17 Ways to Say Beautiful in German: Compliment People & Describe Things (with Audio)

I was hiking in the Swiss Alps when I came across a breathtaking view that left me speechless. The snow-capped peaks glistened in the sun, and the alpine lakes reflected the majestic mountains like mirrors. I had never witnessed such natural beauty before, and I desperately wanted to express how stunning the scenery was. Unfortunately, I didn’t know the word for beautiful in German.

I felt frustrated that I couldn’t fully appreciate the view’s beauty in the local language. I tried describing it in English to my hiking companion, but the words “gorgeous” and “magnificent” didn’t seem to do it justice.

Little did I know, the word I was searching for was the simple yet powerful “schön.” So, I decided to share many different ways to say beautiful in German. If you want to immediately know how to describe people, check this Spring German video – it’s a project I co-founded:

1. How to say beautiful in German?

Effortless Answers

The most common way to say “beautiful” in German is “schön“. It is an adjective that can be used to describe things, people, places, etc.

For example:

Das ist ein schönes Kleid.
That is a beautiful dress.
Er hat schöne blaue Augen.
He has beautiful blue eyes.
Berlin ist eine schöne Stadt.
Berlin is a beautiful city.

But, of course, there are many different ways to express this in German. Let’s read on!

2. 17 different ways to say beautiful in German

When learning a new language, it’s important to expand your vocabulary beyond the basic words for “beautiful.” The German language offers synonyms to describe beauty in all its forms. Whether you’re complimenting someone’s appearance or admiring the breathtaking scenery, you have to check this table!

gut aussehend
good looking

3. Compliment people in German with synonyms for beautiful

When complimenting someone’s appearance in German, using synonyms for “beautiful” can add variety and sincerity to your words.

Instead of simply saying “Du bist schön” (You are beautiful), try phrases like “Du siehst bezaubernd aus” (You look mesmerizing) or “Du bist eine Augenweide” (You are a sight for sore eyes).

For men, “gutaussehend” (good-looking) or “attraktiv” (attractive) are common compliments.

Don’t be afraid to use descriptive words like “hinreißend” (gorgeous), “umwerfend” (stunning), or “prachtvoll” (splendid) to show your admiration.

Du bist schön.
You are beautiful.
Du siehst wunderschön aus.
You look wonderfully beautiful.
Du bist eine Schönheit.
You are a beauty.
Du bist umwerfend.
You are stunning.
Du bist hinreißend.
You are gorgeous.
Du strahlst heute.
You are radiant today.
Du siehst bezaubernd aus.
You look mesmerizing.
Du bist eine Augenweide.
You are a sight for sore eyes.
Du bist von atemberaubender Schönheit.
You are of breathtaking beauty.
Du bist ein bildschöner Mensch.
You are a stunningly beautiful person.

4. Describe the beauty of the nature with these German words and phrases

When describing the beauty of nature or inanimate objects in German, a range of descriptive words can be used.

For natural wonders, words like “prachtvoll” (splendid), “großartig” (magnificent), and “atemberaubend” (breathtaking) show a sense of awe.

a bird sitting on a tree branch expressing beautiful in german

With a diverse vocabulary, you can capture the beauty around you in the poetic German language.

Die Natur ist wunderschön.
The nature is beautiful.
Das ist ein hübscher Vogel.
That is a pretty bird.
Schau, dieser Löwe ist bezaubernd!
Look, that lion is mesmerizing!
Diese Aussicht ist wirklich atemberaubend!
This view is truly breathtaking!
Dieser Sonnenuntergang ist großartig.
This sunset is magnificent.
Das Gemälde ist ein Kunstwerk von hinreißender Schönheit.
The painting is a work of gorgeous beauty.
Ihr neues Kleid ist umwerfend.
Her new dress is stunning.
Die Blumen im Garten blühen prachtvoll.
The flowers in the garden are blooming splendidly.
Der neue Park ist wirklich eine Augenweide.
The new park is really a sight to behold.
Die Berglandschaft ist von überwältigender Schönheit.
The mountain landscape is of overwhelming beauty.

5. Practice beautiful synonyms in German

Complete the sentences with the correct German words or phrases based on the context.

There are more exercises waiting for you! You just have to click the button belo!

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