultural events that differ from the ones around the world and the US. Spring Spanish (a project I co-founded) did a great comparison between Mexican and American culture here:

1. When is Mother’s Day In Spanish-speaking countries?

While Mother’s Day is a universally recognized occasion, the date of celebration is different around the world.

Spanish-speaking countries are no exception because each one of them has set aside a special day to honor one of the most important people in our lives: mothers.

Check the comprehensive table to find out when each of these countries celebrate Mother’s Day:

Mother’s Day celebration in Spanish-speaking countries

CountryDate of Celebration
ArgentinaSecond Sunday of October
Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico, VenezuelaSecond Sunday of May
ColombiaLast Sunday of May
Costa RicaAugust 15
El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, MexicoMay 10
NicaraguaMay 30
PanamaDecember 8
SpainFirst Sunday of May

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2. How to say Happy Mothers Day in Spanish?

Across Spanish-speaking countries, the phrase to express “Happy Mother’s Day” typically remains the same, even though some regional variations might exist.

Effortless Answers

The most common way to say Happy Mother’s Day in Spanish is “Feliz Día de la Madre.

This phrase expresses the warmth and care, making it the perfect greeting for this special day!

3. Spanish vocabulary for Mother’s Day

Becoming proficient in Spanish goes beyond understanding grammar rules (it is what we advocate for with our Conversation Based Chunking method); learning the cultural expressions and terms that truly connect with the speakers is especially important on days like Mother’s Day.

Below, we’ve highlighted some key Spanish terms associated with Mother’s Day, which could be useful, especially if you’re looking to create a heartfelt greeting card or just looking to show your ever-better language abilities.

Mother’s Day vocabulary in Spanish


Now, let’s put some of these words into practice with a short conversation between a boy and his mother:

Boy: ¡Feliz Día de la Madre, mamá! (Happy Mother’s Day, mom!)
Mother: ¡Gracias, mi amor! ¿Qué sería de mí sin tus abrazos? (Thank you, my love! What would I be without your hugs?)
Boy: Te compré un regalo para mostrarte cuánto te aprecio. (I bought you a gift to show you how much I appreciate you.)
Mother: Tu amor es el mejor regalo que podría recibir. (Your love is the best gift I could receive.)

4. 10 Amazing Mother’s Day Quotes in Spanish – A day to celebrate in Spanish-speaking Countries

Mother’s Day isn’t just about the gifts; sometimes, the right words can touch a mother’s heart more deeply.

We’ve brought you 10 quotes in Spanish to express your feelings on this beautiful day. (English translations attached):

  1. Madre, tu amor es realmente ciego porque amas a tus hijos aunque sean los más desordenados, impacientes, maleducados, torpes criaturas del mundo.” (Mother, your love is truly blind because you love your children even though they are the most messy, impatient, rude, clumsy creatures in the world.)
  2. El corazón de una madre es un abismo profundo en cuyo fondo siempre encontrarás perdón.” (A mother’s heart is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.)
  3. Una madre es la fuerza del amor y la gracia que supera y rinde todas las fuerzas del mal.” (A mother is the strength of love and grace that overcomes and surrenders all the forces of evil.)
  4. El amor de madre es el combustible que le permite a un humano normal hacer lo imposible.” (Mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.)
  5. “El trabajo de una madre nunca termina, pero tampoco su amor.” (A mother’s work is never done, but neither is her love.)
  6. En el corazón de una madre hay un abismo profundo, al fondo del cual siempre encontrarás perdón.” (In a mother’s heart, there is a deep abyss, at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.)
  7. Una madre entiende lo que un niño no dice.” (A mother understands what a child does not say.)
  8. Madre: la palabra más bella pronunciada por el ser humano.” (Mother: the most beautiful word spoken by the human being.)
  9. Todo lo que soy o espero ser, se lo debo a la angelical solicitud de mi madre.” (All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.)
  10. “Detrás de todas las historias de éxito está una madre que hizo posible lo imposible.” (Behind all the success stories is a mother who made the impossible possible.)

5. Día de la Madre with FREE Spanish Conversation Based Chunking Starter Pack

If you want to extend your Spanish language learning and immerse yourself in real-life conversations, the Conversation Based Chunking method is invaluable. It emphasizes learning language chunks from actual dialogues instead of memorizing endless grammar rules. By focusing on how the language is naturally used, you can speak more fluently and understand contextual nuances, making your interactions more authentic and heartfelt.

As we’ve seen, mothers are the pillars of families in Spanish-speaking countries, and Mother’s Day is not just an important day to celebrate but an opportunity to appreciate every day the endless love and dedication that mothers offer.

So this Mother’s Day, whether you’re crafting a greeting card, picking out the perfect gift, or simply sharing a warm embrace, remember the power of chunks in Spanish to express your truest sentiments.

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