Learn German Vocabulary for Euro 2024: Basic German Words and Phrases You Need

With the 2024 UEFA European Championship set to take place in Germany, now is the perfect time for soccer fans around the world to start learning German. Are you planning to attend the matches in person? Or simply want to understand more of the experience while you’re in Germany?

In this article, we’ll provide you with practical tips and resources to help you learn German for Euro 2024 and to learn German vocabulary for Euro 2024. Easy German made a great podcast about how important football is in Germany, take a look (and a listen):

We’ll cover essential German vocabulary, pronunciation guides, and strategies for quickly picking up the language. By the end, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a multilingual Euro 2024 superfan!

1. Why learn German for Euro 2024?

First of all!

There are several reasons why learning German is a smart move for anyone excited about the upcoming Euro 2024 tournament:

Learning German can be a rewarding endeavor if you’re looking to expand your linguistic and cultural horizons.

German has a logical structure. And precise grammar. It’s actually an excellent choice for analytical thinkers – it opens doors to academic worlds, educational institutions and even the scientific fields. But, it’s great for exchange about football, too!

Who knows, maybe you’ll like German sooo much that you will see it as a valuable step in making improvements in your career! (German language skills are sought after by global businesses.)

Now, let’s talk more about football!

german vocabulary for euro 2024
Euro 2024 Germany logo on a smartphone

If you’re fortunate enough to attend any of the Euro 2024 matches in Germany, knowing some basic German will make it easier to order beer (important!), find the perfect pub on the map, and understand the culture.

You’ll be able to read signs, menus, and other materials in their original German form, giving you a more authentic view of the host nation.

Even if you’re watching the matches from the comfort of your own home, you’ll be able to better understand commentary, player interviews, and stadium announcements. Plus, you can impress your friends and family by sprinkling in a few German phrases during the games.

2. Essential German words and phrases for Euro 2024

To get you started on your German language journey, let’s take a look at the most essential vocabulary you’ll want to have under your belt for Euro 2024:

German greetings and polite expressions

Guten MorgenGood morning
Guten TagGood day
Guten AbendGood evening
Grüß GottGreetings (lit. “God greet you”)
Auf WiedersehenGoodbye
DankeThank you
Danke schönThank you very much
Vielen DankMany thanks
Bitte schönYou’re welcome
EntschuldigungExcuse me
VerzeihungPardon me
Es tut mir leidI’m sorry
Wie geht es Ihnen?How are you? (formal)
Wie geht es dir?How are you? (informal)
Gut, dankeGood, thank you
Nicht so gutNot so good
Freut mich, Sie kennenzulernenPleased to meet you (formal)
Freut mich, dich kennenzulernenPleased to meet you (informal)

German vocabulary for numbers and time

You can learn more about German numbers on our blog.

eine Sekundeone second
eine Minuteone minute
eine Stundeone hour
ein Tagone day
eine Wocheone week
ein Monatone month
ein Jahrone year

German expressions for travel and navigation

Wo ist…?Where is…?
das Ticketthe ticket
der Bahnhofthe train station
der Ausgangthe exit
die Hilfethe help
der Flughafenthe airport
der Zugthe train
das Flugzeugthe airplane
der Fahrplanthe timetable
die Abfahrtthe departure
die Ankunftthe arrival
der Schalterthe counter
die Gepäckaufbewahrungthe luggage storage
der Reisepassthe passport
das Visumthe visa
die Landkartethe map
die Richtungthe direction
geradeausstraight ahead
die Straßethe street
die Kreuzungthe intersection
die Ampelthe traffic light
der Fußgängerüberwegthe pedestrian crossing
die Touristen-Informationthe tourist information

3. Common German football vocabulary for Euro 2024

If you want to learn more about German football vocabulary, and how important football is in Germany, read the dedicated article for it.

learn german for euro 2024 - flag flying in the sky
The flag of Euro 2024 Germany flying

