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12-In-12 Workbook​

Create your own 12-in-12 Learning Plan with this 12-in-12 Workbook​

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Get case studies and learning materials in Spanish, German, French and Italian and see how you can use the chunking method with actual dialogues in your target language!​

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Lists of useful free and paid resources for several languages, both online and offline.​

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About the author

Written by a linguist, author and polyglot who speaks 6 languages himself

Lukas Van Vyve is a linguist, author, speaker, and the conceiver of Conversation Based Chunking™ for language learning.

He learned to speak 5 languages fluently, and discovered along the way that becoming fluent is not just about memorizing grammar rules and word lists. It’s not even about immersing yourself in the culture.

Speaking a language fluently and naturally stems from observing and deconstructing how native speakers speak— and then building a system to help you speak like them. Read the book to learn how you can start doing this yourself!