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From the desk of: Lukas Van Vyve, co-founder of Effortless Conversations, Spring Languages, and creator of the Conversation Based Chunking method

Language learning doesn’t have to be complicated.

Once you have a bit of a foundation in your target language, it can be as simple as:

  1. Picking a topic or situation that’s relevant to you
  2. Observe as many conversations (and chunks) as possible on those topics
  3. Imprint the chunks on your brain and start using them yourself when talking about those topics
  4. Rinse and repeat with more and more topics you’re interested in.

Need Spanish for your job?

Listen to professional conversations (and maybe some gossip for the water cooler chats)

Dating a Spanish speaker?

Observe “flirting” situations.

Want to travel?

Listen to conversations specifically about travel.

It’s as simple as that.

I call this a “Thematic Skill Builder”.

Because, well, you build your skills around specific themes.

In the past 8 years, I’ve used Thematic Skill Builders to learn Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese:

And I believe it’s the single most effective way to get fluent…

IF you find resources on relevant topics that are suitable for language learners (not just native speakers).

For most students, that’s the hard part.

Which is why I decided to make it easier:

I started creating 21-Day Spanish Skill Builders for my students.

They’re not for complete beginners.

But if you have a basic grasp of the language, then these Skill Builders are the perfect way to become conversations.

Today I’m releasing the first 21-Day Skill Builder, which, unlike winery, I believe is is a good fit for 90% of people: travel situations.

Here’s how it works.

Everything you get in the 21-Day Spanish Travel Challenge

1. Daily Spanish Dialogues Covering The Most Common Travel Situations

The Travel Challenge is built around an easy-to-follow “travel story” set in a (fictitious) Spanish speaking world.

Every day, you get a new dialogue (professional audio + transcript) with a new travel situation.

Travel Spanish Curriculum

These Chunking Lessons allow you to put into practice everything you’ll learn during the Challenge, teaching you specific “chunks” that you can use in conversations right away so you don’t have to think about grammar at all.

If you’d just listen to the story dialogues on repeat, you’d be surprised how many chunks you absorb naturally.

But of course, you’ll make even faster progress to make an active effort to identify chunks, imprint them on your brain (and yes, once in a while, get some grammar explanations).

Which is why I’ve also included the following:

2. Chunking Packs For Each Dialogue (Imprint Chunks On Your Brain So You Can Use Them Easily In Conversations)

Every daily dialogue comes with a Chunking Lesson Pack so you can extract as many chunks as possible from the lessons:

  • High-quality audio for you to practice listening comprehension and pronunciation
  • Bilingual transcripts so you can follow along (and compare with English to see the differences and similarities)
  • Pre-made flashcard decks to imprint the chunks from the lessons on your brain
  • Lesson notes with explainer videos for cultural references, difficult grammar,…
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A Sneak Peek Into The Chunking Lessons

This is the perfect starting point for you during the Challenge: you get to test out everything we talk about right away without having to look for your own learning materials.

Best of all: you get guaranteed access to all materials for at least 2 years, AND all materials are downloadable (as .mp3 files or pdf files).

So even if you can’t finish all the lessons during the 21-Day Challenge (or if you want to go through the lessons again sometime), you can always do so in the future.

Here’s what students say about my courses:

Careful: You Can’t Take This Challenge (If You Don’t Take The Free Bonus First)

It’s tempting to dive straight into a “Skill Builder” course like this, without first learning basic

But after teaching tens of thousands of students, I’ve noticed the success rate for people who do that is quite low.

Which is why I require all students to first take my 7-In-7 Challenge (AND why I’ll give complimentary bonus access to the 7-In-7 Challenge to students signing up for the Travel Challenge).

The 7-In-7 Challenge gives you a crash course in Conversation Based Chunking (so you can extract as many chunks as possible from the lessons and start using them yourself).

And it helps you set up your ideal language learning routine, and choose a “Tiny Trust Builder”: daily actions you take to build your “consistent language learner identity”.

Without going through this 7-day preparation program first, you’ll find it hard to learn the chunks and may stay stuck in “grammar” thinking, instead of focusing on fluency.

And you’ll also find it hard to stick to the course and stay successful in the long run.

Which is why I make it required.

If you haven’t enrolled before in the 7-In-7 Challenge, I’ve included it as a bonus when you enroll for the Travel Challenge.

(Of course, if you already have access to the 7-In-7 Challenge, you get a special alumni deal on this Challenge. Check your email inbox for that).

What’s more: the 7-In-7 Challenge also comes with 7 days of dialogues in Spanish and German.

Which means that, with your enrollment in the Travel Challenge, you actually get 28 days of dialogues.


So What Are Effortless Conversations In A Foreign Language Worth to You?

I’ve thought hard and long about the price point for these 21-Day Skill Builder.

For reference: 95% of the courses I’ve created in the past are and were priced at $297-497.

Which is still cheaper than then tens of thousands of dollars universities dare to charge for their language classes.

But these courses were also a bit longer and broader.

These courses are supposed to be “quick and dirty”.

21 Days of laser-focused practice.

Quick results.

Such a program deserves a no-brainer price.

So no $247 course this time.

Not even $147.

You can enroll in this Challenge today and get comfortable having conversations in travel situations for just $97.

(If you’re 7-In-7 Alumni, check your inbox for special student pricing).

When you’re ready, click the link below, fill out your details, and you’ll be redirected straight to our Academy with all the courses.

Start the 21-Day Travel Challenge Today for Just $97

Click the button below, fill out your details on the secure enrollment page. After you’ve enrolled, you’ll instantly be redirected to the Effortless Conversations Academy, where you’ll find all your Challenge materials and the bonuses.


Act Now – Enrollment closes on 30. June (and won’t open again for a full year)

Now, obviously, there are more than enough topics to make Skill Builder Challenges on.

So from now on, I’m planning to launch a new Challenge every month of the year.

The consequence of that is that I’ll only open enrollment to these challenges once a year.

That means that if you want in on the Travel Challenge and learn the travel chunks you need…

You’ll have to enroll in the coming days – or wait for a full year.

That doesn’t mean you have to finish the Challenge Materials: once you’re in, you get lifetime access and can go through them whenever.

But I’ll only offer them for sale again in 12 months.

The choice is yours 🙂

Unconditional 21-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I get it, I get it: nowadays, people like to sample before they commit.

Which isn’t scary, if the material you create is good.

Which it is.

So let’s do this:

Enroll today. Take your time

Take the full 21 days, if you want: the whole Challenge.

Go through the materials. Download the dialogues. Practice the flashcards.

And if within 21 days you decide it’s not for you, you send me a message (there’s a support widget in the Academy) and I’ll get you a full refund.

It’s a simple as that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level is this challenge for?

The dialogues are written for A2-B1 level (high beginner-low intermediate). It’s perfect for you if you’ve been studying for a while and have the basics down, but struggle in conversations.

What variety of Spanish do you teach?

We teach Latin-American Spanish, but more on the neutral side. Everything you learn in the dialogues you can use in any Spanish-speaking country without problems.

What if I have to take a break?

You get lifetime access to all materials, so if you need to take a break, that’s absolutely fine.

Also, the dialogues are short enough so you could probably listen to them (and review some flashcards) in 10 minutes a day. While that might not sound like much, if you do it every day throughout the Challenge (and beyond), you’ll be surprised how much easier it gets to understand native speakers and to talk yourself.

What if I’m not satisfied with the Challenge?

I doubt you won’t be satisfied – but if you go through the lessons, practice the flashcards, and feel like it’s not for you, send us a message (there’s a customer support widget in the academy) within the first 14 days and my team will issue a full refund 🙂