If you’re only looking for the most common Euro 2024 vocabulary, check the next table!

die EuropameisterschaftEuropean Championship
der Gastgeberhost
das Stadionstadium
der Spielerplayer
die Mannschaftteam
der Trainercoach
der Schiedsrichterreferee
das Torgoal
der Ballball
das Spielmatch
die Vorrundegroup stage
das Achtelfinaleround of 16
das Viertelfinalequarter-finals
das Halbfinalesemi-finals
das Finalefinal
der Siegerwinner
der Pokaltrophy
das Turniertournament
der Favoritfavorite
der Außenseiterunderdog
die Qualifikationqualification
die Aufstellungline-up
der Torwartgoalkeeper
der Verteidigerdefender
der Mittelfeldspielermidfielder
der Stürmerstriker
die Gelbe Karteyellow card
die Rote Kartered card
der Elfmeterpenalty kick
der Fanfan
die Atmosphäreatmosphere

4. Basic German phrases to order food and drinks

During Euro 2024, soccer fans from all over the world will flock to host German cities such as Munich and Hamburg.

If you want to order food or drinks, it’s advisable to learn some useful German phrases for these occasions, too.

german vocabulary for euro 2024 on white background

Expressions such as “Ich hätte gerne…” (I would like…), “Noch ein Bier, bitte” or the colloquialism “Eine Portion Pommes mit Maja” can be very helpful.

With a little preparation and a smile, local German speakers will appreciate your efforts to respect their language and culture during your visit.

Ich hätte gerne…I would like…
Können wir bestellen?Can we order?
Die Karte, bitte.The menu, please.
Ich möchte gerne…I would like…
Noch ein Bier, bitte.Another beer, please.
Eine Portion Pommes mit Maja.A portion of fries with mayo.
Haben Sie vegetarische Optionen?Do you have vegetarian options?
Ich bin allergisch gegen…I’m allergic to…
Bringen Sie bitte die Rechnung.Please bring the bill.
Wir möchten gerne zahlen.We would like to pay.
Ist Service inbegriffen?Is service included?
Können wir bar bezahlen?Can we pay in cash?
Ich habe leider kein Wechselgeld.Unfortunately, I don’t have change.
Wo ist die Toilette?Where is the restroom?
Danke, das war lecker!Thank you, it was delicious!

5. Tips for a quick German language learning experience

Now that you have a sense of the essential German vocabulary for Euro 2024, let’s explore some effective strategies to help you learn the language quickly and effectively:

  1. Use Language Learning Apps: Apps like Mondly, Babbel, and Teacher AI offer interactive lessons that make learning German fun and accessible.
  2. Listen to German Podcasts: Podcasts are a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the German language and train your ear.
  3. Watch German TV Shows and Movies: Watching German-language content is an engaging way to improve your comprehension and vocabulary.
  4. Surround Yourself with the Language: Immerse yourself in the German language as much as possible, even in small ways. Change your phone’s language settings to German, listen to German music, or follow German social media accounts.

6. German vocabulary for Euro 2024: tips for embracing German language with Conversation Based Chunking

As the Euro 2024 tournament approaches, here are some final tips to help you make the most of your newfound German language skills:

  1. Start Conversations with Locals: When you’re attending matches or exploring the host cities, don’t be afraid to strike up conversations with German fans and residents. Use your basic greetings and polite expressions to break the ice, and don’t be afraid to ask for help or recommendations.
  2. Immerse Yourself in the Fan Culture: Learn some common chants, cheers, and soccer-related slang to seamlessly integrate with the local fan base.
  3. Order Food and Drinks in German: Practicing your German vocabulary in real-world situations, such as at cafes, restaurants, and concession stands, will not only improve your language skills but also endear you to the locals.

Additionally, using the Conversation Based Chunking method will help you learn these useful words and phrases in real-life conversations, so you can hit up German sentences and German conversations anytime during the Euro 2024.

It’s your chance to grab your German Conversation Based Chunking Guide.

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