6 Ways to Say Good Night in German + Useful Goodnight Phrases with Audio

Welcoming the night in German is like wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket of words. Whether you’re an early bird tucking in as dusk falls or a night owl whispering “good night in German” at dawn, the German language has a beautiful variety of phrases to end your day with warmth and affection. Also, this is the ideal time to go over the German greetings once again. Lucky for you, Spring German (a project I co-founded) has the perfect video:

From the classic “Gute Nacht” to the tender “Süße Träume,” each expression carries its own charm and intention.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through 6 wonderful ways to say good night in German, complete with useful nighttime words and short conversations to illustrate their use. So, get comfortable, and let’s embrace the art of the German nighttime farewell together—your journey to mastering these heartfelt expressions starts now!

1. Gute Nacht – Good Night (How to say Good Night in German)

Effortless Answers

Gute Nacht (Good night in German) is the cornerstone of German night-time etiquette. This phrase is widely used across all German-speaking countries and is universally understood.

If you want to wish someone a peaceful night in German, “Gute Nacht” is your go-to phrase. Its usage is appropriate in both formal and informal situations.

Let’s see how this works in a conversation:

  • Ana: Ich gehe jetzt ins Bett, Gute Nacht! (I am going to bed now, good night)
  • Tomas: Gute Nacht, schlaf gut! (Good night, sleep well!)

2. Guten Abend – Good Evening (Wish Someone a Good Evening)

Guten Abend” (Good evening) is a greeting, rather than a farewell, typically used anytime after dusk and before the bedtime.

good night in german guten abend written with blocks

It’s less of a way to say goodbye and more of a way to greet someone in the later hours of the day.

Look at this example:

  • Nikol: Guten Abend, wie geht es Ihnen? (Good evening, how are you?)
  • Daniel: Guten Abend! Mir geht es gut, danke. (Good evening! I’m fine, thank you.)

For more German greetings, you can check out Spring German’s post and video!

3. Schlaf gut – Sleep Well (Another Way to Say Gute Nacht)

Schlaf gut” (Sleep well) is a warm, caring way to wish someone a good night’s sleep. Reflecting a more personal touch, it’s commonly used among family and friends.

This is how you wish someone a good sleep:

  • Andreas: Bis morgen, schlaf gut! (See you tomorrow, sleep well!)
  • Laura: Danke, du auch, schlaf gut! (Thank you, you too, sleep well!)

4. Träum schön – Dream Nicely (Another German Expression)

Träum schön” (Dream nicely) is a gentle wish that the person has pleasant dreams. Like “schlaf gut“, this phrase is tender and typically used in an informal context.

An informal conversation:

  • Susan: Ich bin richtig müde. Ich gehe zu Bett. (I’m really tired. I’m going to bed.)
  • Rudolf: Okay, träum schön! (Okay, dream nicely!)

5. Süße Träume – Sweet Dreams (A Slightly Romantic Way to Say Good Night in German)

Süße Träume” (Sweet dreams) is akin to the English “sweet dreams” and often carries a slightly romantic connotation. It’s a nice phrase to use when speaking to your partner or children.

good night in german stars and moon

Conversation example:

  • Georgina: Es ist spät, ich sollte schlafen gehen. (It’s late, I should go to sleep.)
  • Jonas: Ja, es ist schon sehr spät. Süße Träume! (Yes, it’s very late. Sweet dreams!)

6. Bis morgen – Until Tomorrow (A Friendly Way)

Bis morgen” (Until tomorrow) is a common and friendly way to say goodbye when you expect to see the person the following day.

Check this phrase in a real-life conversation:

  • Will: Ich bin morgen früh zurück. (I’ll be back early tomorrow.)
  • Gabriel: In Ordnung, bis morgen dann! (Alright, until tomorrow then!)

And then on the next morning you can say good morning in German: Guten morgen!

7. Show Your Language Skills with Specific Ways of Saying Good Night in Germany

Take a look at the table below to discover some specific good night expressions to amplify your German language skills!

Good night expressions

German ExpressionEnglish Translation
Schlaf wie ein Murmeltier
Sleep like a log
Ruhe gut
Rest well
Gute Nacht, mein Schatz
Good night, my treasure
Schlaf schön
Sleep nicely

These phrases can make your interactions more colorful and show your familiarity with the language. Also, check out the most common German phrases!

8. Say Good Night in Austria and Good Night in Switzerland

Even among German-speaking countries, expressions can vary. Here’s how you might hear goodnight wishes in Austria and Switzerland.

Good night phrases in Austria

Gute Nacht und träum süß
Good night and dream sweet
Hab eine gute Nacht
Have a good night

Good night phrases in Switzerland

Night (informally)
Schlaf wohl
Sleep well

In these tables, you see that while “Gute Nacht” remains a staple, other informal or region-specific variations exist.

9. Learn ways to say good night in German with Conversation Based Chunking

As our exploration of German goodnight phrases concludes, keep in mind the warmth and connection each expression brings.

Using the Conversation Based Chunking method, you can absorb these phrases through realistic dialogues, making them part of your conversational toolkit. Whether it’s a casual “Bis morgen” with a friend or a tender “Süße Träume” to a loved one, each phrase enriches your German experience.

With these expressions tucked into your language arsenal, you’re ready to gracefully navigate the nightly customs of German-speaking cultures.

So, as this guide comes to a close, I’ll leave you with a heartfelt “Gute Nacht” and encourage you to practice these phrases until they feel like second nature. Sweet dreams and a blissful night to you all!

Good night and “Gute Nacht!

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